Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 16th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 16th

The Setlist:

some girls    -deathface
the explosion    -kidz radio
malcolm bauld    --the workout call
fucked up    -serve me right
red animal war    -the sky above the sky below
ninety pound wuss    -the dawning of this night devine
link 80    -dance floor
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.    -freebird to revert
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.    -drop in, hang up
enon    --salty
the faint-    paranoiattack
moneen    -the frightening reality of the the fact that we will all have to grow up and settle down one day
hot water music    -dreamworld
deadguy    -doom patrol
counterfeit    -back in the day
mi amore    -baron samedi
dropkick murphys    -denial
vandals    -join us for pong
marvelous darlings    -lagoons
haste    -engine
letters organize    -song of hope
sass dragons    -melvin
trial-    reflections
direct hit    -promised land
direct hit    -infinite pills, infinite alcohol

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug 9th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 9th

car seat headrest    -1937 state parke
car seat headrest    -destroyed by hippie powers
camp cope    -done
camp cope    -jet fuel can't melt steel beams
cold wrecks    -friends
cold wrecks    -price
violent soho    -viceroy
violent soho    -no shade
violent soho    -evergreen
guttermouth    -freckles the pony
guttermouth    -I've got it made
guttermouth    -old man
signals midwest    -west side summer
tacocat    -I live for the sun
beat noir    -gethsemane
puddle splasher-    I'm hurting me
puddle splasher-    separate states
vile intent    -cult of ignorance
vile intent    -cult of conspiracy
vile intent    -fatal system death
vile intent    -total turing
vile intent    -split in two
prowl    -madness
prowl    -fury
edge of attack    -ritual
edge of attack    -fiend of possession

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aug 2nd episode is now up!

bud bronson and the good timers    -pioneer iron
bud bronson and the good timers    -victory first

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 2nd

The setlist
tiger army    -devil lurks on the road
tiger army    -firefall
misfits    -nightmare on elm street
misfits    -mad monster party
bouncing souls    -digital twilight zone
bouncing souls    -writing on the wall
bouncing souls    -bees
descendents    -spineless and scarlet red
descendents    -thinkin
colorsfade    -everyday that passes
stereomonroe    -coupe a blanc
code 40-11    -on est rendu gros
anti fuckworld radio edit    -noise freak
youngest and only    -fafs
youngest and only    -cut the cost
the supervisors    -luck pluck and virtue
the supervisors    -roughshod united faction
frameworks    -fear of missing out
frameworks    -tinnitus
ducking punches-    fun fun fun
ducking punches-    hurts like hell
goth girl    -ratman
goth girl    -torture of the caress
goth girl    -octave fever
goth girl    -c&ct
crystal methodist-    lilac city
crystal methodist-    return
blossom    -weight of the world
blossom    -true hearts
lost love-    our pets heads are falling off
lost love-    scotch and soda

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 26th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever July 26th

The Setlist:
white lung    -I beg you
masked intruder    -beyond a shadow of a doubt
mother feather    -beach house
teenage bottlerocket    -never gonna tell you
metz and swami john reis    -caught up
talk show host    -I don't want to go to the library
beat noir    -monkeypaw
beat noir    -corriveau
beat noir    -alexandria
tragic hearts-    porcelain
inactivist-    fffffkill
quarter tank    -canyons
huttch    -maiden hill
pup-    the coast
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
lost love-    you're my joe pesci, I'm your marvin
school damage    -don't let me
maddigans    -all or nothing
belvedere    -the architect
greys    -sorcerer
the brains    -octopi
big school    -public speaker
cloaca    -fight to deny
yeah bud!!!    -insufficient fun
set it back    -the river
wastoids    -little bags

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Warped Tour show

Your guide to the better bands that are playing July 22nd at the Vans Warped Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Download the show here:
Warped Tour 2016

The Setlist:
mother feather -living breathing masked intruder -the most beautiful girl like pacific -22a teenage bottlerocket -been too long interrupters -can't be trusted every time I die -saturnalia atreyu -who died whitechapel- psychopathy cruel hand -heat old wounds -bleak capsize -I'll take the blame new found glory -black and blue yellowcard -underdog sum 41 -we're all to blame reel big fish -she's not the end of the world less than jake -sunstroke safe to say -bracelets pepper -start you up ballyhoo! -last night real friends -alexander super tramp state champs -how it used to be secrets -turn the page knuckle- puck give up roam -goodbyes waterparks -fantastic chunk! No, captain chunk! -what goes around

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 12th episode is now up!

 Download it here:
The Best Show Ever July 12th

The Setlist
nerf herder    -stock photo girl
nerf herder    -ghostbusters III
absolute gender    -intracunt
absolute gender    -world on a wire
ray rocket    -radical
ray rocket    -pet sematery
no fuss    -old truths
grievances    -the work
loss aversion    -bad energy
the nielsens    -greys
zorton and the cannibals    -sinking in my love
greg rukus    -red wool
heart attack kids    -eh ok
faintest idea    -circling the drain
faintest idea    --throw away the key
venerea-    mark of cain
venerea-    times are hard
cables and arms-    a lasting mark
cables and arms-    strong arm
skipjack    -something to believe in
skipjack    -pioneer memorial
useless id    -creations
useless id    -closer to the edge
memory hole    -the boys aren't back in town
memory hole    -hex removal
memory hole    -die
double cross    -enemy

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 28th episode is finally up!

Download the show Here:
Best Show Ever June 28th

The Setlist
direct hit    -promised land
direct hit    -infinite pills, infinite alcohol
the murderburgers    -the waves
set it back-    the river
tigers    -live your lie
tigers    -silver tongue
julie ruin    -I decide
julie ruin    -record breaker
julie ruin    -time is up
interrupters    -she got arrested
interrupters    -media sensation
stoj snak    -parental disclaimer
eat defeat    -dead and gone
eat defeat    -shortcuts
quarter tank    -ain't done living
quarter tank    -we brought the fire
quarter tank    -drink
quarter tank    -sanatatron
mundy's bay    -hope you're fine
mundy's bay    -countless roamings
!sabotage!-    bang, bang, bang
!sabotage!-    it doesn't have to be this way
tallwomen-    face time
tallwomen    -deaf dog
trash boat    -how selfish do I seem
trash boat-    you know, you know, you know
reckless heroes-    the difference