Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 20th Christmas Episode is now up!

Download the show here

Best Show Ever Christmas 2016

The setlist:

dirty nil    -christmas at my house
vandals    -hang myself from the tree
vandals    -I don't believe in santa clause
vandals    -thanks for nothing
vandals    -my brother is gay
angry snowmans-    bring crosby wrote festive christmas songs
angry snowmans    -christmas spirits dying
angry snowmans    -naught children suck
angry snowmans    -oh santa claus
angry snowmans    -sleigh ride
angry snowmans-    take the tree down
angry snowmans-    toblerone addict
angry snowmans-    we're only gonna buy(for our own christmas lists)
angry snowmans-    festive
nerf herder    -doctor who
zolof the rock and roll destroyer    -this briskness
mystery science theatre 3000    -(lets have) a patrick swayze christmas
misfits    -island of misfit toys
dwarves-    drinking up christmas
mojo nixon    -christmas christmas
crucial youth-    christmas time for the skins
fucked up    -david christmas
elastica    -father christmas
nervosa    guerra- santa
kenny laguna    -home for christmas
lindbergh babies-    atheist xmas
girl in a coma    -I'll be home for christmas
agoraphobic nosebleed    -merry chrystmeth
bloodsucking zombies from outer space    -merry xmas everybody
wintersleep    -santa fe

Monday, December 26, 2016

Best Movies of 2016

Obviously these are my opinion and I haven't seen everything I'd like to so please hold these against me.  I also didn't add The Revenant because it won a ton of oscars last year and really doesn't need more exposure.  These are in no particular order.  Click on the film titles for the trailers.


The Invitation (You should just watch this one without viewing the trailer)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 6th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Dec 6

The Setlist:
the gamits    -the kgb are still looking for me
extroverts    -government girls
superweaks    -heavy dreams
superweaks    -better heavens
mikey erg    -an abundance of julies
anika pyle    -rosie
guttermouth    -spud like torso
guttermouth    --new car smell
ate bit    -window pain
ate bit    -moral combat
ate bit    -pool party
neverlearn    -summertime '96
neverlearn    -dead end story
mallot    -teeth
mallot    -watch your back
mallot    -true or false
alienation    -laid off
alienation    -dad body
alienation    -filthy
matty effin morison    -#punchin'
matty effin morison    -prima effin donna
descendents    -days of desperation
descendents    -thinkin'
descendents    -grindstone
descendents    -unchanged
ultrarat    -ultrarat
ultrarat    -insouciance
ultrarat    -vife
ultrarat    -enmerde
vision of disorder    -electric sky
vision of disorder    -nightcrawler
candiria-    the whole world will burn

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Best Show Ever Nov 22nd is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Nov 22 

The Setlist:

 earworms    -superalien coliseum
earworms    -failsafe
letdowns    -intro
wild wing    -still wanna kill
fladderpuck    -molders of tomorrow
omegas-    boom boom
omegas-    machine vs machine
omegas-    system lickers
omegas-    drug zoo
omegas    -splendid blaze
omegas    -dog by day
omegas    -city loser
hi-standard    -nothing to lose
hi-standard    -rain forever
dangers    -the bend in the break
dangers    -loose cigarettes
dangers-    the straight world
mikey erg    -comme si about me
mikey erg    (this is not) the first time
reliever    -scale
reliever    -hunt
vanilla poppers    -pleasure rush
vanilla poppers    -awe wound
bella bombs-    nobody's there
bella bombs    -doubt
gawker    -whippy
gawker    -cruise
gawker    -doo haust
socks for cocks    -office sex has no fx
socks for cocks-    fast fun punks
bass amp and dano    -let's go! (to home depot)
bass amp and dano    -dry county
death hymn number 9    -trainyard boogie
death hymn number 9    -squid attack
kevin devine    -no why
kevin devine    -both ways

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nov 15th episode is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best Show Ever nov 15

The setlist:
spoiler    --turn it off
spoiler    great escape
spoiler    -guncontrolled
scarlet pills    -one day
scarlet pills    -scream loud
continental     -home on the range
continental     -smile
you blew it!    -like myself
you blew it!    -arrowhead
you blew it!    -greenwood
ends meet    -spatial differences
ends meet    -systems
ramona    -over it not over it
ramona    -getting there
lindbergh babies    -cheerleader
lindbergh babies    -come around
lindbergh babies    -sick of you
pedestrian     -pedestrian
pedestrian     -paradise
pedestrian     -renter
pedestrian     -circle
pedestrian     -sink
pedestrian     -comfort
cedron    -done breathing
cedron    -walking gravestones
rig time!    -sick of it
rig time!    -pay to die
helmet    -expect the world
helmet    -drunk in the afternoon

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nov 8th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever nov 8

The Setlist:
joy division    -digital
get up kids    -regret
defeater    -where eagles dare
sketchy    -whiskey and coffee
burnt tapes    -go drunk, you're home
jeff rosenstock    -staring out the window at your old apartment
jeff rosenstock    -festival song
jeff rosenstock    -perfect sound whatever
mute    -black heart
mute    -a love affaire with fire
four stroke    -is that the hand you hit her with?
four stroke    -market punk rock song
still winter hills    -eternal
still winter hills    -the vulture
in heat    -ride
neck    -kelly rippa - I don't go to the movies anymore
neck    -sweet leif
neck    -polymer
tear them down    -gorb
tear them down    -take a walk in my shoes
noi!se    -passing time
noi!se    -the real enemy
down with homework-    tigers of the world
down with homework-    baby ales
dillinger escape plan-    wanting not so much as to
dillinger escape plan    -surrogate

