Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best show ever may 22nd edition is now up!  download it here:
the setlist:
fullblast -drink it I'm jesus
youth brigade- no tears for you
the fear -the bitter taste
failsafe -sleepwalkers
stalwart sons -northern lights
stalwart sons- wisdom teeth
everyone everywhere -chesterfield
everyone everywhere -it's cool but shared arms already did it
shared arms -father of all bombs
toys that kill -abort me mother earth
toys that kill -stye
toys that kill -cold boys
rations- a war of all against all
bayonettes- let it go
teenage bottlerocket- ice age
teenage bottlerocket -walked in line
mixtapes -even on the worst nights
mixtapes- p.e.t.s.o.u.n.d.s.
nofx- she didn't lose a baby
riverboat gamblers- soliloquy
riverboat gamblers- eviction notice
bad biology- blood beach
knees -sex triumph
birds in a row -words of astaroth
bankrobber- extinction
bankrobber- downfall
women in tragedy- assurance
unsane -rat
unsane -no chance

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best Show Ever may 17th edition is now up!
download it at these places:

 The setlist:
shook ones -merriweather post pavillion
silent movie- type she says
silent movie -type tv on mute
big eyes- I don't care about Friday night
four eyes- carol stream
land mammal- yellow rooms
total trash- no freedom
teenage kicks -setting son
quiet steps- accept decline
red collar -orphanage
red collar- fade into the night
red collar- welcome home
hot water music- mainline
hot water music- drown in it
hot water music- the traps
buildings- strange sleep
the flex- excess
foxmoulder- neutral
foxmoulder- absurd
swarm of spheres- hiv for vendetta
swarm of spheres- ham smuggler vs the vegan
great reversals- the fire
baroness- the sweetest curse
midnight souls -model behaviour 101
the great disappointment -truck
math the band- everybody loves a puzzel
math the band -four to six
math the band- brand new physics

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best show ever may 8th edition is now up!
listen to it here

the setlist:
all through a life- fingerprints
hive-s dead quote olympics
gaslight -anthem 45
coffee mug- you are sixteen
griver- graduate
shonen bat- brain montage
bickley- william lester brown III
achigan -fort dans l'faux
teenage x- say what you want
off- wiped out
off- king kong brigade
off- toxic box
thrashington- dc eggraid on mojo
beastie boys- I can't think straight
die toten hosen- rock me amadeus
cope- no sun no son
cope- shells
earth mother- track one
the new yorker- consuming
current- death worship
wolf brigade- hurricane veins
wolf brigade- feed the flames
plus minus- stress
plus minus- progression through ignorance
burning love- karla
wreck and reference- winter
wreck and reference- stage collapse
disappearer -rust dust

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may 1st show now up!
places to listen


big eyes- back from the moon
heathers -what's your damage
chixdiggit- since you got a dog
red collar- this house
mewithoutyou- fox's dream of the log flume
lipstick homicide- bite my tongue
tv freaks- brain/head
tv freaks- I can't win
doomriders- girl you want
sweet cobra- gates of steel
lemuria- cannonballs to hurt
lemuria- varoom allure
dragging the mule- rasbury
huff stuff magazine- rat's off to ya
tierra park- reflections
aeges- southern comfort
set your goals- only right now
damages- superstitious pidgeons
expire- abyss
fat janitor- lizard kissing papa
young and in the way -times are cold
disco assault- can't tell no one
disco assault -crank up the amps
countdown to oblivion- poster children for family values
countdown to oblivion- to an end
youth- senior
unfun -caroline
anti-flag- turn a blind eye
anti-flag- broken bones

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 24th edition now up!
Download it here at these places:

and the setlist:
dan vapid and the cheats- just like cleopatra
pennywise- let us hear your voice
pennywise -we are the fallen
black pacific- living with ghosts
landslider- government town
hunters- canicule
hunters- chasing down the sun
hunters- faux fire, faux gold
nofx- ant attack
hanalei- get gone
state lottery- someone else
moving mountains -ode we will bury ourselves
you slut!- shopping placenta
worthwhile- vagrant
gypsy -cherry picker
git some -wipe the brain
hockey teeth- blind these eyes
hockey teeth- power and control
lancasters- mental breakdown
vilipend- failings for friends
ruined families- basement rats
wreck and reference- nausea
snakes -bystander
no omega- 8 year dream
3 inches of blood- men of fortune