Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 22nd episode is now up!

Best Show Ever March 22nd 

The Setlist:
the falcon    -dead rose
we were sharks    -moving forward
river oaks    -let you down
river oaks    -roman candle
problem daughter    -alda small things
problem daughter    -like a dog
mind spiders    -no filter
mind spiders    -running
mind spiders    -split in two
odonis odonis    -angus mountain
odonis odonis    -tension
odonis odonis-    are we friends
half read    -darkness
half read    -no system
whip kisser    -disco
whip kisser    -horses 2
exit 17    -holy text
exit 17    -rights
tsunami bomb    -obligation
tsunami bomb    -marionette
shellshag    -protect the flower
shellshag    -blowing it
eyehategod    -the liar's psalm
bl'ast    -cut your teeth
ghost bath    -golden number

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 15th episode is now up!

Download the show here

The Best Show Ever March 15th

 The setlist:

nerf herder    -the girl who listened to rush
attention    -writing letters
titus andronicus    -no future
chumped    -not the one
woolworm    -two awful truths
boids    -human bomb
boids    -mole people
boids    -gogama
somos    -room full of people
somos    -lifted from the current
la sera    -high notes
la sera    -I need an angel
disasterbaters    -get you off my mind
disasterbaters    -searchin
disasterbaters    -waste of time
dead by forty-    gauge
dead by forty    -sotally tober
sensory deprivation    -self degrading plan
sensory deprivation    -voynich
weatherstate-    the world has got it in for you
weatherstate-    sofability
saintly rows    -mara
saintly rows    -the vine that ate the south
cloaca    -teenage conservatives
cloaca    -lurkers
cloaca    -fight to deny
mdc    -chicken squawk
mdc    -the end of everything

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 8th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever March 8

 The Setlist
greys    -no star
praise    -makes no sense
nonpareil    -blood cockles and gutter oil
mimisiku    -the hand strikes and gives a flower
black black black    -I got scabies
chandeli'ers    -gabrielle
face to face    -bent but not broken
face to face    -see if I care
face to face    -keep your chin up
dopamines    -quality of armor
dopamines    -dave wipfler
tragic hearts-    porcelain
tragic hearts-    should have been you
yeah bud!!!    -wast my daze
yeah bud!!!    -insufficient fun
yeah bud!!!-    teen stash
mansbridge    -the pbr cologne
mansbridge-    right from the start
fuck you idiot-    right way
fuck you idiot-    make me
no nipples    -ella me quiere matar
no nipples    -loca por mi
terrible love    -change nothing
terrible love    -stone in me
avulsions    -the end
avulsions    -virus

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 1st show is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever mar 1st

The Setlist:
hamilton the musical-    non-stop
hamilton the musical-    helpless
plague vendor    -isua
the helltons    -we're dead!
birthday candles    -bury this illusion
dirty nil    -no weaknessess
dirty nil    -friends in the sky
dirty nil    -bury me at the rodeo
silver snakes    -electricity
silver snakes    -devotion
good things    -wall to wall
good things    -500 hands
good things    -snowman
tv freaks-    ebb and flow
tv freaks-    night and day
tv freaks    -pick my brain
save ends    -a life they wrote
save ends    -skeptical sons_curious daughters
distractions    -break the wrist
distractions    -all for love
milk teeth    -swear jar (again)
milk teeth    -leona
smalltalk    -indecipherable
smalltalk    -fountain of you

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feb 23rd episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best show Ever feb 23/16

 And here's the setlist
pup    -dvp
allout helter    -the motesharrei report
allout helter    -zealots
phenomenauts-    I'm with neil
phenomenauts    -every day is science day
two tens-    sweet as pie
two tens-    care at all
boss' daughter-    something about nothing
boss' daughter    -married at thirty
boss' daughter    -stupid chords, stupid words, stupid song
like pacific    -22a
like pacific    -dim
like pacific    -scarred
not half bad    -three things that aren't jackie chan
not half bad    -comfortable. Tired
reminder    -head over heels
reminder    -bean (gone for so long)
caddywhompus    -stuck
tare-    sonk it into forth
ex-breathers-    stand still
wastoids    -little bags
wastoids    -end of the tracks
tempest    -sunless year
tempest-    the night remains
lionheart    -witness