Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 21st episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever june 21st

the setlist:

seaway    - find a way
taxpayers    -invader
taxpayers    -pain unlike another
custody    -blistered soul
custody    -whatever we decide
toys that kill    -s.d.r.t.t. go!
toys that kill    -ready to fall
shinobu    can dialects break bricks
shinobu    --hail, hail the excecutioner
g.l.o.s.s.    -we live
g.l.o.s.s.    --trans day fo revenge
les trimpes    -toi moi pis l'rock'n'roll
les trimpes    -donne du gaz
red sideburns    -spit it out
red sideburns    -young blood
big school    -after dark
big school    -talkin to myself
rebel spies-    we must be cautious
rebel spies-    fire when ready
goth girl    -gore poetry
goth girl    -only terror
goth girl    -vocal discordance
goth girl    -death breath
goth girl    -muzzle blast
goth girl    -no-fi
ringworm    -destroy or create
ringworm    -poison
brain tentacles    -kingda ka
brain tentacles    -the spoiler
nails-    life is a death sentence
nails    -into quietus
nomads    -omegalomaniac
nomads    -lucretia, my reflection

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 14th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever June 14th

The Setlist:

 youth brigade    -sink with kalifornia
metz-    negative space
statues    -broken parts
visitors    -bugs
drunkula    -get in my bed
junior battles    -radio
pagiins    -in time
pagiins    -yetti spaghetti
pagiins    -good things take time
choke    -static remains
reggie and the full effect    -to the fruit wizards of donnington
teen crud combo    -study tall (in study hall)
be my doppleganger    -maybe it was your fault
polar bear club    -chasing hamburg
descendents    -victim of me
lillingtons    -I came from the future
the casting out    -quixote's last ride
set your goals    -the fallen…
set your goals    -like you to me
the establishment    -atlantis
ulysses and the siren    -karma eater
atom age    -the hottest thing that's cool
prizzy prizzy please    -rocket boots
moving mountains    -where two bodies lie
brothers keeper    -I shot jfk
converge    -last light
arkangel    -written in black

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Download the show in mp3 format here:
Cjam Prince Special
It's a 3 hour long file so please be patient 

The Setlist: 
prince    -baby I'm a star    -purple rain
prince    -le grind    -the legendary black album
prince    -xtraloveable    -hitnrun phase 2
prince    -dance on    -lovesexy
prince    -cinnamon girl    -musicology
prince    -elephants and flowers    -graffiti bridge
prince    -the future    -batman
prince    -willing and able    -diamonds and pearls
prince    -don't play me    -the truth
prince    -$    -lotusflow3r
prince    -the love we make    -emancipation
prince    -I'm yours    -for you
prince    -bambi    -prince
prince    -uptown    -dirty mind
prince    -the same december    -chaos and disorder
prince    -last december    -rainbow children
prince    -judas smile    -the chocolate invasion
prince    -the rest of my life    -the vault… old friends 4 sale
prince    -chelsea rodgers    -planet earth
prince    -blue light    --love symbol
prince    -avanlanche    -one night alone
prince    -all the critics love u in new york    -1999
prince    -papa    -come
prince    -sexuality    -controversy
prince    -strange but true-    rave un2 the joy fantastic
prince    -beginning endlessly    -20ten
prince    -u know    -art official age
prince    -america    -around the world in a day
prince    -pretzelbodylogic    -plectrumelectrum
prince    -the daisy chain-    the slaughterhouse
prince    -housequake    -sign o the times
prince    -ol' skool company    -mplsound
prince    -billy jack bitch    -the gold experience
prince    -the word    -3121
prince    -1000 x's and 0's    -nitnrun phase 1
prince    -sometimes it snows in april    -parade
prince    -affirmation III    -art official age

June 7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever June 7th

The setlist:
slow science    -lifetime guarantee
dauntless elite    -blitzar radio
worship this!    -so long… sucker!
worship this!    -kennedy
modern baseball    -apple cider, I don't mind
modern baseball-    just another face
talk show host    -I don't wanna go to the library
talk show host    -lost and found
talk show host    -108
talk show host    -franklin
such hounds    -strangers
such hounds    -down south
austeros    --by now
austeros    -fraction of time
thrice    -wake up
thrice    -whistleblower
inactivist    -pessimist-feminist
inactivist    -in my head
inactivist    -fffffkill
dead elect-    good luck doll
dead elect-    flat iron blues
posture    -2
posture    -forget
pup    -the sleep in the heat
pup    -old wounds

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 31st episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here:
May 31st Best Show Ever

The setlist:

 broken gold    -turning blue
lightning bolt    -the metal east
feral ohms-    I fall
blessed    -waving hand
blessed    -feel
mother feather    -mother feather
mother feather    -the power
culture abuse    -chinatown
culture abuse    -don't worry
culture abuse    -heavy love
angel dust    --upside down
angel dust    -stranger things
mxpx    -calm my craze
get dead    -silence
huttch    -malden hill
huttch    -100 years
maked intruder    -beyond a shadow of a doubt
gawker    -adult acne
gawker    -peeping tommy boy
gawker    -toe ring
gawker    -spoiled rotton
gawker    -chongo
gawker    -my only pants
hesitation wounds    -operatic
the so so glos    -going out swingin
the so so glos    -down the tubes
western settings-    wonderful multiple episodes