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween Clown show is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Oct 25

green jelly    -stabby the clown
bloodsucking zombies from outer space    -killer klowns from outer space
mesrine-    the clown
who cares?    -the clown brigade
the vibrators-    rock n roll clown
pennywise    -pennywise
pdc-    I am a clown
gacy and the boys    -my old man's a ginger
dickies    -killer klowns from outer space
ted leo    -clowntime is over
boo radleys    -hip clown rag
apathetic ronald mcdonald    -eat fresh, get skinny
clowns for progress    -killing time
clowns-    coulrophobia
stinkaholic    -clown devil
liquido    -clown
lard    -bozo skeleton
nerf herder    -at the con
48 clowns    -never enough
vandals    -clowns are experts at making me laugh
dead kennedys    -rambozo the clown
lawrence arms    -on with the show
riptides    -killer klowns from outer space
nofx    -cokie the clown
baklavaa    -ronald mcdonald's tear soaked confession
atomic lights    -chased through the woods by clowns
elvis costello and the attractions    -clowntime is over
mariachi el bronx-    clown powder

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cjam's pledge drive is wrapping up tomorrow so if you haven't pledged your support yet head over to our grouprev page and make a donation. We are only at 39% of our goal as of noon today. If you don't know why you should be supporting community radio, tune into 99.1fm and we'll tell you why it's a good idea. Lots of stuff to give you as well including gift certificates to Snack Bar bbq, Petes Pipes, Dark Knight Batman and Robin busts, Shirts, Cds, Stickers, Hoodies, etc.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 18th episode is up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Oct 18

The Setlist:
 nancy    -(me) and the boys
nancy    -(get the) revvup
nancy    -(I wish I was) albino
raincheck    -fresh start
raincheck    -overflow
joyce manor-eighteen
joyce manor    -last you heard of me
joyce manor    -this song is a mess but so am i
microwave    -lighterless
microwave    -drown
debeli precjednik    -surrender now
debeli precjednik    -zbogom svi
masinko    -monumentalna
bare teeth    -always rail
bare teeth    -these towns need guns
dirty outs    -bismarck
dirty outs    -ghosted
thirty helens    -whom say ye that I am
thirty helens-    help me get the lid off
pure pressure    -good mental health, seattle
pure pressure    -7000 miles-24 states
pure pressure    -open case
pure pressure    -searching
ken mode    -the german businessman
ken mode    -let's get divorced
marusya    -exodium
marusya    -liberte - egalite- fraternite

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 11th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Oct 11

The setlist:

 helmet    -bad news
red fang    -cut it short
red fang-    I am a ghost
balance and composure    -mediocre love
balance and composure    -loam
nofx    -oxy moronic
nofx-    dead beat mom
nofx-    bye bye biopsy girl
dog party    -til you're mine
dog party    -and I did
night birds    -demon haunted world
night birds    -born of man and woman
jerry bullets    -entertainment
jerry bullets    -el ray
jerry bullets    -sleeping state
fragment    -polution cycle
fragment    -abandoned, surrounded
fragment    -warfare
fragment    -old tyrants
fragment    -bad minds
fragment    -slow death
lipstick homicide-    how much more
dan vapid and the cheats-    lust to love
the blast!    -vacation
beach creep-    peas and lentils
beach creep    -sprout
alcest    -kodama

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 4th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever oct 4th

The setlist:
menzingers -   lookers
signals midwest-    alchemy hour
signals midwest-    song for ana
great apes  -  california heart
great apes   - shut in with the burden
every time I die -   fear and trembling
every time I die -   map change
every time I die-    it remembers
leggy  -  bruises
leggy  -  even lana
punchline 13  -  you don't
punchline 13  -  sitting on a star
bussieres   - orange glow
bussieres   - those far but not forgotten
turnstile   -come back for more
turnstile  -  move thru me
ink bomb  -  survey says
ink bomb -   eisenhower
brutal youth  -  denial
brutal youth  -  chlorine
brutal youth   - sandpit
brutal youth   - depression
brutal youth  -  todd serious
out in style   - another bottle
out in style   - won't stay
out in style   - at the sanitorium
lost in society  -  generation why
lost in society  -  second chances

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sept 7th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here
Best Show Ever Sept 27

The Setlist:
implants    -desperation
implants    -all for nothing
call to reason    -blackjack
call to reason    -summer
gloomy glimmers    -master key
gloomy glimmers    -young at heart
touche amore    -new halloween
touche amore    -palm dreams
touche amore    -water damage
partner    -hot knives
partner    -the 'ellen' page
vcr    -murder city rules
vcr    -intro
vcr    -murder city music
vcr    -new shoes
vcr    -how low can a punk get
vcr    -r.i.p. sportsboy
clobber    --britun first
cut up    -daybreak
cut up    -3 weeks
negative    -3 minutes to midnight
negative-    to die in outer space
triage    -secret war
triage    -white eyes
triage    -dystopic scene
scab eater    -mind trench
scab eater    -lines drawn in blood
crutch-    just another cop
crutch    -pulse
crutch    -constant pressure
iskra    -aegis of the victor
iskra    -predator drone mq-1

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Show Ever Sept 13th episode is now up

