Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back on the ball

New show up! Album feature from the new Sass Dragons record and how to play mafia by David Cross. Check it out here:
and setlist:
big kids -parents are still a handful
crash and the kids -I'm so sad, so very, very sad
crash and the kids- we hate you, please die
sass dragons- your turn cop
sass dragons- himalayan salt
sass dragons- 8 or 9 on a bike
year zero- the great debate
year zero- my head
the estranged -faces stare
achigan -la cage
achigan -participier au chaos
david cross -how to play mafia
bad religion -man with a mission
hot graves- yesterday
bad religion- devil in stitches
erics trip -we're only gonna die
villanovans- drive me
underdogs -mom and dad
the willkills -rough times ahead
dead mechanical- watchpost
miles away -rain eyes
stick to your guns- amber
heads held high- refurbished kids
undertaker- nature's eyes
in bear county -the name's ash

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 new shows including album features from Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Hewhocannotbenamed, and Broadcast Zero

aug 10th
rumspringer -with a hint of lyme
bars of gold -the hustle
death in the park- fallen
new years day- you'll only make it worse
into it over it -clocked out
kids on fire- shotgun
white lung- it's the evil
ghost robot ninja bear- one pedal to another
go rydell -a little too raph
senders- near freeport
personal and the pizzas- pepperoni eyes
marvelous darlings- teenage targets
marvelous darlings- lagoons
detentions -problem solved
detentions -ain't so bad in the suburbs
government- acute angles
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -horrormovie addict
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -mondo video
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- shock rock romance
envy -dreams coming to an end
modern problems -popularity contest
modern problems- quality control
modern problems- popularity contest
mouth sewn shut- assassinate
crippled fox- no thanks!
cursed -anti hero resuscitator
cursed- into the hive
tideland- devil behind doors

august 17th
the promise ring- jersey shore
hewhocannotbenamed -motorboating
hewhocannotbenamed -bill vs the gnomes
hewhocannotbenamed -daddy is dead
a death in the family -lion hearted
the greek favorites- 11 11 11
blatz -I don't care about you
direct action- liberty
direct action -angels
the curse -switchblade love
the nukes- heart in rags
complete -so long
broadcast zero- wake me up
broadcast zero- just entertainment
broadcast zero -nowhere to go
hex dispensers- I'm a ghost
no friends -armed to the teeth
circle pit- shallow graves
before braille- unfit
swingin utters- brand new lungs
nofx- I've become a cliché
propagandhi -leg hold trap
the hives -nasty secrets
the love below- some of us have real problems
at our heels -graves
frenetics -bullpen
frenetics -plastic surgeon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tried this once already

but it didn't take. so here's a huge update of downloads and setlists

best show ever july 27th warped tour special
the setlist:
alkaline trio- do you wanna know
AM taxi- shake rattle and stall
dose of adolescence- 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning
the swellers -bottles
far from finished- dusty shelves
flatfoot 56- son of shame
left alone- my whole life
casualties- no turning back
riverboat gamblers- sleepless
fight fair -party girls
artist vs poet- runaway
we the kings -check yes juliet
hey Monday -set off
fake problems- tabernacle song
gardening not architecture- jabberwocky
passafire- barcelona
set your goals- like you to me
face to face- AOK
reel big fish- she has a girlfriend now
pennywise- brag, exagerate and lie
andrew WK- we want fun
everytime I die- shallow water blackout
suicide silence- the fallen
the pretty reckless- make me wanna die

steel belted radio july 27th edition\
the setlist:
the reckless sweethearts- take me with you
goodnight lovin- ain't it weird
minnesota's calling- whiskey nights
500 miles to memphis- broken busted bloody
saddlesores- redneck punk
saddlesores- mexican showdown
lucero -I'll just fall
sarah harmer- the marble in your eye
laura stevenson- baby bones
ninja gun- time and a half
the vandals- susanville
james mcmurtry- vague directions
the reckoners- too tough to love
greenland is melting- from city to town
micah schnabel -stage lights
arliss nancy- rust
foundation- begging to bleed

august 3rd edition of the best show ever
the setlist:
faty maty and the yellowbelts -welcome to the mike show
blurt- epic
hard to say- in a space of 3 weeks
fucked up -davids plan
out of fate- (…)
lungs- forever 84
tianamen squares- emo kids
ac4- useless alibi
the black ink- romeo's ladder
powerpoint- what's the point (power point)
glass dog -glass dog forever
converge- on my shield
contrabandit- the prince
gravemaker- sever thy head
spazms- harriss-y
rufio- gold and silver
burning love- money shots
visitors- egypt
chuck norris- pick up your skate
comeback kid- balance
comeback kid- pull back the reins
comeback kid- because of all the things you say
fast offensive- techno sux
fast offensive- hong kong fu fu
frontier(s) -von veneer
pillow fights- get outta here
rain over battle- the carry over