Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever april 7th

poison idea    -bog
tenement    -spaghetti midwestern
tenement    -goodnight, rosendale
piffbreak    -smoke em if ya got em
piffbreak    -darwin the monkey
dilly dally    -noisemakers
dilly dally    -candy mountain
prince    -in the living room
prince    -s'not fair
prince    -dusting of the firs
belt fight    belt fight does it again
belt fight    robol'l revenge
belt fight    porkbun
bad cop bad cop    -it's my life
bad cop bad cop-    rodeo
the real mckenzies    -wha saw the 42nd
the real mckenzies    -yes
hogwash    -cutting circles
hogwash    -samurai
one man army    -downtown lights
one man army    -I got hung up
farang    -maximum taxiderm
farang    -gumboots
big dick    -let down
big dick    -last days
tartar control-    f.y.d.
tartar control-    diamond head
clover    -ragnarok
clover    -catalyst

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mar 31st best show ever is now up!

Download the show here:

Best Show Ever mar 31

And here's the setlist: 

steve adamyk band -front to back
young guv -crushing sensation
young guv -kelly, I'm not a greep
 total love -I don't wanna work
hop along -powerful man
 flatliners- fangs
home street home -I'm suicide
home street home -lets get hurt
home street home- three against me
hit the lights- summer bones
 hit the lights- the real
permaculture -arrogan faith
permaculture -they advance
fashionism -smash the state (with your face)
 fashionism -where have all the rock n roll girls gone
 fashionism -breaking out
 the fire next time -hell is my friends
 the fire next time- the woods
mommy- hospital friends
mommy- jade
peter pan speedrock -whatever man
peter pan speedrock -tunnelvission
blacklisted -riptide
blacklisted -when people grow, people go
 the flex -macho jock hardcore
psychic teens -all
psychic teens -face

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here's a bunch of shows!

 Sorry, I got way behind there.  Here's the mp3 for March 10th's show:
mar 10 best show ever

The seltist
rx bandits -and the battle begun
 millencolin -sense and sensibility 
metz -I'm a bug 
torches to triggers -clay minds
 hextalls -welcome to pooville
 hextalls -we belong
 teenage bottlerocket -nothing else matters (when I'm with you) 
teenage bottlerocket -can't quit you
 teenage bottlerocket -tv set
 lastkaj 15 -tjuvtricks och rackarspel
 lastkaj 15 -blomma utan blad 
gender poutine -mils (moms I'd like to serenade)
 gender poutine -dirty car 
power buddies -in my mind 
power buddies -I can't sleep
 young governor -where it's quiet 
young governor -one look around 
jeff rosenstock -you, in weird cities 
jeff rosenstock -polar bear or africa
 jeff rosenstock -hey allison! 
no contest -liam neeson fights wolves…..and wins!
 no contest -can I play with chainsaws
 pageripper -collarblind 
pageripper -rex goliath 
spirits -what separates us 
spirits -kill this sound 
human bodies -covenant
 human bodies -exhibitionist

 mar 17 best show ever

The setlist:

tenement -summer streets part 1 and 2
hop along -waitress
we the heathens -laundry day
ghost sector- arkham
who needs you -drugs and other drugs
who needs you -who's this asshole
kimberly steaks -wrong exit
kimberly steaks -so long, see you tomorrow
 kimberly steaks -fear and loathing in larkhall
 jeff rosenstock -you, in weird cities
wraths -oh god
wraths -back of the line
shared arms -weary, on
 shared arms- sleeping limbs
 shared arms- lit-up bathtub mary
 red arms -chorus of life
red arms -quiet resolution
red arms- down to sound
g.l.o.s.s. -masculine artiface
g.l.o.s.s. -outcast stomp
harrington saints -let's go rob a bank
 harrington saints- upright citizen
blood pressure -peace sucks - low class
blood pressure -screaming and laughing
brauer -castlerock
brauer -hot seat (empire)
cancer bats- beelzebub
cancer bats -buds

 mar 24 best show ever

The Setlist:

 chumped -something about geograpy
 songify this -unbreakable kimmy schmidt 
Darkbuster -dj 
Darkbuster -no future 
waterweed -monologue 
waterweed -ashes 
cancer bats -beelsebub 
cancer bats -buds 
strung out -rats in the walls 
strung out -tesla 
strung out -westcoasttrendkill 
chloroform -(I can't say) that I would say you're right
 chloroform -forget it
 flesh rag -bug man
 flesh rag -is this real
 flesh rag -sick kids 
mexican slang -blisters 
mexican slang -l'appel du vide 
pdc -world is over if you want it
 pdc -hank's guitar 
pdc -outro 
rotting out -eyes wide
 rotting out -live fast die young 
cum -self esteem 
cum -tough guy
 coma recovery -goddverb 
coma recovery -opener

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 3rd Best Show Ever is now up!