Download it here :
Best Show Ever Sept 13

The setlist:

nick cave and the bad seeds    -jesus alone
less than jake    -the loudest songs
!attention!    -writing letters
sweet and lowdown    -carolina
toyguitar    -move like a ghost
toyguita-r    turn it around
against me!    --all this (and more)
against me!    -provision l-3
against me!    -haunting, haunted, haunts
pansy division    -he's trouble
pansy division    -my heart aches for you
dan vapid    -red fire engine
dan vapid    -I have a thing about trains
colleen green    -between the lines
colleen green    -disco
sudden suspension    -guelph ontario
terminal licks    -not today
terminal licks    -you won't see me go
terminal licks    -DIGGIN A GRAVE
auras    -emerge
auras    -sciolist
auras    -chimerical
die young    -automations
die young    -mortal/eternal
crux of aux    -pergatory cop
crux of aux    -body of shale
crux of aux    -tears for mona

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept 6th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Sept 6

The Setlist:
balance and composure    -afterparty
snfu    -plastic surgery kept her beautiful
snfu    -tinfish
snfu    -human rust
snfu    -a hole in your soul
snfu    -spaceghost, the twins and blip
snfu    -quest for fun
antillectual    -I wrote this song
antillectual    -the players the game
antillectual    -obsessive cosmetic disorder
new swears    -cool aid
new swears    -candy lane
new swears    -day dreaming
single mothers    -everybody cool
single mothers    -idiomatic
gouge away    -calloused
gouge away    -dirt nap
arms aloft    -nothing to lose but our chains
arms aloft    -slosly is playing at my house
big brother    -slipping away
big brother- w/ positive junk    corexit
merit    -ecto-coolin'
merit    -on a wire
wolf whistle    -the great boiling pot
wolf whistle    -me
the potentials    -cibo matto (are playing at the bronze tonight)
the potentials    -extra flamey
diablogato    -in your sights
duck and cover-    stand corrected
final call    -rejected
final call-    off he goes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Aug 30th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Aug 30

The setlist
fashionism    -subculture suicide
fashionism    -stop, drop, rock 'n' roll
fashionism    -nun of that
boys on the wall    -new felt hat
boys on the wall    -clever
the carringtons    -just a second
the no marks    -not working
ajj    -cody's theme
ajj    -goodbye, oh goodbye
ajj    -terrifyer
safe to say    -crows
safe to say    -your favourite dream
safe to say    -dove
safe to say    -tangerine
owen    -settled down
american football-    I've been lost for so long
raging nathans    -bartending the funeral
raging nathans    -pissed away
soap    -to it n' at it
soap    -psycho shack
soap    -prick boy
soap    -fly babys
ringworm    -snake church
ringworm    -iron fist
expire    -medicine
expire    -ghost
capsize    -xx (sew my eyes)
capsize    -split my soul
wet bandits    -maestro jesus '91
wet bandits    -another time (you say)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Best Show Ever Aug 23rd episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 23rd

The setlist
fucked up    -the art of patrons
suicidal tendencies    -clap like ozzy
decent criminal    -home
cruiserweight    -burst the bubble
big business    -regulars
frank carter and the rattlesnakes    -snake eyes
wizo    -adagio
wizo    -trubsal
wizo    -apocalypso
sore points    -tonight
sore points    -forget it
sore points    -rip off
molar    -predictable
pale kids    -one thing at a time
stereomonroe    -coupe a blanc
stereomonroe    -insomnie
stereomonroe    -conge divan
atomic lights-    I'm dead
atomic lights-    simple subject matter
thin lips    -never again
thin lips    -I wonder
get dead    -monte carlo
get dead    -silence
amnesian    -the endless below
amnesian    -our perpetual waste
amnesian    -craters
kataplexis    -existential trauma
kataplexis    -the cull
lillake    -become
lillake    -how becoming

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 16th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 16th

The Setlist:

some girls    -deathface
the explosion    -kidz radio
malcolm bauld    --the workout call
fucked up    -serve me right
red animal war    -the sky above the sky below
ninety pound wuss    -the dawning of this night devine
link 80    -dance floor
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.    -freebird to revert
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.    -drop in, hang up
enon    --salty
the faint-    paranoiattack
moneen    -the frightening reality of the the fact that we will all have to grow up and settle down one day
hot water music    -dreamworld
deadguy    -doom patrol
counterfeit    -back in the day
mi amore    -baron samedi
dropkick murphys    -denial
vandals    -join us for pong
marvelous darlings    -lagoons
haste    -engine
letters organize    -song of hope
sass dragons    -melvin
trial-    reflections
direct hit    -promised land
direct hit    -infinite pills, infinite alcohol

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug 9th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 9th

car seat headrest    -1937 state parke
car seat headrest    -destroyed by hippie powers
camp cope    -done
camp cope    -jet fuel can't melt steel beams
cold wrecks    -friends
cold wrecks    -price
violent soho    -viceroy
violent soho    -no shade
violent soho    -evergreen
guttermouth    -freckles the pony
guttermouth    -I've got it made
guttermouth    -old man
signals midwest    -west side summer
tacocat    -I live for the sun
beat noir    -gethsemane
puddle splasher-    I'm hurting me
puddle splasher-    separate states
vile intent    -cult of ignorance
vile intent    -cult of conspiracy
vile intent    -fatal system death
vile intent    -total turing
vile intent    -split in two
prowl    -madness
prowl    -fury
edge of attack    -ritual
edge of attack    -fiend of possession

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aug 2nd episode is now up!

