Tuesday, February 28, 2012

feb 21st edition now up!

here's the download:
If that doesn't work try these:

Soon I'll be able to get these up on Itunes as well as a subscription podcast

Here's the setlist
forrester- trent bridge
great apes- class(war room)
june and july- new hedonists
lowtalker -eulogy
tightrope- quandary
carry yourself- the intention is there
lucero- like lightning
signals midwest- milk crate
sidekicks -daisy
sidekicks -peacock
sidekicks- the whale and jonah
sparky's revenge- of all broken things
buildings- rainboat
they stay dead- transmission
naughty girls -full time job
paul blest- 3.25.10
thor and pulling teeth- lightning strikes
disobey- making that funny smile
withdrawl- burning inside
troubled minds- hoax
troubled minds -payback
man vs humanity- abyssia
everything went black- gods of atlantis
our last crusade- kingdom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feb 14th episode now up!

the download:
if that doesn't work try these

and the setlist:
anthrax- new noise
every time I die- underwater bimbos from outer space
useless Id- live or die
useless Id- somewhere
caleb lionheart- anchor grill
sex church- dull light
sex church- garbage in the grass
omegas- ny terminator
omegas- nazi rules
classics of love- gun show
classics of love- light rail
ceremony- brace yourself
ceremony- repeating the circle
ceremony -community service
atom and his package- pumping iron for enya
french exit- dominoes
crucial dudes- of course I like music. I listen to pantera
lucero- sometimes
Teenage Kicks- the river
silverstien- xon our kneesx
silverstien- good intentions
silverstien- gotta stay positive
by a thread- between the takes
shang a lang- waiting for the end
copyrights- straight to the office
reveling- trust me
bleeding through- deaf ear
the luck ones -summer in the streets
the life and times -day six

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

two new shows

Jan 31st edition
the download:

the setlist:
the casting out- quixote's last ride
nada surf -when I was young
ceremony -hysteria
shared arms- dead in 11
ivs- the plague
ivs- extinction
no trigger- checkmate
gnarwolves- clorine in the jean pule
cheap girls- ruby
real friends- keep it together
direct effect- lazy boy
letters organize- costume in the corner
voodoo glow skulls- unlucky bastard
the menzingers- gates
the menzingers- mexican guitars
the menzingers- I can't seem to tell
army of moliere- breathing exercise
to an end- floors and ceilings
lord snow- natural order
complaints- no action
brutal truth- heart and soul
brutal truth- living with ghosts
kids carry germs -a haunting of memory
enforcers- black sheep
enforcers- grievance
hit the switch- retroactive
die antwoord- fatty boom boom

feb 7th edition
the download
the setlist:
the exploited- violent society
epoxies- radiation
dag nasty- I've heard
riptides- stranger in the house
the explosion -channels
youth brigade- sick
mad cowboys- chewin cud
citizen fish- will swap
maximum r n r- trust us
total chaos- complete control
american nothing- depression
randy- my heart my enemy
another- joe speed stick
another- joe namor
TS & the Past Haunts- lets be lazy
TS & the Past Haunts- circumstance
TS & the Past Haunts- heaven in your hair
piebald- the stalker
piebald- the monkey versus the robot
hope -suck factory
the wolfnote- liars in love
banner pilot- calling station
glassjaw- pretty lush
counterparts- the constant
fucked up- carried out to sea
scarlet- obsolete
scarlet- swarm manifesto
vision- the mirror
since by man- a kid who tells on another kids is a dead kid
envy chain- wandering deeply

if the above download links don't work check out these: