Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The best show ever Nov 19th edition is now up!

Stream it here
or find it here
or download the mp3 here

 the setlist:
reggie and the full effect -super croc vs mega doosh 
reggie and the full effect- dmv featuring common denominator
 jetty boys -save me from myself 
jetty boys- abandon shp 
teenage x -crushing memories 
teenage x- take it 
polar bear club -chicago spring 
polar bear club- for show
polar bear club -twang (blister to burn) 
12xu- salut les jeunes 
12xu -demi-talents 
12xu -le temps qui passe 
teenage bottlerocket- ich bin auslander und spreche 
teenage bottlerocket -via munich 
curbside- 54 queen st. south 
curbside- side effects 
fullcount- no way out 
deep pockets- stanley street justice 
deep pockets- neither of those are mine 
death mercedes -on the offensive 
death mercedes- kamikaze 
pretty mouth -eyes 
pretty mouth -zounds 
depressing- updater 
rape revenge -donor's list 
rape revenge-herbivore 
bamboo diet- antracite 
bamboo diet -writhe 
less than jake -good enough

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 12th edition is now up!

Listen to it here
or download the show as an mp3 here
or find it here

 The setlist
the broken circle breakdown band- if I needed you 
arliss nancy- the gb shuffle 
miracles- coming too close 
karina denike- biggest lie 
the flatliners- fireball 
kevin devine and the god damn band- fiscal cliff
swearin' -dust in the gold sack 
swearin' -echo locate
swearin'- unwanted place 
violent soho- fur eyes 
signals midwest- a room called yours 
signals midwest- st vincent charity
bouncing souls- burn after writing 
menzingers- the shakes 
teen agers -punches 
teen agers -float 
sainthood reps- the last place I left you 
sainthood reps- rapture addict
biipiigwan-democrazy and syphilization 
biipiigwan -descamisados 
swarm of spheres- shoot first, ask christian slater 
swarm of spheres -crust punk with a weekly allowance
white slaves- cocaine exhibition 
white slaves- ay caramba! Bart simpson 
white slaves- dystopian subculture

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 29th edition is now up! Godzilla show!

Stream it here
download it in mp3 form here:
 or just find it here:

 The setlist:
akira ifukube- godzilla's rampage 
unsane- only pain 

black cougar shock unit -godzilla tripwire 
first highland watch -godzilla 
the saskatones- godzilla 
godflesh- mothra 
the saskatones- mothra
the lizards -ghidorah
the saskatones- king ghidorah 
buckethead- mecha gigan 
the saskatones- gigan 
the saskatones -anguirus 
the saskatones -destroyah 
the saskatones -rodan 
michael nesmith- rodan 
the saskatones -space godzilla
the saskatones -mecha godzilla 
nohopekids- fizzocalypse vs mechagodzilla 
hedorah- hivemind 
tiltwheel -manilla
seo taiji-ultramania 
frank zappa- gorgo 
baader brains- pulgasari 
the nematoads- jet jaguar 
off -king kong brigade 
tijuana bibles- it's gamera 
man or astro-man? -gargantua's last stand 
groovie ghoulies- hat's off to you(godzilla) 
97a -gojira 
gojira -the heaviest matter of the universe