bud bronson and the good timers    -pioneer iron
bud bronson and the good timers    -victory first

Download the show here
Best Show Ever aug 2nd

The setlist
tiger army    -devil lurks on the road
tiger army    -firefall
misfits    -nightmare on elm street
misfits    -mad monster party
bouncing souls    -digital twilight zone
bouncing souls    -writing on the wall
bouncing souls    -bees
descendents    -spineless and scarlet red
descendents    -thinkin
colorsfade    -everyday that passes
stereomonroe    -coupe a blanc
code 40-11    -on est rendu gros
anti fuckworld radio edit    -noise freak
youngest and only    -fafs
youngest and only    -cut the cost
the supervisors    -luck pluck and virtue
the supervisors    -roughshod united faction
frameworks    -fear of missing out
frameworks    -tinnitus
ducking punches-    fun fun fun
ducking punches-    hurts like hell
goth girl    -ratman
goth girl    -torture of the caress
goth girl    -octave fever
goth girl    -c&ct
crystal methodist-    lilac city
crystal methodist-    return
blossom    -weight of the world
blossom    -true hearts
lost love-    our pets heads are falling off
lost love-    scotch and soda

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 26th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever July 26th

The Setlist:
white lung    -I beg you
masked intruder    -beyond a shadow of a doubt
mother feather    -beach house
teenage bottlerocket    -never gonna tell you
metz and swami john reis    -caught up
talk show host    -I don't want to go to the library
beat noir    -monkeypaw
beat noir    -corriveau
beat noir    -alexandria
tragic hearts-    porcelain
inactivist-    fffffkill
quarter tank    -canyons
huttch    -maiden hill
pup-    the coast
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
lost love-    you're my joe pesci, I'm your marvin
school damage    -don't let me
maddigans    -all or nothing
belvedere    -the architect
greys    -sorcerer
the brains    -octopi
big school    -public speaker
cloaca    -fight to deny
yeah bud!!!    -insufficient fun
set it back    -the river
wastoids    -little bags

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Warped Tour show

Your guide to the better bands that are playing July 22nd at the Vans Warped Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Download the show here:
Warped Tour 2016

The Setlist:
mother feather -living breathing masked intruder -the most beautiful girl like pacific -22a teenage bottlerocket -been too long interrupters -can't be trusted every time I die -saturnalia atreyu -who died whitechapel- psychopathy cruel hand -heat old wounds -bleak capsize -I'll take the blame new found glory -black and blue yellowcard -underdog sum 41 -we're all to blame reel big fish -she's not the end of the world less than jake -sunstroke safe to say -bracelets pepper -start you up ballyhoo! -last night real friends -alexander super tramp state champs -how it used to be secrets -turn the page knuckle- puck give up roam -goodbyes waterparks -fantastic chunk! No, captain chunk! -what goes around

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 12th episode is now up!

 Download it here:
The Best Show Ever July 12th

The Setlist
nerf herder    -stock photo girl
nerf herder    -ghostbusters III
absolute gender    -intracunt
absolute gender    -world on a wire
ray rocket    -radical
ray rocket    -pet sematery
no fuss    -old truths
grievances    -the work
loss aversion    -bad energy
the nielsens    -greys
zorton and the cannibals    -sinking in my love
greg rukus    -red wool
heart attack kids    -eh ok
faintest idea    -circling the drain
faintest idea    --throw away the key
venerea-    mark of cain
venerea-    times are hard
cables and arms-    a lasting mark
cables and arms-    strong arm
skipjack    -something to believe in
skipjack    -pioneer memorial
useless id    -creations
useless id    -closer to the edge
memory hole    -the boys aren't back in town
memory hole    -hex removal
memory hole    -die
double cross    -enemy

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 28th episode is finally up!

Download the show Here:
Best Show Ever June 28th

The Setlist
direct hit    -promised land
direct hit    -infinite pills, infinite alcohol
the murderburgers    -the waves
set it back-    the river
tigers    -live your lie
tigers    -silver tongue
julie ruin    -I decide
julie ruin    -record breaker
julie ruin    -time is up
interrupters    -she got arrested
interrupters    -media sensation
stoj snak    -parental disclaimer
eat defeat    -dead and gone
eat defeat    -shortcuts
quarter tank    -ain't done living
quarter tank    -we brought the fire
quarter tank    -drink
quarter tank    -sanatatron
mundy's bay    -hope you're fine
mundy's bay    -countless roamings
!sabotage!-    bang, bang, bang
!sabotage!-    it doesn't have to be this way
tallwomen-    face time
tallwomen    -deaf dog
trash boat    -how selfish do I seem
trash boat-    you know, you know, you know
reckless heroes-    the difference

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 21st episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever june 21st

the setlist:

seaway    - find a way
taxpayers    -invader
taxpayers    -pain unlike another
custody    -blistered soul
custody    -whatever we decide
toys that kill    -s.d.r.t.t. go!
toys that kill    -ready to fall
shinobu    can dialects break bricks
shinobu    --hail, hail the excecutioner
g.l.o.s.s.    -we live
g.l.o.s.s.    --trans day fo revenge
les trimpes    -toi moi pis l'rock'n'roll
les trimpes    -donne du gaz
red sideburns    -spit it out
red sideburns    -young blood
big school    -after dark
big school    -talkin to myself
rebel spies-    we must be cautious
rebel spies-    fire when ready
goth girl    -gore poetry
goth girl    -only terror
goth girl    -vocal discordance
goth girl    -death breath
goth girl    -muzzle blast
goth girl    -no-fi
ringworm    -destroy or create
ringworm    -poison
brain tentacles    -kingda ka
brain tentacles    -the spoiler
nails-    life is a death sentence
nails    -into quietus
nomads    -omegalomaniac
nomads    -lucretia, my reflection

