Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 18th episode is up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Oct 18

The Setlist:
 nancy    -(me) and the boys
nancy    -(get the) revvup
nancy    -(I wish I was) albino
raincheck    -fresh start
raincheck    -overflow
joyce manor-eighteen
joyce manor    -last you heard of me
joyce manor    -this song is a mess but so am i
microwave    -lighterless
microwave    -drown
debeli precjednik    -surrender now
debeli precjednik    -zbogom svi
masinko    -monumentalna
bare teeth    -always rail
bare teeth    -these towns need guns
dirty outs    -bismarck
dirty outs    -ghosted
thirty helens    -whom say ye that I am
thirty helens-    help me get the lid off
pure pressure    -good mental health, seattle
pure pressure    -7000 miles-24 states
pure pressure    -open case
pure pressure    -searching
ken mode    -the german businessman
ken mode    -let's get divorced
marusya    -exodium
marusya    -liberte - egalite- fraternite

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 11th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Oct 11

The setlist:

 helmet    -bad news
red fang    -cut it short
red fang-    I am a ghost
balance and composure    -mediocre love
balance and composure    -loam
nofx    -oxy moronic
nofx-    dead beat mom
nofx-    bye bye biopsy girl
dog party    -til you're mine
dog party    -and I did
night birds    -demon haunted world
night birds    -born of man and woman
jerry bullets    -entertainment
jerry bullets    -el ray
jerry bullets    -sleeping state
fragment    -polution cycle
fragment    -abandoned, surrounded
fragment    -warfare
fragment    -old tyrants
fragment    -bad minds
fragment    -slow death
lipstick homicide-    how much more
dan vapid and the cheats-    lust to love
the blast!    -vacation
beach creep-    peas and lentils
beach creep    -sprout
alcest    -kodama

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 4th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever oct 4th

The setlist:
menzingers -   lookers
signals midwest-    alchemy hour
signals midwest-    song for ana
great apes  -  california heart
great apes   - shut in with the burden
every time I die -   fear and trembling
every time I die -   map change
every time I die-    it remembers
leggy  -  bruises
leggy  -  even lana
punchline 13  -  you don't
punchline 13  -  sitting on a star
bussieres   - orange glow
bussieres   - those far but not forgotten
turnstile   -come back for more
turnstile  -  move thru me
ink bomb  -  survey says
ink bomb -   eisenhower
brutal youth  -  denial
brutal youth  -  chlorine
brutal youth   - sandpit
brutal youth   - depression
brutal youth  -  todd serious
out in style   - another bottle
out in style   - won't stay
out in style   - at the sanitorium
lost in society  -  generation why
lost in society  -  second chances

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sept 7th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here
Best Show Ever Sept 27

The Setlist:
implants    -desperation
implants    -all for nothing
call to reason    -blackjack
call to reason    -summer
gloomy glimmers    -master key
gloomy glimmers    -young at heart
touche amore    -new halloween
touche amore    -palm dreams
touche amore    -water damage
partner    -hot knives
partner    -the 'ellen' page
vcr    -murder city rules
vcr    -intro
vcr    -murder city music
vcr    -new shoes
vcr    -how low can a punk get
vcr    -r.i.p. sportsboy
clobber    --britun first
cut up    -daybreak
cut up    -3 weeks
negative    -3 minutes to midnight
negative-    to die in outer space
triage    -secret war
triage    -white eyes
triage    -dystopic scene
scab eater    -mind trench
scab eater    -lines drawn in blood
crutch-    just another cop
crutch    -pulse
crutch    -constant pressure
iskra    -aegis of the victor
iskra    -predator drone mq-1