Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 14th episode is now up!

one hidden frame- exploding head syndrome
real mckenzies -scots wha ha'e
eradicator -eradicator
eradicator -d squash man
strike twelve- major tom
strike twelve- standstill
crusades -1855 (porch and portal)
crusades- 1713 (the scorching fevers)
crusades -1940 (whirr and chime)
keep flying- safety harbor
keep flying- pink cloud 9
haircut- criatura
haircut- no
quailbones- crabwalkin space
quailbones- acid eyes
natterers- make room! Make room!
natterers- stand and stare
totallove- prision
totallove- androides
dragged in -burning inside
dragged in -get low
dragged in -absolute
pedestrian- pedestrian
pedestrian- paradise
pedestrian- renter
pedestrian- circle
caustic lime- a shelf full of good intentions
caustic lime- fight it!
scarboro- relentless
scarboro- panic at the cisco
screw houston- all rise
screw houston- time to breathe

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 7th episode is now up!

Download the show here:

Best Show Ever March 7

The Setlist:

crusades- 1828 (father of waves)
the garden- make yer mark
nothington- the lies I need
nothington -burn after reading
dustbox- thunder
dustbox- refrain
mobina galore- vancouver
mobina galore- nervous wreck
mobina galore- better days
century palm- reset reaction
century palm- walk forever blind
century palm- king of john st.
mildura -what I was
mildura -everyone you know now
dan cribb- whacking day and baby on board
dan cribb -scorpio
a blue harbour- closed mind
a blue harbour- all we need
radiation risks- acid fantasy #1
radiation risks- prayers
tony gorilla- yesterday
what we feel -w.w.f.
hell and back- white halls
cellphone- I'm gonna live
cellphone- death in the tropics

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Feb 28th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
The Setlist
nothington -cobblestones
polysics- be a human
polysics- japanese title
polysics -tempo tempo tempo
fullblast -shame
fullblast- brothers
sensitives -kick a hole in the sky
sensitives- to the punx
jon creeden and the flying hellfish- is it worth it
jon creeden and the flying hellfish- killing time
home movies- hell
home movies- the will of fire
deforesters- I'll take the crab juice
deforesters- clever song title
meat wave -to be swayed
meat wave- no light
black tape -sydney murderer
black tape -sick of it all
twin rivals- the reconing
twin rivals- hell's coming
twin rivals- the changing tides
casey -bloom
casey- ceremony
planes mistaken for stars- til it clicks
planes mistaken for stars- she who sleeps
planes mistaken for stars- pan in flames

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feb 21st episode is now up!

Download the show here
The Setlist
polysics- buggie technica
bankrupt- gazdagok es szepek
bankrupt- tizenot perc
aspiga- eucalyptus nights
aspiga- fading into summer
menzingers- tellin lies
menzingers- charlie's army
menzingers- livin ain't easy
beaver slap- does this look infected
beaver slap- choke
crooked jacks -raccoon disguise
crooked jacks -the departed
bearings- absent
bearings- north hansen
bad canoes- satisfaction
bad canoes- finger's radiator
silver foxes- wasting away
silver foxes- night of the creeps
better things- ex-files
better things- exactly what you think
darko- this is love
darko- in the company of wolves
pure disgust- potential criminal
pure disgust- slander me
animal ethics- ritual sacrifice
animal ethics- dead air
animal ethics- human factory
animal ethics- defibrilator
wake the dead- m
wake the dead- black cat

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feb 14th episode is now up!

The Setlist:
less than jake- call to arms
less than jake- years of living dangerously
lext -my future is not bright
hump back- wouldn't want to be
dustbox- rise above
my hair is bad- adults who don't know war
yonige- that this fate
nowhere- dethbed
nowhere- ordnungsamt
nowhere- disease
rvivr- the tide
rvivr- shaggy
bombpops -capable of likes
bombpops- jerk
tsol -give me more
tsol- going steady
slamboni- being canuck
slamboni- your love
youth funeral- shadow phases
youth funeral- with love I weep
riot porn- creation despoiled
riot porn- tail lights
riot porn- blood
riot porn- whale
acquitted- nothing left to give
acquitted -1312
acquitted- misled youth
withdrawel- your dreams are dead
withdrawel- an offering
old gray- everything is in your hands
old gray- on earth, as it is in heaven

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever Feb 7

The setlist:

bouncing souls- battleground
fullblast- stay
broke- trouble maker
united nations- stairway to mar-a-lago
epic downtime- left for dead
lilim- see it burn
abbesse- lit up
abbesse- surface of our needs
aim higher- for a reason
aim higher- mouth of a stranger
menzingers- bad catholics
menzingers- after the party
save one- unknown
save one- I hate today
kindling -coma
kindling -galaxies
frank carter and the rattlesnakes- wild flowers
frank carter and the rattlesnakes- modern ruin
uk subs- polarisation
uk subs -world war three
iron reagan -a dying world
iron reagan- crossover ministry
iron reagan- bleed the filth
policy of truth- authority abuse
policy of truth- speakers corner
jockstrap- stigmata
jockstrap- condemned
code orange -forever
code orange -hurt goes on

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Best Jow Ever Jan 24th episode is now up!

The Setlist
scream -politics is entertainment
connies- rathead
ativans- another way
corps -so far away
potato rocket -radio
trashed ambulance- on my own
tarlets- so cool
dropkick murphys- blood
dropkick murphys- paying my way
dropkick murphys- kicked to the curb
personal and the pizzas- bored outta my brains
personal and the pizza-s joanie
posture and the grizzley- balloons as hands
posture and the grizzley- elliot
!la vasa!- trust issues
!la vasa!- the divide
the right here- a letter from the creator of
the right here- if this land isn't my land
dutchess says- poubelle
dutchess says- I repeat myself
iron chic- dog bite
iron chic- the dreaming and the waking world
nervous dater- abba zabba, you my only friend
nervous dater- 5th floor walkup
hard charger- two day hangover
hard charger -conquer darkness