Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 13th episode is now up!

I met Joey Lauren Adams, one of my favourite actresses at the Motor City Comic Con the other day.  Just bragging.
stream the show here
download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist
settlefish- breeze 
white lung- snake jaw 
torches to triggers- dracula's handy 
torches to triggers- expect revolution 
hate it too- blistering lights 
hate it too- highway twenty 
bane- all the way through 
bane- calling hours 
bane- final backward glance 
jon creeden- tired 
prosimii- this life hates you 
girl arm- bad tax advice 
the connection- first time 
the connection- don't talk to my baby 
get involved!- apathy 
get involved!- let your guard down 
mad caddies- back to the bed 
mad caddies- little town 
the hotelier- in framing 
the hotelier- your deep rest 
scouts- evelyn 
scouts- simmer 
the faint -dress code 
the faint -your stranger

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 6th edition is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or find it here
or stream it here

Here's the setlist
catharsis- duende 
red animal war- when fat pigs fly 
fucked up- led by hand 
attack in black- hologen ambush 
metz- automat 
on- more than a sound 
propagandhi- devils creek 
abominable iron sloth- mongoroid 
the progress- straight shot from st louis 
park- clue me in 
a death in the family- structures the 
vandals- heigh-ho the 
bouncing souls- this guest 
dwarves- we only came to get high 
gamits- the well 
stormshadow party for self defence- the union song 
ceremony- the pathos 
the explosion- broken bones 
glasses- untitled 
unwelcome guests- just the one 
blake- straight ahead to ferrara 
shared arms- weary 
shared arms- both hands 
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.- hocus stokus the
 killingtons- all my best friends are vampires

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 29th edition is now up!

 Stream it here
 or download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist
screaming females- ancient civilization 
veruca salt- the museum of broken relationships 
veruca salt- it's holy 
daydreaming- ruined 
daydreaming- black dust bones 
robots! Everywhere!- zombie smoothie 
robots! Everywhere!- g's in dresses 
tiny empires- air conditioning, full blast 
tiny empires- what's the plan, phil? 
tiny empires- wide open spaces 
cloud nothings- psychic trauma 
cloud nothings- pattern walks 
grave new world- rat city 
nous etions- leviathan 
nous etions- blue et violet 
iselia- footfalls