Tuesday, August 26, 2014

aug 19th episode now up!

find the episode here
or stream it here
or download the mp3 here

 the setlist:
new end original- lukewarm 
vandals- joe 
surplus sons- city nights
liam lynch- united states of whatever 
sissy havoc- finger painting
luckie strike- new dress 
armalite- ymca 
dbgs- hardcore nothing
contradict- ending the denial
hope- john's gone straight edge 
dean malenkos- nowegian punk song 
jud jud- wah wah song 
death by stereo- emo holocause 
pitboss 2000- circle moshing rules the 
hellacopters- soulseller
 randy- it makes no difference
 our mercury- spirits up 
no secrets between sailers- you were meant for lights 
all autonomy- 5 song 
sicker than others- it's you
 idle minds- close enough 
suck la merde- montreal centre-ville 
pistol grip- hallucination hallway 
the fleshy- mr seagull 
falcon- look ma! No fans!-or-do you want fries with these songs 
cookie mongoloid- the cookie 
ballast- numb again 
brakes- pick up the phone 
shockwave - kickback 
left for dead- kept in line 
day of mourning- in a word 
burnt by the sun- you will move
 throwdown- baby got back

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aug 17th edition is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or stream it here
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The setlist
direct hit!- say whatever 
the walking targets- perfectionist 
grey gordon- to impart a little wisdom 
ducking punches- big brown pills from lynn 
cayetana- hot dad calendar 
brawlers- instagram famous 
hard girls- the quark 
hard girls- die slow 
hard girls- deep gulch 
bracket- the opportunist 
bracket- caving in 
jeseslesfilles- mort de fatigue 
jeseslesfilles- fille a fille 
jeseslesfilles- bicyclette 
post teens- too broke for drugs 
high seas- cutting ties 
high seas- february 
heart attack kids- have heart 
gaslight anthem- helter skeleton 
gaslight anthem- ain't that a shame 
la luna- ferme la lune 
la luna- never talk, only shame 
la luna- you can take the love out of the lover 
no devotion- stay 
no devotion- eyeshadow 
pallbearer- foundations

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 5th show is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or stream it here
or find it here

 the setlist
mock orange- we work 
parkside- stainded sheets 
housing- sundress 
you blew it!- my name is jonas 
you blew it!- surf wax america 
dwarves- anything you want 
dwarves- armageddon party 
dwarves- kings of the world 
dwarves- irresistible 
dwarves- fun to try 
meatmen- anna moose 
meatmen- death rig 9000 
hurula- om jag tanker alls 
hurula- stockholm brinner 
uzumake- turbomatriz 
uzumake- x 
castaway- everyone deserves to be here more than me 
castaway- ginger ale 
fossil- jeppo 
fossil- two pockets 
mill pond- sleuth 
mill pond- ghost 
dikembe- donuts in a six speed 
dikembe- pelican fly 
priceduifkes- annies on formaldehyde 
priceduifkes- she spells disaster 
coma regalia- we've all got our ghosts man 
coma regalia- eh, I guess I'm aright 
book of caverns- force fed

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

sept 29th show is now up~!

download the mp3 here
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist:
lobby boxer- a perfect future 
full blast- stu ross, good dude; great dude 
full blast- fred's got slacks 
full blast- drink it, I'm jesus 
full blast- lee majors, now there's a man in his prime 
joyce manor- falling in love again 
joyce manor- the jerk 
joyce manor- in the army now 
copyrights- don't want in 
copyrights- no knocks 
thin privilege- hex charmer 
thin privilege- red cloak 
english dogs- planet of the living dead 
english dogs- turn away from the light 
glue- backwards society 
glue- opportunist 
riot porn- city transformed 
riot porn- the war is over 
riot porn- p'tit chet 
pick your side- paved grave 
to the point- embarressed by you all 
to the point- scion 
to the point- I gotta match 
violent sons- heavy burden 
violent sons- all structures are unstable 
stiu nu stiu- ultra silvam 
stiu nu stiu- groups 
tumbleweed dealer- slow walk through a ghost town 
tumbleweed dealer- southern reaper

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 22nd show is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or find it here
or stream it here

the setlist:
handguns- waiting for your ghost 
handguns- heart vs head 
rescuer- muscle memory 
rescuer- matrimony 
get dead- no high road 
get dead- cousin marvin 
steve adamyk band- forced fed 
steve adamyk band- you're the antidote 
steve adamyk band- not gonna (ever) 
cowards- lets talk about our feelings 
cowards- ends inside 
cutters- excitable liefeld 
cutters- x-cutioner's song 
cerce- life etiquette 
cerce- slowdance 
total control- expensive dog 
total control- hunter 
resist control- kleptocracy 
resist control -american citizen 
resist control -lost weekend 
artificial dissemination- blow up 
artificial dissemination- implant 
beige eagle boys- nothings ever good enough 
beige eagle boys- dirty laundry 
united nations- between two mirrors 
united nations- serious business 
united nations- f#a#$

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 8th episode is now up!

I was off sick the on the 15th so it was just a repeat of this show
Stream the show here
or download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist
against me!- 500 years
modern love- hammer it apart
pennywise- what you deserve
pennywise- am oi!
fullcount- no way out
fullcount- meaningless
braid- bang
braid- pre evergreen
braid-- this is not a revolution
drones of north america- exit through the end
drones of north america- nursing the curse
sorority noise- mediocre at best
sorority noise- blonde hair, black lungs
post teens- mexican painkillers
big eyes- asking you to stay
sheer terror- the revenge of mr jiggs
sheer terror- sandbox tonka
young and in the way- loved and unwanted
young and in the way- weep in my dust
get the shot- hostile
get the shot- prometheus
godstopper- andy boy
godstopper- young queen

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 1st edition is now up!

Stream the show here:
Download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist:
every time I die- decaying with the boys
every time I die- old light
greys- lull
greys-girl in landscape
pregancy scares-master race
pregancy scares-the bait
madball- hardcore lives
madball- my armor
madball- born strong
down and outs- yesterday's heroes
down and outs- dancing to a different song
less than jake- do the math
less than jake- connect the dots
union stockyards- the great silence
union stockyards- Sunday matinee
finished- rope burns
finished- hand of glory great
sabatini- nursing home great
sabatini- pitchfork pete
war emblem- paths
war emblem- spoils of war
expire- second face
expire- forgetting
dark circles- sun setter
dark circles- downcast
sockweb- bulies are mean
sockweb- spoon
feel nothing- can't tell no one
renouncer- sour times
crisis arm- alison