Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 19th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Jan 19/16

The Setlist:
the protomen    -under pressure
the get up kids    -suffragette city
tulus    -space oddity
danzig    -cat people
the haddonfields    -heroes
ignite    -begin again
ignite    -oh no not again
ignite    -descend
broadcaster    -don't say much
broadcaster    -next to you
the beverleys    -bad company
the beverleys    -anyway
the beverleys    -hush
safe to say    -lull
safe to say    -summer sickness
no devotion    -night drive
no devotion    -permanent sunlight
bishops green    -government lies
bishops green    -lost generation
uncle ray    -malfunction
uncle ray    -lung power
lord snow    -asmr request
lord snow    -oh god no
lord snow    -new fasting
leaether strip    -scary monsters (and super creeps)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best of 2015 part 2!

Download the show here

Best of 2015 part 2

The Setlist:

millencolin    -something I would die for
ken mode    -blessed
ken mode    -the owl…
cloud rat-    seken
cloud rat-    bloated goat
colleen green    -tv
colleen green    -things that are bad for me (pt.I)
noisem    -1132
noisem    -graining enamel
ignite    -alive
ignite    -where I'm from
hop along    -waitress
hop along    -sister cities
mutoid man    -sweet ivy
mutoid man    -dead dreams
the garden    -all smiles over here
the garden    -vexation
night birds    -life is not amusement for me
night birds    -king kong
titus andronicus    -fatal flaw
titus andronicus-    dimed out
atom age    -do it now
atom age    -wild worry
jeff rosenstock    -you in weird cities
jeff rosenstock    -I'm serious, I'm sorry
jeff rosenstock    -darkness records

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best of 2015 part 1!

 My year end best of show part 1
Download it here
Best of 2015 part 1

The setlist:

underground railroad to candyland-    yer not the only one
underground railroad to candyland-    diamond ring
toy guitar    -static attraction
toy guitar    -let's talk in the shower
blistered    -illusion of destiny
blistered    -memories to burn
the wonder years-    I wanted so badly to be brave
the wonder years-    cardinals
baroness    -shock me
baroness    -desperation burns
leftover crack-    loneliness and heartache
leftover crack    -slave to the throne
success-    believe in
success-    flowers
the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die    -willie (for howard)
the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die    -the word lisa
metz    -the swimmer
metz    -eyes peeled
dope body    -down
dope body    -old grey
envy    -and insignificant poem
envy    -blue moonlight
man overboard    -reality check
man overboard    -cliffhanger
millencolin    -something I would die for

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of Canadian punk 2015

A couple of extras at the top of the show but here are a bunch of great Canadian releases from the past year minus the one's I forgot or made my top 25 of the year which will be covered on my next 2 weeks worth of shows.
Download it here
Best Show Ever Dec 29th

The setlist:

ignite    -the suffering
broadcaster    -all the wrong reasons
belt fight-    belt fight does it again
stray sheep    -nothing for me
youth decay    -living in my head
seaway    -best mistake
postscript    -right for me
total dicks    -overdraft
dilly dally    -next gold
fathers    -boy pussy
safe to say    -bracelets
east end radicals-    brothers vaillancourt
pony    -don't go
penske file-    home
koszmar-    zmuszony do zycia
pleasure leftists    -a new name
severe-    take it back
sailor jupiter    -jesus freak
pseudo    -I hereby decree ye unfit for trial
sunspots    -dead season
pluum    -being busy
red arms    -taking a ride
deforesters    -the topiary animals are telling me to do terrible things
speaker-    dull razors
the chain    -we stand
vcr    -murder city rules
sexfac-e    village life
career suicide    -cut and run
black tower    -death march
eamon mcgrath and the wild dogs    -before you got so sad

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joe Strummer Day 2015!

Annual show to honour the legacy of Joe Strummer on the anniversary of his death.

Download part 1 here :
Joe Strummer Day part 1
Part 2
Joe Strummer Day part 2

The Setlist
cowboy mouth    -joe strummer
clash    -the right profile
clash    -drug stabbing time
clash    -version pardner
clash    -atom tan
clash    -garage land
clash    -three card trick
silverchair    -london's burning
danny michel    -straight to hell
poshot    -rudie can't fail
long tall texans    -should I stay or should I go
trust company    -rock the casbah
anders wendin    -tommy gun
ebba gron and mick jones    -career opportunities
serious drinking    -london's burning
loved ones    -coma girl
la mirilla     -wrong em boyo
weird al    -the clash polka
the 101ers    -sweety of the st moritz
joe strummer    -cholo vest
joe strummer and the mescaleros    -techno d-day
clash    -long time jerk
clash    -robber dub
clash    -revolution rock
clash    -I'm so bored with the usa
clash    -dirty punk
clash    -all the young punks
clash    -the equaliser
clash    -overpowered by funk
camper von beethoven    -kingston advice
the indestructible beat    -capital radio
mick jones ft. the libertines    -time for heroes
colin farrell    -I fought the law
johan johansson    -cheat
calexico    -the guns of brixton
clash    -this is radio clash(dunproofin remix
clash    -stop the world
clash    -janie jones
clash    -clampdown
clash    -tommy gun
clash    -police on my back
clash    -car jamming
stiff little fingers    -strummerville
clash    -straight to hell (unedited)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dec 15th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Dec 15

 The setlist
make war-     just listen to the songs
make war     -cheers to you
ol' time moonshine-    march of the trees
ol' time moonshine    -this black hole is a demon rif
rival dojo    -slave to the routine
rival dojo    -karoshi
rival dojo    -↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start
fucked up    -our own blood
spoiler    -turn it off
spoiler    -guncontrolled
the new enemy    -broken wills
the new enemy    -evolve to destroy
starve    -loose screws
starve    -23
starve    -desperate measures
billy idol    -postcards from the past

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The best movies of 2015!

Obviously I haven't had a chance to see every movie that came  out this year but I have compiled a list that I think is worth watching.  Here they are in no particular order.
Click on the titles for the trailers.

                                                                Diary of a Teenage Girl