Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make sure you at least listen to the first 20 minutes for new music from face to face, flogging molly and Fucked up.
listen here
and the setlist:
face to face- I don't mind and you don't mind
flogging molly- the cradle of humankind
flogging molly -the power's out
fucked up- turn the season
have nots -freedom of recession
living with lions- mathew's anthem
iron chic -jet ski
black god -partisan
cave in -centered
louder than bombs- diligent for
fireworks -life is killing me
strait a's- frankenstein
farewell continental- the explorer settles down
rotting out- laugh now die later
fucked up- under my nose
swindled- hymn 84
tyranna- shockface
tyranna- back off baby
football etc- lambeau
how dare you- true communication
olehole- yay for this more aloneness
bearathon- yes of course honey I'd love to tap that ass but my dick is too aware that your pussy is a chamber of financial ruin
cope- no sun no son
anion- torero
fucked up- serve me right
frandy -control

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may 10th edition

the download
the setlist
the have nots- jackson dawn
the assexuals- take a look around you
the assexuals- the times, they are a changin
artist life- working class revolt
artist life- suicide girl
artist life- fighter planes vs foreign aid
candy hearts- re balloon
man overboard- melanie video games and a slight fear of flying
coathangers- stop stomp stompin
ps elliot- untitled
fireworks- we're still pioneers
fireworks- summer
little millionaires- go suck an egg
balance and composure- void
balance and composure- progress, progress
balance and composure- defeat the low
into it over it- portland or.
dwarves- we only came to get high
dwarves- stop me
dwarves- fake id
ghost robot ninja bear- the curtain call
explosivo -fuckin shits right buddy
the rave -Gehenna [zhdet]
vicious cycle -heaven or hell
mature situations- these old hands
beyond the black -tim horton hears a who
plebian grandstand- easy to hate, hard to define
electro quarterstaff- unholy gravy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

may 3rd edition now up!

the download

the setlist:

fucked up -blaze of glory
unfun -pain perscription
unfun -save yourself
true widow -skull eyes
swingin utters- red and blues and beggars
weird korea -cheap thrills
living with lions- when we were young
living with lions -honestly honestly
underground railroad to candyland -stop cryin kid
north cote- take the ride
tranzmitors- bigger houses broken homes
tranzmitors -some girls
haverchucks -work it out
dear landlord -neighbors
mad cowboys -basement shows forever
mad cowboys -drunk talk
mad cowboys -the gods don’t wear tight jeans
spraynard -homies where the heart is
something fierce- empty screens
gacy and the boys- my old mans a ginger
the wavy originals -fake moments of true love
wonderer- it's hard to be a dad
sons of ishmael- louie louie
sons of ishmael -less than zero
shared arms- zavitz
shared arms -101 uses for a dead rat
silverstein -fuck the border
silverstein -pits and poisoned apples
u lock terror- footprints
u lock terror -backlash
death ray vision- shattered frames
lions! Tigers! Bears! -seahorse seashell
how dare you -unions

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the best of 2001

april 26ths episode was a special best records of 2001 show

download the show here http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20110426-2100-t1303848000.mp3
the setlist
bouncing souls-manthem
nofx- surfer
rival schools -travel by telephone
atom and his package -open your heart
alkaline trio- stupid kid
randy- freedom song
moneen -no better way to show you
further seems forever- snowbirds and townies
osker- the body
hey mercedes -our weekend starts on Wednesday
the get up kids- ann arbour
ted leo and the pharmasists- timorous me
Thursday -I am the killer
fugazi -the kill
progandhi- back to the motor league
blink 182 -online songs
saves the day- firefly
converge- homewrecker
blood has been shed -en sabah nur
american nightmare -god save the queen
throwdown- program
will haven -carpe diem
catharsis- arsonists prayer