Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 2nd show is now up!

Stream it here
or download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist:
quit your dayjob- look! A dollar
quit your dayjob- cities suck
precursor- fall apart
precursor- these years
frontier(s)- oru march
frontier(s)- bare hands
aviator- pipe dreams
aviator- forms
single mothers- marbles
single mothers- feel shame
single mothers- ketamine
gob- call for tradition
gob- terpsichore
greenhorn- this has to mean something
greenhorn- always be the same
kill lincoln- dad fight
kill lincoln- handgrenade
shanks- feel the holes
shanks- get cut tonight
shanks- step by step
shitty friends- I don't care
shitty friends- thin walls
shitty friends- bloodstains
man hands- ballabriggs
man hands- no name
exits- the escapist
exits- autophobia
whirr- mumble
whirr- heavy

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

40th anniversary of punk episode is now up!

In my opinion, the best bands of the last 40 years in three parts.
Just right click and save as.
Part 1
40th anniversary of punk pt 1
Part 2
40th anniversary of punk pt 2
Part 3
40th anniversary of punk part 3

And the setlist:

polar bear club- religion on the radio 
cocksparrer- england belongs to me 
clash- clampdown 
wire- 1 2 x u 
sham 69- borstal breakout 
stiff little fingers- roots, radicals, rockers and reggae 
the exploited- hitler's in the charts again 
the business- smash the discos 
the damned- rabid (over you) 
flux of pink indians- progress 
rudimentary peni- poppycock 
the adicts- straight jacket
fear- beef baloney 
black flag- fix me 
discharge- drunk with power 
the misfits- where eagles dare 
descendents- silly girl 
minor threat- bottled violence 
negative approach- sick of talk 
bad religion- flat earth society 
dead kennendys- forest fire 
gang green- kill a commie 
7 seconds- clenched fists, black eyes 
suicidal tendencies- facist pig 
husker du- somewhere 
fugazi- great cop 
poison idea- death wish kids 
rites of spring- by design 
bad brains- just another damn song 
the dead milkmen- punk rock girl 
operation ivy- artificial life 
naked raygun- I lie 
jawbreaker- do you still hate me 
the dwarves- the ballad of vadge moore 
pennywise- who's to blame 
sick of it all- give respect 
hatebreed- burial for the living 
civ- united kids 
88 fingers louie- drunk and ugly 
dillinger four- total fucking gone song 
avail- south bound 95 
h2o- thicker than water 
murder city devils- lemuria rising 
refused- coup d'etat 
less than jake- lockdown 
guttermouth- gold the 
vandals- I have a date the 
weakerthans- greatest hits collection 
against me- problems 
the living end- uncle harry 
dropkick murphys- caps and bottles 
ds13- fight 
bouncing souls- quick check girl
atom and his package- punk rock academy 
face to face- don't turn away 
nofx- clams have feelings too 
lunachicks- throwing it away 
hot water music- blackjaw 
mineral- gloria 
jimmy eat world- no sensitivity 
saves the day- the last lie I told
hey mercedes- our weekend starts on Wednesday 
the get up kids- ten minutes 
new found glory- something I call personality
the exit- when I'm free 
c.aarme- o'neill oh no 
ceremony- the doldrums 
kid dynamite- shiner 
the gamits- the well 
the explosion- grace 
set your goals- the fallen 
chain of strength- true till death 
gorilla biscuits- hold your ground 
warzone- the sound of revolution 
crass- big a little a 
bomb the music industry- gang of four meets the stooges (but boring) 
osker- piece by piece 
rumspringer- parastolic reaction 
the lawrence arms- chaper 13, the hero appears 
defeater- waves crash, clouds roll 
hop along- young and happy! 
the suicide machines- zero 
reagan youth- usa 
murphy's law- bag of snacks 
a wilhelm scream- congradulations 
converge- drop out
fucked up- crusades

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug 26th is now up!

I'll have the 4 hour punk show up soon!  Just forgot is all.  Here is Aug 26th in the meantime.

