Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 29th edition is now up! Godzilla show!

Stream it here
download it in mp3 form here:
 or just find it here:

 The setlist:
akira ifukube- godzilla's rampage 
unsane- only pain 

black cougar shock unit -godzilla tripwire 
first highland watch -godzilla 
the saskatones- godzilla 
godflesh- mothra 
the saskatones- mothra
the lizards -ghidorah
the saskatones- king ghidorah 
buckethead- mecha gigan 
the saskatones- gigan 
the saskatones -anguirus 
the saskatones -destroyah 
the saskatones -rodan 
michael nesmith- rodan 
the saskatones -space godzilla
the saskatones -mecha godzilla 
nohopekids- fizzocalypse vs mechagodzilla 
hedorah- hivemind 
tiltwheel -manilla
seo taiji-ultramania 
frank zappa- gorgo 
baader brains- pulgasari 
the nematoads- jet jaguar 
off -king kong brigade 
tijuana bibles- it's gamera 
man or astro-man? -gargantua's last stand 
groovie ghoulies- hat's off to you(godzilla) 
97a -gojira 
gojira -the heaviest matter of the universe

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