Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 19th edition of The Best Show Ever and March 20th All Ash show now up!

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or stream it here

the setlist:
no omega- a man reprieved
cheap drugs -not in my face
snareset -break it down
pro-pain -party in paris(uk subs)
beowulf -diplomatic immunity(GBH)
peter pan speedrock- new rose(damned)
old wounds -bitter days
old wounds- thethievesweknew
old wounds -unspoken
set it back- here and now
after the fall -unkind
old gray- wolves
junior battles- believe it or not, george isn't at home
previous tenants- previous lives
uncommonmenfrommars- comprehensive guide
inside riot- johnny
inside riot- extreme cheddar
burner- the act of seeing with one's own eyes
todos caeran- perdidto street station
polina -monroe is a hole
blue cross -here with a bullet
out of hope- ashes
stigma- average man
vestiges- III
buried inside- time as commodity

Download the March 20th edition of I Was Young in the 90s ALL ASH edition here:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 12 edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

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find it here:
or stream it here

The setlist:
cookie mongoloid- one of these thing
the mongoloids- did you figure out an anthem
the mongoloids- nobility
blind of 69- detached
story so far -right here
dwelling -promises
hanson brothers -the hockey song
ac4- curva
ac4- die like a dog
ac4- burn the world
the coltranes -grease spot
the coltranes -verklempt
pleasure leftists -not over
sect- warborn
comadre- storyteller
foxmoulder- tesslyn
falsehood -militant swine
vacant eyes- frozen
vacant eyes -the sea dried up
get bent- into-radical view
grump- imminent promotion
grump- devils agenda
ken mode- the terror pulse
ken mode -secret vasectomy
ken mode- counter culture complex
treacherouskin- smother earth
milanku- inhibition
 And here's the march 13th edition of I Was Young in the 90s:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 5th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download it here:
or find it here:
or stream it here

 The Setlist:
texas is the reason -when rock'n' roll was just a baby
thousand young- you can't choose
the mad murdocks- poison control
orphan choir- red channels
booze cruise- I said light cream, not light on the cream cheese
bet your live -now with 50 percent less fuck ups
iron reagan- I predict the death of harold camping
iron reagan- rats in a cage
iron reagan- midlothian murder mile
over the top- summer ahn!
neck deep -tables turned
babies three- rime of the ancient marionette
the exquisites- habit to be
sugar stems- make up your mind
painted wolves- poisoned words
queef -seen to be sceen
rumspringer- …and it'll be a while
depressing- healer
terminal crisis- bored 2 death
terminal crisis -fight-die
complete failure- the unlove overhue
the last stand -opportunities lost and found
crow eater- health
crow eater- breathe and refuse
this is hell- walking abominations
do no harm- unwilling to die
the measure of- one phrase

And check out the latest episode of I Was Young in the 90s here:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Feb 26th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Also the annual CJAM Jammie awards are coming up so make sure you vote for your favourite shows at www.cjam.ca ,  I'll be in a few categories this time so keep a lookout on the ballot for:
Best Show Ever
I Was Young in the 90s
Joe Mcgregor's Horror Stories
Joe Strummer Day

download the show here:
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist:
gateway district old wild hearts
greys carjack
greys drag
drones shells fall, pins pulled
hoosier poet all these cinders vol 2
rvivr big lie
rvivr the hunger suite i. go away
stinky smelly nevada test site
stinky smelly bubba's rubbage yard
swingin utters brains
swingin utters greener grass
swingin utters temporary contemporary
the arrivals sold short
the ateries king of shit
the new threat IOU
guttermouth runner up
waxahatchee misery over dispute
young canadians automan
young canadians where are you
rah pleasure and pain
dawnbringer silence in waves
wrathcobra sanctuary burning
the acacia strain global warming
eraserhead lifejacked
shai hulud the mean spirits
shai hulud thing the adder benign
balance and composure you can't fix me

And here is the Feb 27th edition of I Was Young in the 90s: