Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 6th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Dec 6

The Setlist:
the gamits    -the kgb are still looking for me
extroverts    -government girls
superweaks    -heavy dreams
superweaks    -better heavens
mikey erg    -an abundance of julies
anika pyle    -rosie
guttermouth    -spud like torso
guttermouth    --new car smell
ate bit    -window pain
ate bit    -moral combat
ate bit    -pool party
neverlearn    -summertime '96
neverlearn    -dead end story
mallot    -teeth
mallot    -watch your back
mallot    -true or false
alienation    -laid off
alienation    -dad body
alienation    -filthy
matty effin morison    -#punchin'
matty effin morison    -prima effin donna
descendents    -days of desperation
descendents    -thinkin'
descendents    -grindstone
descendents    -unchanged
ultrarat    -ultrarat
ultrarat    -insouciance
ultrarat    -vife
ultrarat    -enmerde
vision of disorder    -electric sky
vision of disorder    -nightcrawler
candiria-    the whole world will burn

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