Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 1st show is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever mar 1st

The Setlist:
hamilton the musical-    non-stop
hamilton the musical-    helpless
plague vendor    -isua
the helltons    -we're dead!
birthday candles    -bury this illusion
dirty nil    -no weaknessess
dirty nil    -friends in the sky
dirty nil    -bury me at the rodeo
silver snakes    -electricity
silver snakes    -devotion
good things    -wall to wall
good things    -500 hands
good things    -snowman
tv freaks-    ebb and flow
tv freaks-    night and day
tv freaks    -pick my brain
save ends    -a life they wrote
save ends    -skeptical sons_curious daughters
distractions    -break the wrist
distractions    -all for love
milk teeth    -swear jar (again)
milk teeth    -leona
smalltalk    -indecipherable
smalltalk    -fountain of you

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