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 14th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever June 14th

The Setlist:

 youth brigade    -sink with kalifornia
metz-    negative space
statues    -broken parts
visitors    -bugs
drunkula    -get in my bed
junior battles    -radio
pagiins    -in time
pagiins    -yetti spaghetti
pagiins    -good things take time
choke    -static remains
reggie and the full effect    -to the fruit wizards of donnington
teen crud combo    -study tall (in study hall)
be my doppleganger    -maybe it was your fault
polar bear club    -chasing hamburg
descendents    -victim of me
lillingtons    -I came from the future
the casting out    -quixote's last ride
set your goals    -the fallen…
set your goals    -like you to me
the establishment    -atlantis
ulysses and the siren    -karma eater
atom age    -the hottest thing that's cool
prizzy prizzy please    -rocket boots
moving mountains    -where two bodies lie
brothers keeper    -I shot jfk
converge    -last light
arkangel    -written in black

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Download the show in mp3 format here:
Cjam Prince Special
It's a 3 hour long file so please be patient 

The Setlist: 
prince    -baby I'm a star    -purple rain
prince    -le grind    -the legendary black album
prince    -xtraloveable    -hitnrun phase 2
prince    -dance on    -lovesexy
prince    -cinnamon girl    -musicology
prince    -elephants and flowers    -graffiti bridge
prince    -the future    -batman
prince    -willing and able    -diamonds and pearls
prince    -don't play me    -the truth
prince    -$    -lotusflow3r
prince    -the love we make    -emancipation
prince    -I'm yours    -for you
prince    -bambi    -prince
prince    -uptown    -dirty mind
prince    -the same december    -chaos and disorder
prince    -last december    -rainbow children
prince    -judas smile    -the chocolate invasion
prince    -the rest of my life    -the vault… old friends 4 sale
prince    -chelsea rodgers    -planet earth
prince    -blue light    --love symbol
prince    -avanlanche    -one night alone
prince    -all the critics love u in new york    -1999
prince    -papa    -come
prince    -sexuality    -controversy
prince    -strange but true-    rave un2 the joy fantastic
prince    -beginning endlessly    -20ten
prince    -u know    -art official age
prince    -america    -around the world in a day
prince    -pretzelbodylogic    -plectrumelectrum
prince    -the daisy chain-    the slaughterhouse
prince    -housequake    -sign o the times
prince    -ol' skool company    -mplsound
prince    -billy jack bitch    -the gold experience
prince    -the word    -3121
prince    -1000 x's and 0's    -nitnrun phase 1
prince    -sometimes it snows in april    -parade
prince    -affirmation III    -art official age

June 7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever June 7th

The setlist:
slow science    -lifetime guarantee
dauntless elite    -blitzar radio
worship this!    -so long… sucker!
worship this!    -kennedy
modern baseball    -apple cider, I don't mind
modern baseball-    just another face
talk show host    -I don't wanna go to the library
talk show host    -lost and found
talk show host    -108
talk show host    -franklin
such hounds    -strangers
such hounds    -down south
austeros    --by now
austeros    -fraction of time
thrice    -wake up
thrice    -whistleblower
inactivist    -pessimist-feminist
inactivist    -in my head
inactivist    -fffffkill
dead elect-    good luck doll
dead elect-    flat iron blues
posture    -2
posture    -forget
pup    -the sleep in the heat
pup    -old wounds

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 31st episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here:
May 31st Best Show Ever

The setlist:

 broken gold    -turning blue
lightning bolt    -the metal east
feral ohms-    I fall
blessed    -waving hand
blessed    -feel
mother feather    -mother feather
mother feather    -the power
culture abuse    -chinatown
culture abuse    -don't worry
culture abuse    -heavy love
angel dust    --upside down
angel dust    -stranger things
mxpx    -calm my craze
get dead    -silence
huttch    -malden hill
huttch    -100 years
maked intruder    -beyond a shadow of a doubt
gawker    -adult acne
gawker    -peeping tommy boy
gawker    -toe ring
gawker    -spoiled rotton
gawker    -chongo
gawker    -my only pants
hesitation wounds    -operatic
the so so glos    -going out swingin
the so so glos    -down the tubes
western settings-    wonderful multiple episodes

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 24th episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever May 24

The setlist:

 dag nasty    -cold heart
dag nasty    -wanting nothing
death grips    -spikes
modern baseball    -every day
california    -hate the pilot
brokedowns    -runnin' the front
direct hit!-    avery your eyes
lost love    -take care, get better, see you never
lost love    -our pets' heads are falling off
lost love    -run forever, run
pup    -pine point
pup    -doubts
wraths    -it's not over
wraths    -are you serious
destroy this place    -sharkbite
destroy this place    -kids at the funeral
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    como yo te amo
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    tractor amarillo
school damage    -you'll shoot your eye out!
school damage    -detroit rock shitty
tiny moving parts    -minnow
tiny moving parts    -headache
enamel    -nothing
enamel    -don't care
reps    -no demons
reps    -face to face
napalm raid    -disfigured
napalm raid    -drowning
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
napalm raid    -soon the end

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 17th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever May 17

