Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apr 15th edition is now up!

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The setlist
shitty weekend- lord and only saviour 
fucked up- paper the house 
flatliners- fireball 
flatliners- wynford bridge 
banner pilot- fireproof 
banner pilot- matchstick 
planet smashers- snowbird 
planet smashers- tear it up 
planet smashers- you guys are assholes, let's party 
7 seconds- I have faith in you 
great cynics- dirt in my book bag 
muncie girls- everyday 
elder brother- pennsylvania 
elder brother- really free 
unbelievers- in the crowd 
unbelievers- puppy lovin 
hormoans- murdering the queen 
hormoans- crowbar 
cigarette crossfire- mans best friend 
cigarette crossfire- start again 
nai harvest- rush 
nai harvest- pastel 
merit- calendula 
merit- cling 
creepoid- staircase 
creepoid- stranger

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apr 8th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

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The setlist
banner pilot- springless 
fireworks- flies on tape
fireworks- run brother run 
off!- red white and black 
off!- meet your god 
forus- radio lives 
forus- beardy crook 
menzingers- transient love 
menzingers- bad things 
menzingers- sentimental physics 
chuck ragan -revved 
chuck ragan- gave my heart out 
great collapse- civic disassociation 
great collapse- quarantine 
I am the avalanche- young kerouacs 
I am the avalanche- two runaways 
teledrome- boyfriend 
teledrome- new motion 
teledrome- golden dawn 
thee nodes- stage dive 
thee nodes- marcs song 
thee nodes- mirror 
thee nodes- floating through the sky 
thee nodes- my mask 
fucked up- I wanna be a yank 
plague vendor- my tongue is so treacherous 
plague vendor- black sap scriptures 
the overseer- fragile wings 
the overseer- depraved

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 1st edition is now up!

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 or find it here

The setlist
hold steady- spinners 
coathangers- follow me 
coathangers- zombie 
pheromoans- robotic son 
pheromoans- midnite watchdog 
minority 905- flunkies and junkies 
minority 905- avenue under the stars 
unwelcome guests- everything new 
unwelcome guests- kick the beams 
unwelcome guests- slippery strings 
la dispute- scenes from highways 
la dispute- the child we lost 
rust belt lights- how to live without 
rust belt lights- stay young or die trying 
rust belt lights- pack up and let go 
bombshell rocks- scars and tattoos 
bombshell rocks- looking for a hero 
morning glory- I am machine gun 
morning glory- punx not dead, I am 
rosewater- bayleaf 
rosewater- masturcreition 
disrape- disaster strikes 
disrape- abra cadaver 
disrape- mercy of a swift death 
xaphan- cold surge

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mar 25th edition is now up!

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The setlist:
the men- dark waltz 
the men- pearly gates 
thee nodes- commodify me- f.o.l. 
dirty nil- nicotine 
dirty nil- new flesh 
dirty nil- pale blue 
sonic avenues- waiting for a change 
sonic avenues- in your head 
sonic avenues- new vogues 
tenement- wouldn't let you go 
screaming females- ancient civilization 
dollyrots- stupidly in love 
dollyrots- homecoming 
war on women- effemimania 
war on women- I like science 
perfect pussy- bells perfect 
pussy- advance upon the real 
lipstick homicide- rocker chick 
lipstick homicide- vampire club part II 
glos- break my heart 
posture and the grizzly- gods drugs 
disdonut- fritter obliteration 
disdonut- nuclear dutchie 
disdonut- death's doorstep double chocolate 
the jook- watch your step 
the jook- everything I do

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 18th edition is now up!

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The setlist
lawrence arms- bonfire park 
bayside- big cheese 
bayside- bear with me 
failures union- lost a fight 
failures union- finer print 
worship this!- red herring 
worship this!- monophobe 
shell corporation- appetite for distraction 
shell corporation- hear them wail 
shell corporation- the message 
'68- three is a crowd 
'68- third time is a charm 
sex church- dead end 
sex church- let down 
white lung- drown with the monster 
vcr- think twice 
vcr- scream 
die nerven- albtraum 
die nerven- und ja 
ringworm- dawn of decay 
ringworm- I recommend amputation 
snakecharmer- severed foot 
snakecharmer- honest broker 
snakecharmer- split link 
snakecharmer- scdc 
I am heresy- blasphemy incanate 
I am heresy- throw wide the gates

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 11th episode is now up!

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or find it here with older shows

estates- teenage 
modern baseball- apartment 
modern baseball- going to bed now 
stiff little fingers- one man island 
stiff little fingers- good luck with that 
lost years- what it feels like to be alone 
lost years- hell for the company 
failures union- between 
extra feeler- little buddy 
crow bait- dead set on destruction 
your pest band- ground zero 
beach slang- kids earworms- part of the process 
liver- juliet in banff 
brews willis- great energy 
crooked jacks- sucked you in 
hsy- milk chug 
dig it up- bleed american 
bleed american- something else 
bleed american- skid 
bleed american- I'd like to take this opportunity 
shank- song for my rights 
shank- tonight the streets are ours 
callow- dead end kids 
jungbluth- keeping peace 
earth crisis- de-desensitize 
earth crisis- devoted to death

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feb 25th episode is now up!

Due to a work emergency, March 4th's episode had to be a rerun.  Sorry bout that.  I did have a show ready to go though so that's what you'll be hearing on this weeks show (mar 11th).
Stream the show here
or download the mp3 here
or find it and older episodes here

The setlist
comeback kid- die knowing 
blacksmith- stars 
blacksmith- distance 
law$uits- uniform 
law$uits- twerp 
losing traces- farewell 
losing traces- no place for dreams 
carmonas- why not? 
carmonas- put your mouth in o 
carmonas- gema mola 
odd dates- wu wei 
odd dates- this basement is most definitely haunted 
peace be still- dunston checks in 
peace be still- classes a to c of wonderment 
gulfer- hulk logan 
comeback kid- lower the line 
comeback kid- somewhere in this miserable 
comeback kid- sink in 
zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
energy- we are 138 
energy- hollywood babylon 
toronto homicide squad- cold eggs 
toronto homicide squad- cripples'n'kids 
toronto homicide squad- it takes a lot to kill a man 
new lows- abhorrent endings 
new lows- shelter shard 
will haven- harvesting our burdens