Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 21st all Canadian Edition is now up!

Download the show here:
 Best Show Ever July 21
The setlist:
shared arms- new waves
ancient heads -for my brothers
dead ranch -unipolar
girl arm -her hands
heisenbeards -under the bridge
 my man -graft vs host
rosewater -bayleaf
 teenage x -yesterday's makeup
coneheads -lizard lady (residents)
teledrome -blood dips
stuck out here -dreaming of your etcetera
the vindictives -nightmare man
the peter parkers- serpicos gotta go
 thousand young -call off the arms race
tv freaks -phone
contrabandit -optimus crime
selfmademan -he did everything right except one thing
barrier -mood organ
doughboys -the forecast
rad affair -moving backwards
 party at the moontower -y'al hear this fucker's mom pulled a shotgun on my ass?
 last communion -girl who lives on heaven hill
by a thread -walkway
mi amore -pledonexia
hope -mostly filled with
veruca salt -eyes on you
veruca salt -love you less

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Warped Tour episode is now up!

Here's all of the good to decent bands on this years Warped Tour on July 24th at the Palace of Auburn Hills

 Download the mp3 here
 July 14th Best Show Ever Warped episode

Here's the setlist:
the wonder years -and now I'm nothing 
man overboard -borderline 
carousel kings -chameleon 
transit -dear anyone 
handguns -highway robbery 
major league -kaleidoscopes 
candy hearts- asbury park 
neck deep -say what you want 
trophy eyes -ugly pattern 
knuckle puck- no good
 the kenneths -k.e.n.n.e.t.h.s 
moose blood -boston 
citizen- ten 
koji -shift 
grey gordon -to impart a little wisdom 
lee corey oswald- blisters 
onward,etc -pass the bottle 
mod sun -1970 
mc lars -flow like poe 
silverstein -it's my job to keep punk rock elite 
dirty nil -wrestle you to husker du
 pup -back against the wall 
seaway -deferral 68 -r 
rotting out -eyes wide 
hundredth -free mind 
being as an ocean -nothing, save the power they're given
 fit for a king -imposter

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 7th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever July 7th

The setlist:

drakulas -spinal chords 
mutoid man -bridge burner 
mutoid man -soft spot in my skull 
radioactivity -stripped away 
radioactivity -no connection 
man overboard -cliffhanger 
man overboard -deal 
man overboard -a love that I can't have 
working poor -usa headcase 
working poor- usa the stand 
fools rush -rock and coll
 fools rush -sad cowboy
 gulfer -bloody looking 
gulfer -getting hit by parked cars
 royal psalms -anything
 royal psalms -constants 
oh my snare -hearken unto my behest, biatch, for thou has boobies 
oh my snare -if you smell flowers, look around for the coffin 
owen -anchor
 into it over it -poor souls 
safe to say -nothing gold 
safe to say -bed ridden
 safe to say -funeral 
post script -right for me 
post script -who's to blame 
koszmar -ostatnia szarza 
koszmar- wieczny plomien 
koszmar -zmuszony do zycia 
mischief brew -two nickles
 mischief brew -danger falling pianos

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 30th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here
june 30th best show ever

The setlist:
failure -a.m. amnesia 
trade your children -trade your children
 trade your children -intellectual intercourse 
stepbrothers -pizza this is the place games
 stepbrothers- friends don't let friends have friends 
hit the lights -the real
 hit the lights- blasphemy, myself and i 
refused -dawkins christ 
refused -servants of death 
refused -thought is blood 
posers -coppin in camden 
posers -nothing 
screeching weasel -attention! 
screeching weasel -I'm a lonesome wolf 
sorority noise -art school wannabe 
sorority noise -mononokay
 the little millionaires -the lime and pepper scrape
 tiger bell -german boy 
tiger bell -manna manna 
ulysses and the siren -karma eater 
wasted potential -bingo arms 
wasted potential -cumlords 
wasted potential -robert munsch's coke habit 
wasted potential -sleeveless in seattle 
chain rank -social climber 
chain rank -power hungry 
ken mode -the owl 
ken mode -dead actors