Download the MP3 here:
or find it here
or stream it here
Setlist :

baby ghosts- heaven is a place in space 
kicker- kick off 
facing forward- arguments 
hindsight- pitiful 
another joe- palm mute 
booger- you like this 
nerd alert- faceplant 
copyrights- basement 
copyrights- fireworks 
copyrights- telescope 
address- 205 
address- lessened efforts 
worriers- passion 
worriers- why we try 
young uncles- so rad 
young uncles- idiot
 the weaks- dunce pageant the 
weaks- to thine own self be true 
stab me kill me- good as gone 
stab me kill me- diablo 
everybody row- coming out clean 
everybody row- the sea inside
 the dirty nil- cinnamon 
the dirty nil- guided by vices 
punch- personal space 
punch- waiting game 
punch- what's in a name 
detroit- deliberation 
detroit- noxious thoughts 
detroit- reality denied 
mi amore- chachacha d'amore 
figure four- we were invincible 
malice at the palace- watch you fall
by a thread- fashion

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

aug 19th episode now up!

find the episode here
or stream it here
or download the mp3 here

 the setlist:
new end original- lukewarm 
vandals- joe 
surplus sons- city nights
liam lynch- united states of whatever 
sissy havoc- finger painting
luckie strike- new dress 
armalite- ymca 
dbgs- hardcore nothing
contradict- ending the denial
hope- john's gone straight edge 
dean malenkos- nowegian punk song 
jud jud- wah wah song 
death by stereo- emo holocause 
pitboss 2000- circle moshing rules the 
hellacopters- soulseller
 randy- it makes no difference
 our mercury- spirits up 
no secrets between sailers- you were meant for lights 
all autonomy- 5 song 
sicker than others- it's you
 idle minds- close enough 
suck la merde- montreal centre-ville 
pistol grip- hallucination hallway 
the fleshy- mr seagull 
falcon- look ma! No fans!-or-do you want fries with these songs 
cookie mongoloid- the cookie 
ballast- numb again 
brakes- pick up the phone 
shockwave - kickback 
left for dead- kept in line 
day of mourning- in a word 
burnt by the sun- you will move
 throwdown- baby got back

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aug 17th edition is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or stream it here
or find it here

The setlist
direct hit!- say whatever 
the walking targets- perfectionist 
grey gordon- to impart a little wisdom 
ducking punches- big brown pills from lynn 
cayetana- hot dad calendar 
brawlers- instagram famous 
hard girls- the quark 
hard girls- die slow 
hard girls- deep gulch 
bracket- the opportunist 
bracket- caving in 
jeseslesfilles- mort de fatigue 
jeseslesfilles- fille a fille 
jeseslesfilles- bicyclette 
post teens- too broke for drugs 
high seas- cutting ties 
high seas- february 
heart attack kids- have heart 
gaslight anthem- helter skeleton 
gaslight anthem- ain't that a shame 
la luna- ferme la lune 
la luna- never talk, only shame 
la luna- you can take the love out of the lover 
no devotion- stay 
no devotion- eyeshadow 
pallbearer- foundations

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 5th show is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or stream it here
or find it here

 the setlist
mock orange- we work 
parkside- stainded sheets 
housing- sundress 
you blew it!- my name is jonas 
you blew it!- surf wax america 
dwarves- anything you want 
dwarves- armageddon party 
dwarves- kings of the world 
dwarves- irresistible 
dwarves- fun to try 
meatmen- anna moose 
meatmen- death rig 9000 
hurula- om jag tanker alls 
hurula- stockholm brinner 
uzumake- turbomatriz 
uzumake- x 
castaway- everyone deserves to be here more than me 
castaway- ginger ale 
fossil- jeppo 
fossil- two pockets 
mill pond- sleuth 
mill pond- ghost 
dikembe- donuts in a six speed 
dikembe- pelican fly 
priceduifkes- annies on formaldehyde 
priceduifkes- she spells disaster 
coma regalia- we've all got our ghosts man 
coma regalia- eh, I guess I'm aright 
book of caverns- force fed

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

sept 29th show is now up~!

download the mp3 here
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist:
lobby boxer- a perfect future 
full blast- stu ross, good dude; great dude 
full blast- fred's got slacks 
full blast- drink it, I'm jesus 
full blast- lee majors, now there's a man in his prime 
joyce manor- falling in love again 
joyce manor- the jerk 
joyce manor- in the army now 
copyrights- don't want in 
copyrights- no knocks 
thin privilege- hex charmer 
thin privilege- red cloak 
english dogs- planet of the living dead 
english dogs- turn away from the light 
glue- backwards society 
glue- opportunist 
riot porn- city transformed 
riot porn- the war is over 
riot porn- p'tit chet 
pick your side- paved grave 
to the point- embarressed by you all 
to the point- scion 
to the point- I gotta match 
violent sons- heavy burden 
violent sons- all structures are unstable 
stiu nu stiu- ultra silvam 
stiu nu stiu- groups 
tumbleweed dealer- slow walk through a ghost town 
tumbleweed dealer- southern reaper