The setlist:

 broken gold    -turning blue
public animal    -breaking the low
napalmpom    -watch it burn
useless id    -we don't want the airwaves
useless id    -tension
maddigans-    running on empty
maddigans    -some people just don't get it
maddigans    -something in the water
white lung    -kiss me when I bleed
white lung    -vegas
lightmares-    everything avenue
lightmares    -notamotto
bike tuff    -colorado
bike tuff    -cesspool on the potomac
rarity-    inhale
rarity    -passenger
cal and the calories    -jackhamma
cal and the calories    -addicted 2 spuds
repos    -clubbed with boards
repos    -try harder
rendez-vous    -distance
rendez-vous    -ignorance and cruelty
sunshine ward    -order
sunshine ward    -selfish hate
rixe    -hexagone
rixe    -a country-courant

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 3rd episode is now up!

 Best Show Ever may 3rd

The setlist
tiger army    -firefall
sunset shipwrecks    -leave me in the grove
metz and swami john reis    -let it rust
barefoot sailors    -marijuana and the stars
death march-    disgust
homesick abortions    -I am my own
discharge    -infected
discharge    -population control
discharge    -new world order
state line syndicate    -borrowed time
state line syndicate    -loves me so
belvedere    --hairline
belvedere    -carpe per diem
belvedere    -revenge of the fifth
big knife little knife    -anarchist calisthenics
big knife little knife    -a certain degree
walls of jericho    -cutbird
walls of jericho    -relentless
haybaby-    stupid
haybaby-    joke rope
prom nite    -bad art
prom nite    -I see red
pity sex    -burden you
pity sex    -orange and red
dowsing-    wasted on hate
dowsing-    red legs kicking

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Apr 26th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download it here:
Best Show Ever apr 26

The Setlist:
prince and the revolution    -baby I'm a star
refused    -lets go crazy
mariachi el bronx-    I would die for u
lightnin' round    -when yous wuz mine
prince and the revolution    -paisley park
greys    -sorcerer
greys    -erosion
greys    -if it's all the same to you
brains    -out in the dark
brains    -it's alive
metz    -caught up
pup-    if this tour doesn't kill you, I will
no warning    -friends in high places
coathangers    -dumb baby
coathangers    -burn me
coathangers    -had enough
destroy this place    -kids at the funeral
destroy this place    -sharkbite
suicide machines    -hedgecore
most dangerous animal    -time
call in the cavalry-    I know what
swellers-    not safe to drink

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apr 19th episode is now up!

 Download it here:
Best Show Ever apr 19

The setlist:
tender defender    -rudes and cheaps
tender defender    -the tender defender
shonen knife-    iml
shonen knife    -calabash
urochromes    -trapped on a planet
urochromes    -ugly people
teen agers    -young gods
teen agers    -searchlight
lippies    -as we fall
lippies    -we can't go
lippies    -sleeping
laffing gas-    bob
laffing gas    -tough luck
dayglo abortions-    velcro shoes
dayglo abortions-    to prove that we are free
pkew pkew pkew    -mid 20's skateboarder
cheap appeal    -nothing to offer
cheap appeal    -panic
agent attitude    -step aside
agent attitude    -police control
gaucho    -desplazados
gaucho    -demonios
gaucho    -cuerpos mutilados
patsy    -eat it
patsy    -insidious kind
scumraid    -chronic isolation
scumraid    -reality
dark circles    -ashen
dark circles    -void
green jelly    -super elastic
green jelly    -obey the cowgod

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 12th show is now up!

 Download it here:
The Best Show Ever Apr 12th

The setlist
white lung    -hungry
petro girls    -protagonist
petro girls    -separated
violent soho    -domestic lala
spraynard    -back roads
stoj snak    -collateral damage
stoj snak    -no refunds
great apes    -it's a trans world
great apes    -the quack and the leper
great apes    -paper cages
protagonist    -hideaway
protagonist    -lets get it
mean jeans    -night vision
mean jeans    -now I wanna be yr dogg
every time I die    -tourettes
every time I die    -saturnalia
blood pressure    -bleak
blood pressure    -you've been cut
dilettantes    -middlebrow
dilettantes    -late to the party
dilettantes    -non alignment pact (pere ube)
uncle ray    -powerviolence alliance
uncle ray    -root
uncle ray    -disfigured
uncle ray    -webs
uncle ray    -delusion
outcry    -reality
outcry    -process
outcry    -chatter
mug    -out with the old and in with the new
mug    -idiot box
plague vendor    -got it bad

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 29th episode is now up!

Download it here
Best Show Ever March 29th

The Setlist:

 off with their heads    -sorrow
black dots    -consensual and wonderful
remnants    -callister original
plague vendor    -jezebel
old and weird    -kirkobain
new fries    -jasz
pears    -hinged by spine
pears    -green star
pears    -cloverleaf
red hare    -faced(the root of my confusion
red hare-    silverfish (ungodly grace, this is our curse
muncie girls-    I don't want to talk about it
muncie girls-    gone with the wind
movements    -vacant home
movements    -kept
mimisiku    -kettlers of satan
mimisiku    -don't do it
masts    -athens
masts    -a man ambivalence
cant swim    -your clothes
cant swim    -way it was
unfun    -waterboarding
unfun    -transcript to criticize
silver snakes    -red wolf
unfun    -spirit animal
goth girl    -gore poetry
goth girl    -only terror
goth girl-    vocal discordance
goth girl    -death breath
goth girl    -muzzle blast
goth girl-    no-fi
goth girl    -please litter
goth girl    -ratman
goth girl-    torture of the caress
goth girl-    octave fever
goth girl-    c&bt
collagen-    corruption and lies
collagen-    vigil light
silver snakes    -the loss

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 22nd episode is now up!