 A bit of a tribute to local musician Shane Knapp at around the 1 hour mark.
Download the mp3 here
March 3rd Best Show Ever

The setlist:
man overboard -cute when you scream
senses fail -real talk
safety -alone together
safety -how we turn to stone
you blew it! -lanai
you blew it! -bedside manor
strange lords -knuckle duster
strange lords -szandora
california x- nights in the dark
california x -blackrazor, pt 2
we will fly -master the monster
we will fly -doubts
threat meet protocol -on even ground
threat meet protocol -elephant
 the wrestlers- the table
 the wrestlers- muscle girl
the best!-! terminal the
best!-! neo hippie holocaust the
 best!!- 4f club the
best!!- drinking song
shane knapp- I got aids last night
 shane knapp -scotland frowns
yoni yum- handcuff me to your nordic track
yoni yum- jolly green jerk

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feb 24th episode is now up~!

 Feb 24th best show ever

playboy manbaby- magic johnson
 metz- acetate
creepozoidz- bastards of the universe
creepozoidz- how to get ahead in advertising
chops and the holics- cash
make do and mend- bluff
make do and mend- sanctimony
make do and mend- sin miedo
maypole- rebel
maypole- bez powodu
living room- falling asleep walking
living room- red saints
dead market- pyrrhic victory
dead market- blue kaiju + asunder
choke up- wildflower
choke up- 12 kc
you vs everything- like a storm
you vs everything- no lights and saltwater
soul glo- created in h.i.s. image
soul glo- violence against black women goes largely unreported
corrupt leaders- beaten path
corrupt leaders- black cloud
corrupt leaders- drained
corrupt leaders- mass consumed
east end radicals- agony
east end radicals- brothers
vaillancourt east end radicals- ylpd

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 17th episode is now up!

Download the mp3 here
Feb 17th Best Show Ever

The Setlist:
seasons change- valentine
colleen green- grind my teeth
colleen green- pay attention
despite everything- inbetweeners
noisefight- lifeboat
start at zero- duffy
stick to your guns- it starts with me
stick to your guns- left behind
stick to your guns- to whom it may concern
 retox- the savior, the swear word
retox- you're only a crook if you get caught
goldblums- that boy ugly
eekum seekum- brutality
eekum seekum- f.u…n.
eekum seekum- commemorative action
occult tofu soup- everyday
occult tofu soup- scusez la !
prsm- wake forest
prsm- all prologue
prsm- binding borders
dwarves- trisexual
dwarves- stuck in the void
meat wave- brother
meat wave- the truth
grump- recurrent flatline
betterment- use your ouija board
 betterment- madeore and s rodriquez
secret lives- therapay
secret lives- you can't always get what you want
severe- the attention
severe- bystander
playboy manbaby- moldy cannoli

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 3rd episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the Mp3 here

Feb 3rd Best Show Ever

The setlist:
devo- fraulein
devo- be stiff
stay clean jolene- all I need
stay clean jolene- concrete block
direct hit- bad trip on holy ghost
reaganomics- bite your tongue
 toyguitar- hyenas
toyguitar- let's talk in the shower
 toyguitar- until I find you
 the raging nathans- weekday warriors
 the raging nathans- the new yorker
strange attractor- alex is a nightbanger
strange attractor- just looking
strange attractor- nightstick stomp
get off the cop- candlelight
get off the cop- lipstick tim
bummer- reminder
bummer- dig a tunnel
gulfer- willow fight
gulfer- hulk logan
decadence- intot he mouth of hell
decadence- world of abomination
funerals- veins of black
funerals- sick of sun
brutal youth- bottoming out
thou- I hate myself and I want to die
thou- pill