Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 14th edition is now up!

Find the show here
or download the mp3 here

The setlist:
nouns- ski mask
dead milkmen- welcome to undertown
dead milkmen- dark clouds over middlemarch
code waste- ichi san
code waste- remedial
ordinary lives- the schumer box
ordinary lives- trails of dust
acacia strain- cauterizer
acacia strain- graveyard shift
acacia strain- holy walls of the vatican
ruth's hat- cowboy james
ruth's hat- same highway
the glebes- theme
chachi on acid- kiss my ass
gatgas- out of time
disleksick- nuke the bruce
excelsior- wildlife death match
don't touch the dances- my conscience
bath salts- makes me press rewind
johnny terrien and the bad lieutenants- back to the beach
stray bullets- parallels
stray bullets- campesino blood
breakout- all's quiet
breakout- retaliate
other half- stagy
other half- osker
other half- dimmer, still
asylum- vicious cycle
asylum- shitshow
nailhead-s noami
mariachi el Bronx- wildfires

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct 7th is now up!

Download the mp3 here:

The setlist:
the tim version- for the birds
sink Alaska- among the wretched
sunshine state- concrete world
sunshine state- we discussed it, we disgusted
heisenbeards- bus trip
heisenbeards- party on wayne, party on garth
new found glory- ready and willing
new found glory- degenerate
new found glory- stubborn
wayfarer- irreversible
wayfarer- artificer
wayfarer- translating
moose blood- I hope you're missing me
moose blood- bukowski
static means- confusion
static means- forced embrace
hey mister!- the clockwatcher
hey mister!- pigeon squealer
hey mister!- exit stage west
settling- five years
settling- zoloft
settling- pillar of salt
wherebirdsmeettodie- acrylic
dearest- it's about time
Detroit- pills
Detroit- mules
Robocop- feminism uber alles
put it aside- put it aside
put it aside- sold out

    Sept 30 is now up!

    Find it here
    or download the mp3 here

    The setlist
    beach slang- american girls and french kisses
    mariachi el Bronx- new beat
    sweet empire- the abattoir
    sweet empire- prometheus
    rvivr- 20 below
    rvivr- the sound
    sick of it all- 2061
    sick of it all- dnc
    sick of it all- facing the abyss
    cruel hand- pissing spitting
    cruel hand- heat
    gnarwolves- day man
    gnarwolves- hate me
    uneeda- flat drunk
    uneeda- skulls
    column of heaven- a modern day sodom
    column of heaven- pharmakos
    proxy- nurnberg
    proxy- shackled to a corpse
    belvedere- brandywine
    belvedere- paradise
    hold ups- kory boutin's mom-odicerous business
    hold ups- golden palace girl
    wasted potential- two pumps and a quiver
    wasted potential- pabst smear
    chalmers- biting lip
    chalmers- maps lost
    cowboy mouth- joe strummer
    nouns- closer
    nouns- ski mask

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    Sept 23rd edition is now up!

    Download the mp3 here

    The setlist
    blotter- gunboy rover
    boys club- rip rip
    boys club- snake serpent
    boys club -don reaper
    neighborhood archers- foundation shake up event
    neighborhood archers -has beens
    the timmys- ash and bone
    the timmys- dude, girl
    iron Reagan- class holes
    iron Reagan- just say go
    iron Reagan- miserable failure
    iron Reagan- obsolete man
    billy the kid- riverbank
    boardroom heroes- never ready
    boardroom heroes- safe words
    modern saints- if you need a reminder
    modern saints -the rest will follow
    crude drawings of dicks- roach killer
    crude drawings of dick-s fuck oklahoma and everyone who lives there
    love American- sohl
    love american -waves
    hag face -barb tarbox
    hag face- dirtbag dreamboat/brat
    ritual mess- the last shout
    ritual mess- screw the strand
    whirr- dry
    whirr- lines

    Sept 16th edition is now up!

    Looks like I forgot to do this last week.
    find the show here:
    or download the mp3 here

    The setlist:
    supportive parents- kami cosby
    supportive parents- dickmelter
    the Friday prophets- found and lost
    the Friday prophets- amsterdam
    rain city rockers- on my own
    rain city rockers- monster
    the victim party- an evening with colin
    the victim party- matt woo (and you can too)
    the victim party- tabi irani tragically faschist or faschistically tragic
    chris cresswell- daggers
    chris cresswell- meet me in the shade
    jesse lebourdain- he's coming to us dead
    jesse lebourdain- drunkards hell
    the tuts- worry warrior
    the tuts- dump your boyfriend
    buzzcocks- chasing rainbows in modern times
    buzzcocks- the the back
    heisenbeards- there will be blood
    heisenbeards- say my name
    hostage calm- someone else
    hostage calm- past ideas of the future
    weston-clumsy shy
    sick of it all- built to last
    sick of it all- farm team
    hagface- worst nightmare
    pig destroyer- volume

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    sept 10th episode is now up!

    Download the Mp3 here
    or find it here
    or stream it here

    the setlist
    glassjaw- 2 tabs of mescaline
    modern baseball- going to bed now
    art of burning water-talking to will elvin about al kizys
    isolation tank -skin prison
    small brown bike -wrong hometown
    small brown bike -under pressure
    seaway- keep your stick on the ice
    seaway -no direction
      seaway- deferral
    cayetana- dirty laundry
    cayetana -mountain kids
    cayetana- south philly talk
    death from above 1979- nothing left
    death from above 1979- gemini
    bob mould- hey mr grey
    the hotelier- in framing
    citizen- speaking with a ghost
    title fight- loud and clear
    pup- never try
    pup -back against the wall
    pup- reservoir
    solids- traces
    solids- blame confusion
    solids- terminal

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    Sept 2nd show is now up!

    Stream it here
    or download the mp3 here
    or find it here

    The setlist:
    quit your dayjob- look! A dollar
    quit your dayjob- cities suck
    precursor- fall apart
    precursor- these years
    frontier(s)- oru march
    frontier(s)- bare hands
    aviator- pipe dreams
    aviator- forms
    single mothers- marbles
    single mothers- feel shame
    single mothers- ketamine
    gob- call for tradition
    gob- terpsichore
    greenhorn- this has to mean something
    greenhorn- always be the same
    kill lincoln- dad fight
    kill lincoln- handgrenade
    shanks- feel the holes
    shanks- get cut tonight
    shanks- step by step
    shitty friends- I don't care
    shitty friends- thin walls
    shitty friends- bloodstains
    man hands- ballabriggs
    man hands- no name
    exits- the escapist
    exits- autophobia
    whirr- mumble
    whirr- heavy