Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best Show Ever Best of 2010

see the post below this one to listen to the show and check out the setlist.

I’m reminded of the way that the guitarist from Lightning Bolt switches one of his guitar strings with a banjo string so he can hit really intense notes. The Forecast is at their best when they work in the exact same way. Their front man is always singing med tempo and always sort of downplayed while their other singer (female) can hit really high and truly powerful notes. The Forecast has always been a band that I’ve liked but never loved. For every great song they write, they write 2 that are forgettable. Their new self-titled record is much more rounded than anything they’ve ever done and the Tom Petty influence is more apparent than ever.
There is only one question you have to ask when reviewing a thrash record: Does it rip?
This record does in fact rip. Your insurance company will not allow you to play this record in your house if your house is make of paper. Black Breath gained a large following with their demo 2 years ago. Being ex members of the band Skating Totally Rules, Everything Else Totally Sucks (s.t.r.e.e.t.s.) didn’t hurt either. Other members went on to form Pride Tiger and Bison BC. Both of which are doing well these days.
23. MONUMENT THE THIEVES-Monument to Thieves (NO SLEEP)
Any fans of the original singer of Throwdown out there? I lost my appetite for Throwdown when they switched singers and became your run of the mill tough guy hardcore band. The original singer spent some time playing guitar for 18 visions for a while. Now he’s back with that unmistakable voice playing the same style of hardcore that made Throwdown superstars in the first few years of their existence. I hereby decree that a new style of hardcore has been categorized: ChuggaFlemmy
22. GOLIWOG-Plague Allegiance (CHAINSAW)
First of all I have looked into it and they are not a racist band. For those of you who don’t know, Golliwog was a character from a book by Florence Kate Upton in the early 19th century. The character was turned into a popular doll and sold all over the commonwealth. Some people may remember one from an episode of Extras. The band Golliwog is from Slovenia and for a full disclaimer you can check out their myspace. Now that I have passed your questions/hate mail on to them I will tell you about their music. This record is great. Reminding me of the Fat Wreck Chords roster of the 90’s. They exemplify European pop punk. It’s fast and female fronted and that will always at least make me interested in listening to something.
If you ever asked the question “how vicious can a hardcore band…”!!! You’ve suddenly been punched in the face and sweep kicked by Dangers. I had two records to choose from this year with this level of vicious but felt I could only choose one. The other was Punch-Push /Pull which is also worth checking out. After I listened to them side to side, Dangers came out the victor. I picture their shows looking like Conan the Barbarian as drawn by Frank Frazetta wildly swinging an axe at enemies crawling up a pile of bodies to reach him.
I am convinced that for at least the next 5 years I will include either a Banner Pilot or Off With Their Heads record on my best of list. OWTH have always reminded my of the Bouncing Souls without ever really sounding like them. Bassy, bombastic and fun to sing along to.
Out of all the Leatherface inspired bands currently out there today, I’ve always felt The Great St Louis was the most under appreciated. Maybe because they’re from the UK where Leatherface is already king. I would suggest picking up this record if you prefer a more stripped down Lucero mixed with the Gaslight Anthem without any of the Against Me.
RVIVR is an ex Latterman band which is always a good reason to check out a band. But the real revelation here is the female singer Erica(something). She makes this record. Otherwise this would just sound like any other ex Latterman band (sounds like latterman but not quite as good). She provides the accent that all of Matt Canino’s other projects have lacked.
17. STATE LOTTERY-When the Night Comes (SALINAS)
State Lottery sometimes sounds like a perfect cross between the Lawrence Arms and Saturday Looks Good to Me. This is a perfect fusion between folk and punk and better than anything your Fake Problems has ever put out. They are also sorta local.
16. GLASSES-The Ills of Life (VENDETTA)
If you want to hear the best Nirvana cover of all time then pick up this record (hint: it’s retitled). Any fans of The Swarm out there? You are now legally obligated to listen to this.
15. CRIME IN STEREO-I Was Trying To Describe You to Someone (BRIDGE 9)
Well, they’re finally dead. After years of teasing fans with a break-up (kinda like Zao used to do), Crime in stereo have finally thrown in the towel, But not before releasing 2 of the best post hardcore records of the decade. Anyone who is into Brand New’s less emo work will probably enjoy this record a lot. Check out pastepunk.com for a better review. I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone is difficult to describe to someone.
14. MASSHYSTERIE-Masshysterie (NYVAG)
Sweden is the grand canyon of punk. Their musical influences have cut the into the country as deep as the Colorado River. The Clash, Negative Approach, Nation of Ulysses and Little Richard influences are all overtly apparent across the Swedish music scene and in response I will now state that if I was to move to a different country based on music alone, it would be Sweden. All blowjobs aside, a lot of people compare them to early punk acts like the Avengers, the Mutants, or X. I see them as more of a Swedish Matt and Kim. Their guitars are so jangly and fun, a lot of times I totally forget that they’re a full band. They’re also one of the only bands from Sweden I’m aware of that actually sings in Swedish. Features ex members of (International) Noise Conspiracy, Regulations and many others.