Best Show Ever March 22nd 

The Setlist:
the falcon    -dead rose
we were sharks    -moving forward
river oaks    -let you down
river oaks    -roman candle
problem daughter    -alda small things
problem daughter    -like a dog
mind spiders    -no filter
mind spiders    -running
mind spiders    -split in two
odonis odonis    -angus mountain
odonis odonis    -tension
odonis odonis-    are we friends
half read    -darkness
half read    -no system
whip kisser    -disco
whip kisser    -horses 2
exit 17    -holy text
exit 17    -rights
tsunami bomb    -obligation
tsunami bomb    -marionette
shellshag    -protect the flower
shellshag    -blowing it
eyehategod    -the liar's psalm
bl'ast    -cut your teeth
ghost bath    -golden number

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 15th episode is now up!

Download the show here

The Best Show Ever March 15th

 The setlist:

nerf herder    -the girl who listened to rush
attention    -writing letters
titus andronicus    -no future
chumped    -not the one
woolworm    -two awful truths
boids    -human bomb
boids    -mole people
boids    -gogama
somos    -room full of people
somos    -lifted from the current
la sera    -high notes
la sera    -I need an angel
disasterbaters    -get you off my mind
disasterbaters    -searchin
disasterbaters    -waste of time
dead by forty-    gauge
dead by forty    -sotally tober
sensory deprivation    -self degrading plan
sensory deprivation    -voynich
weatherstate-    the world has got it in for you
weatherstate-    sofability
saintly rows    -mara
saintly rows    -the vine that ate the south
cloaca    -teenage conservatives
cloaca    -lurkers
cloaca    -fight to deny
mdc    -chicken squawk
mdc    -the end of everything

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 8th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever March 8

 The Setlist
greys    -no star
praise    -makes no sense
nonpareil    -blood cockles and gutter oil
mimisiku    -the hand strikes and gives a flower
black black black    -I got scabies
chandeli'ers    -gabrielle
face to face    -bent but not broken
face to face    -see if I care
face to face    -keep your chin up
dopamines    -quality of armor
dopamines    -dave wipfler
tragic hearts-    porcelain
tragic hearts-    should have been you
yeah bud!!!    -wast my daze
yeah bud!!!    -insufficient fun
yeah bud!!!-    teen stash
mansbridge    -the pbr cologne
mansbridge-    right from the start
fuck you idiot-    right way
fuck you idiot-    make me
no nipples    -ella me quiere matar
no nipples    -loca por mi
terrible love    -change nothing
terrible love    -stone in me
avulsions    -the end
avulsions    -virus

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 1st show is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever mar 1st

The Setlist:
hamilton the musical-    non-stop
hamilton the musical-    helpless
plague vendor    -isua
the helltons    -we're dead!
birthday candles    -bury this illusion
dirty nil    -no weaknessess
dirty nil    -friends in the sky
dirty nil    -bury me at the rodeo
silver snakes    -electricity
silver snakes    -devotion
good things    -wall to wall
good things    -500 hands
good things    -snowman
tv freaks-    ebb and flow
tv freaks-    night and day
tv freaks    -pick my brain
save ends    -a life they wrote
save ends    -skeptical sons_curious daughters
distractions    -break the wrist
distractions    -all for love
milk teeth    -swear jar (again)
milk teeth    -leona
smalltalk    -indecipherable
smalltalk    -fountain of you

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feb 23rd episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best show Ever feb 23/16

 And here's the setlist
pup    -dvp
allout helter    -the motesharrei report
allout helter    -zealots
phenomenauts-    I'm with neil
phenomenauts    -every day is science day
two tens-    sweet as pie
two tens-    care at all
boss' daughter-    something about nothing
boss' daughter    -married at thirty
boss' daughter    -stupid chords, stupid words, stupid song
like pacific    -22a
like pacific    -dim
like pacific    -scarred
not half bad    -three things that aren't jackie chan
not half bad    -comfortable. Tired
reminder    -head over heels
reminder    -bean (gone for so long)
caddywhompus    -stuck
tare-    sonk it into forth
ex-breathers-    stand still
wastoids    -little bags
wastoids    -end of the tracks
tempest    -sunless year
tempest-    the night remains
lionheart    -witness

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 16th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Feb 16th

The Setlist:
sense field    -save yourself
sense field    -outlive the man
the falcon    -hasslehoff cheeseburger
anti-flag    -coward in my veins
anti-flag    -the new jim crow
big eyes-    local celebrity
big eyes-    when you were 25
pool party    -pool party number one
pool party    -undress for success
pool party    -strut my stuff
minority 905    -green day medley
chris wollard and the ship thieves-    undertakers
chris wollard and the ship thieves    -rotations
sundressed    -hodl your head up high
sundressed    -1800 miles
new colonies    -rot and rain
new colonies    -bleached bones
prom nite    -snakes
prom nite    -friendly boy
prom nite    -pretty demon
prom nite    -tied down
prom nite    -rock becomes reality
coldxsnap    -missing piece
silent order    -distraction
silent order    -we exist
silent order    -darkness-isolation
water weed    -dc
water weed    -my own eyes
free children of earth    -terminal stasis

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb 9th episode is now up!

