Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best show ever may 22nd edition is now up!  download it here:
the setlist:
fullblast -drink it I'm jesus
youth brigade- no tears for you
the fear -the bitter taste
failsafe -sleepwalkers
stalwart sons -northern lights
stalwart sons- wisdom teeth
everyone everywhere -chesterfield
everyone everywhere -it's cool but shared arms already did it
shared arms -father of all bombs
toys that kill -abort me mother earth
toys that kill -stye
toys that kill -cold boys
rations- a war of all against all
bayonettes- let it go
teenage bottlerocket- ice age
teenage bottlerocket -walked in line
mixtapes -even on the worst nights
mixtapes- p.e.t.s.o.u.n.d.s.
nofx- she didn't lose a baby
riverboat gamblers- soliloquy
riverboat gamblers- eviction notice
bad biology- blood beach
knees -sex triumph
birds in a row -words of astaroth
bankrobber- extinction
bankrobber- downfall
women in tragedy- assurance
unsane -rat
unsane -no chance

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