Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oct 11th episode now up!

the download link

and the setlist:

static radio nj- favorite name
juicehead- lorraine
Into It. Over It. -conneticut steps
balance and composure- seahorses
ten second epic- giving up
old wives- backed in a corner
old wives -high school high
dude jams- fucked up
mad men- odia
I am the avalanche- casey's song
I am the avalanche- gratitude
I am the avalanche- I'll be back around
hex dispensers -personality x-ray
cobra skulls- all drive
cobra skulls- hiding
trapped under ice- dead inside
this is hell- mi nombre
vacant state- dying world
vacant state- fill the void
sagan youth- killer whale suicide mission
mahria -blind
mahria -self sacrifice
choke up -say something
aviator- the definition of a dead end
lenny and the piss poor boys- cambridgeport saloon
we were promised jetpacks -medicine
whirr- leave
polar bear club- pawner

if the above link does not work try these:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the download:


whirr child
new found glory drill it in my brain
new found glory summer fling don't mean a thing
slates julieta
landslider government town
10 second epic sanctuary
broadway calls denver
transit 1978
fairmonts dragged in the mud
fairmonts new england
big eyes take the time
poor lily pretty little uniform
man overboard atlas
man overboard night feelings
man overboard punishment
stereo state there is no u in team
strike to survive energy vampires
chief exposures
heavy breath enter the void
god harvest infidel
dancing with paris the peter principle
Fuck the Facts lifeless
Fuck the Facts drift
the fucking wrath the question

if the download link doesn't work you can always download it in the programming guide at cjam.ca or stream at this link

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20110927-2100-t1317153600.mp3
the setlist
subways -like I love you
nothington -st andrews hall
slates- the baker
batwings catwings -endless summer
la dispute- harder harmonies
tower and the fool- die alone
weatherbox- the bullets
amebix- the wolf
candy hearts -ashbury park
candy hearts -jawbreaker
candy hearts -I want out
foreign bodies- downtown
youthinasia- meet your maker
mute -bates motel
mute- fast lane
bad co. project- kids of the nation
damages -post date
envision -in it to win it
envision- be your self
raindance- sold souls
from ashes rise- so say the wise
axis- atlas
threat signal- uncensored
century- painting leprosy
all else failed- he is not long for this world
man overboard- not the first time
man overboard -headstone

try these links if the download doesn't work