Download it here
Best Show Ever Feb 9

The setlist:

 rememberables    -if you should
rememberables    -miles
cayetana    -freedom1313
cayetana    -age of consent
casualties    -in the lost city
casualties    -running through the night
meat wave    -I was wrong
meat wave    -delusion moon
meat wave    -sunlight
4th 'n goal    -melancholy
4th 'n goal    -red line extreme
rolo tomassi    -crystal cascades
rolo tomassi-    the embers
secret arms    -sink and strangle
secret arms-    wasteland
asile    -nulle part
asile    -soldat
pistols at dawn    -plea to your adherence
pistols at dawn    -this city
pistols at dawn    -the fear
thick piss    -burned alive
thick piss    -disposable
thick piss    -rip off your head
no skin    -asking for it
no skin    -watch you burn
palm reader-    black hand
palm reader    -by the ground, we're defined
a perfect murder-    clear
a perfect murder    -substance

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jan 26th episode is now up!

Feb 2nd's show was a repeat but here is one from the week before:

Jan 26 Best Show Ever

The Setlist:

 metz    -eraser
basement    -aquasun
ship thieves-    born into this
piffbreak arcade-    road rage
petro girls    -slug
coathangers    -make it right
down I go    -the serpent of lagarfljot
down I go    -of marbendill
down I go    -drangey consecrated
screaming females    -ripe
screaming females    -triumph
j. navarro and the traitors    -deeper
j. navarro and the traitors    -water
adelleda    -lifers
adelleda    -the bottom
letdown-    deficiency
letdown    -the bottom
dirt    -good-lovers
dirt    -ride
totem skin    -always ire
totem skin    -pretend
dead heavens    -adderall highway
dead heavens    -hyacinth

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 19th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Jan 19/16

The Setlist:
the protomen    -under pressure
the get up kids    -suffragette city
tulus    -space oddity
danzig    -cat people
the haddonfields    -heroes
ignite    -begin again
ignite    -oh no not again
ignite    -descend
broadcaster    -don't say much
broadcaster    -next to you
the beverleys    -bad company
the beverleys    -anyway
the beverleys    -hush
safe to say    -lull
safe to say    -summer sickness
no devotion    -night drive
no devotion    -permanent sunlight
bishops green    -government lies
bishops green    -lost generation
uncle ray    -malfunction
uncle ray    -lung power
lord snow    -asmr request
lord snow    -oh god no
lord snow    -new fasting
leaether strip    -scary monsters (and super creeps)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best of 2015 part 2!

Download the show here

Best of 2015 part 2

The Setlist:

millencolin    -something I would die for
ken mode    -blessed
ken mode    -the owl…
cloud rat-    seken
cloud rat-    bloated goat
colleen green    -tv
colleen green    -things that are bad for me (pt.I)
noisem    -1132
noisem    -graining enamel
ignite    -alive
ignite    -where I'm from
hop along    -waitress
hop along    -sister cities
mutoid man    -sweet ivy
mutoid man    -dead dreams
the garden    -all smiles over here
the garden    -vexation
night birds    -life is not amusement for me
night birds    -king kong
titus andronicus    -fatal flaw
titus andronicus-    dimed out
atom age    -do it now
atom age    -wild worry
jeff rosenstock    -you in weird cities
jeff rosenstock    -I'm serious, I'm sorry
jeff rosenstock    -darkness records

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best of 2015 part 1!

 My year end best of show part 1
Download it here
Best of 2015 part 1

The setlist:

underground railroad to candyland-    yer not the only one
underground railroad to candyland-    diamond ring
toy guitar    -static attraction
toy guitar    -let's talk in the shower
blistered    -illusion of destiny
blistered    -memories to burn
the wonder years-    I wanted so badly to be brave
the wonder years-    cardinals
baroness    -shock me
baroness    -desperation burns
leftover crack-    loneliness and heartache
leftover crack    -slave to the throne
success-    believe in
success-    flowers
the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die    -willie (for howard)
the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die    -the word lisa
metz    -the swimmer
metz    -eyes peeled
dope body    -down
dope body    -old grey
envy    -and insignificant poem
envy    -blue moonlight
man overboard    -reality check
man overboard    -cliffhanger
millencolin    -something I would die for

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of Canadian punk 2015

A couple of extras at the top of the show but here are a bunch of great Canadian releases from the past year minus the one's I forgot or made my top 25 of the year which will be covered on my next 2 weeks worth of shows.
Download it here
Best Show Ever Dec 29th

The setlist:

ignite    -the suffering
broadcaster    -all the wrong reasons
belt fight-    belt fight does it again
stray sheep    -nothing for me
youth decay    -living in my head
seaway    -best mistake
postscript    -right for me
total dicks    -overdraft
dilly dally    -next gold
fathers    -boy pussy
safe to say    -bracelets
east end radicals-    brothers vaillancourt
pony    -don't go
penske file-    home
koszmar-    zmuszony do zycia
pleasure leftists    -a new name
severe-    take it back
sailor jupiter    -jesus freak
pseudo    -I hereby decree ye unfit for trial
sunspots    -dead season
pluum    -being busy
red arms    -taking a ride
deforesters    -the topiary animals are telling me to do terrible things
speaker-    dull razors
the chain    -we stand
vcr    -murder city rules
sexfac-e    village life
career suicide    -cut and run
black tower    -death march
eamon mcgrath and the wild dogs    -before you got so sad