Thursday, December 31, 2009

december 29th show

listen to it here
and here is the setlist:
arliss nancy- rust
the cute lepers- some hits hurt harder
debaser- we have a lot in common you and I
reaction- the kids arrived
torture the artist -vanessa
dillinger mob- say it ain't so
hex dispensers -the mutiny
fuzz 58- sarcasm
golden girls- teenage rape fantasy
rubber girlfriend -queen of the neighborhood
strike anywhere -spectacular
ak47- prison house of nations
utopia now- science
moaning lisas- lurking in the dark
punch- right of way
black market fruit flies- lifer
spits -life in a van
daddy's hand- I hate z pank
evening rig- how does she do it
sector 7- honest liar
whaleface -get that sign out of my face
malchiks- get over me
onion flavored rings- funny
disassociate from man- savages
C. Aarme- blodet
jr battles -decades
flipper- be good child
blundermen- chaos
pregnant- god is nein
bound to fall- cause for thought
legendary san diego chargers -things are pretty fucked
lager lads -aggro nights
dig it up- oh no
26 letter prison- 5:39
constantines- credit river
chuck norris- pick up your skate
door luck -Saturday night live
after all- don't give up
x-large- his life
gone too far- should I
seized- the drowning
never too late- mistrust
the vanishers -4 am

Sunday, December 27, 2009

december 22 christmas show!

listen to the show here:
and here is the setlist:
kevin devine- slitting up christmas
pansy division- homo christmas
throwdown- jingle bell rock
murphy's law- santas got a brand new bag
peter and the test tube babies -I'm getting pissed for christmas
jimmy eat world- christmas card
hot rod circuit- happy xmas
the ravers -punk rock christmas
the automatics- step into christmas
sloppy seconds- hooray for santy clause
impact- punk christmas
culturecide- depressed christmas
dickies- silent night
wards- santa's cadillac
clap- christmas in a body bag
the locust- pulling the christmas pig by the ears
abrosranie bogum- shit xmas mince pie metal poser obliteration
humpers- run run rudolph
dashboard confessional- the only gift that I need
the vandals -gun for christmas
born against- xmas eve
deftones- christmas
bomb the music industry- pizza claus is coming to town
the vindictives- nuttin for christmas
showcase showdown- merry christmas, I fucked your snowman
mojo nixon- christmas christmas
the damned- there ain't no santy claus
D I- mr grinch
jetty boys -reflectors
voodoo glow skulls -feliz navidad
easy-e merry- muthafuckin x-mas

long delayed december 15th edition of the best show ever

listen to the show here
here is the setlist:
the riot before- take that, the government
tim- useless life
the helm- unum sanctum
cruel hand- damaged goods
new enemy- tim horton hears a who
dbs- aspirations
ux vileheads- ok mutations
the epidemics- bloodstains
detournement- revolution
timeshares- chinese coffy torture
hour of the wolf- cowards and critics
olehole- monuments of motion
crownhate -ruin better still if they don't know
something corporate- ruthless
carpenter- you can't keep a good man down
weakerthans- anchorless
mark lind and the unloved- the world is fucked
fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
yesterdays ring -punx not dead
cooper- right now
swing ding amigos- sweet gene
tattle tales- please sign here
alcoholics unanimous- santa claus dwi
swellers- immunity
real mckenzies- loch lamond
one man army -victoria
red collar radio- on
fucked up- do they know it's christmas
dragbody-kill the dogs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dec 8th show. a tribute to the gorilla biscuits

here is the show
and here is the setlist:
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower- reichstag rock
skankin pickle- start today
die young- degradation
the fight- first failure
products of waste- big mouth
what happens next -stand still
defiance ohio- the things we say
new found glory- no reason why
wallride- new direction
LxExAxRxNx- good intentions
raised fist- new direction
youth of today- better than you
set your goals- forgotten
buzzcocks- sitting round the home
pointing finger- high hopes
gorilla biscuits- as one
civ- sausages?
good clean fun- on the streets
death is not glamorous- for keeps
fluf- sticky buns
dayglo abortions- proud to be a canadian
the daily times- suburbia is burning
the roman line- talbot and inkerman
the fits- sailing to hell
mariachi el bronx- slave labor
the james t kirks- stingray #1
crash kills- it's always there
against time- I ask myself
billy and the lost boys- reprise refrain
atm- fight
big trouble in little china- end of the world sex party
murder city devils- lemuria rising
prizzy prizzy please- too many t-shirts
new lease- that's it that's all
burning love -demo track 3
ac4- the same fight
francophones- fzeron

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 1st edition of the best show ever

download it here
here is the setlist:
the jealous sound- anxious arms
rome romeo- the heater
waxwing -g
the 'tone- queen of the shoplifters
emergency- what you gonna do?
mustard plug- the freshman
corporation- toxic world
retreads- misery
hives- uptempo venomous poison
red lights flash- divinity needs poverty
kover- w/o
12xu- terre d' innocus
narcoleptic youth- pull the trigger
wayfarer- black cadillac
the business- smash the discos
be my doppleganger- get in line
layaway plan- magnet
ergs- I'll trash you when you think of me
the measure (sa)- don't fuck this up
tiny hawks- four days after ariel was shot
complete- so long
hippos- thinking
house boat- my guts have shit for brains
A.I.D.-the consequence of your greed
deville- Idle but deadly
spread the disease- responding to the current lack of heat
letters organize- a book for dummies
flatliners- filthy habits
despair- kill
shai hulud- lost cause
skarhead- where are you
crane- half united