It is agreed upon that the Gamits have always been one of the best pop punk bands of the past 10 years. When they broke up a few years ago, I felt it was a loss but not a great one. I enjoyed their records but never felt they’d added too much to the style. Then after a few years they return with a mindblowingly great record. It almost makes me wonder if they faked a break-up so people wouldn’t bother them while they created their masterpiece. Parts is soulful punk in a way that I haven’t heard since One Man Army broke up.
Melodic, emotive and vicious. The Flatliners improve in leaps from record to record. From Skapunk band, to straight ahead melodic punk band, to whatever the hell style of punk music this is….band. One more record and they may just beat Against Me at their own game. If this was 1998 they would be selling out headlining gigs in the middle of winter in downtown Detroit.
11. 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS-We’ve built up to nothing (DEEP ELM)
Please don’t dismiss this band within the first 2 minutes of listening to them. It’s different. Very different. The best way that I can describe them is by calling them Emobilly. This record truly embraces country music and retains a punk sensibility that no band has ever been able to do before, epically.
There are two Rumspringer bands and neither is a ska band from Delaware. One is a duo from Los Angeles spelled Rumspringa. The other is this band, Rumspringer, from Tempe Arizona. If the 2 had a band battle like in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Rumspringa's totem would be a piece of driftwood. Rumspringer’s battle totem would be a Chimp with a crowbar. What I’m getting at is they have that childlike innocence and desire to have fun but at the same time have a crowbar that they use to hammer catchy powerful songs directly into your subconscious. Songs that I am constantly singing to pick myself up in moments of boredom. Oh, and the chimp wins the battle. He has a crowbar after all.
9. CONTINUANCE-Carry Ourselves (RISE)
For as many words that I could understand on this record, the singer may as well be an accordion. In this case that isn’t a bad thing. Rarely do I care what a band is singing about more than the way the song sounds. This is one of the most intense and urgent sounding hardcore records I have ever heard. Fast and layered melodies with shredding intensities (didn’t that used to be a show on CJAM?) that the singers incomprehensible voice only accentuate. The best Canadian release this year.
There is nothing wrong with Tigers Jaw. Previous to this release I was not a fan. I just didn’t like their sound. Nothing wrong with that. On this release they have certainly improved in melody and production. If you like them on this split I would suggest picking up their new full length also out this year, Two Worlds, which is also good.
The main reason this split is on my list is because of Balance and Composure. Balance and Composure is the band of the future. The saviours of emo if you will. While most emo bands these days are obsessed with experimenting and finding a new sound that will set them apart, B&C have looked to the past for inspiration. Most notable early to mid ninety emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral with maybe a touch of Texas is the Reason for that Revelation edge. They do it better than anybody out there today. If they release a full length I have no doubt that it would be in the running for record of the year. After 3 releases this is the closest thing they’ve come to a full length.
Bars of Gold comes from the remnants of Bear vs. Shark. You can certainly hear it. But with their experience and a newfound swagger you can also hear a desire to experiment with a firmly established post hardcore sound. This may possibly be Michigan’s best current band.
6. Blake-I Was Young In the 90s (NO REASON)
Everyone I play this for is instantly put off by the singer’s vocals. For those of you familiar with Revelation records roster in the 90’s will quickly compare them to The Farside albeit with a thick Italian accent. This mimicry is proven when I went to their myspace and found that their number 1 friend is a Farside fan page. If you can embrace the vocals on this record you will find extremely well constructed and deep sounding songs. For me the vocals only made them stand out from the crowd. There are few records I listened to more this year.
Envy is the Radiohead of Screamo. If Envy played a show with Radiohead and Sigur Ros, the moon would weep, inseminating the earth and birthing a race of beings made of pure energy. The beings would immediately fly to the brightest nebula in the universe and create an Eden of harmonic musical perfection. Balls.
I just can’t pick out a guitar riff on this entire record. There are certainly guitars, but they’re played more like spastic keyboards…with saxophones. Prizzy’s previous records featured short, fast experimental songs that seem to have an idea but never grow. Not unlike Bomb the Music Industry. On Chroma Cannon, the track lengths are tripled, giving them lots of time for their ideas to bloom into full-on musical experiences. Listening will make you cooler while driving down the road. Remember to blast it at stoplights.
3. CEREMONY-Rohnert Park (BRIDGE 9)
Nothing makes me happier when a decent but run of the mill hardcore band walks through a dark alley and walks out the other side covered with blood and a look in it’s eyes that says “I will kill again”. Rohnert park is a dark, vicious, funhouse of hardcore.
Easily the best pop punk record of the year. It reminds me of bands I listened to in high school. It reminds me of being in high school. It reminds me of making out with a girl for the first time and then seeing her in the hall the next day and not saying anything but you can’t help but smile and wink at each other as you pass. This is basically the soundtrack to being a punk in a small town high school with songs about drinkin beers and girls you are aware there is no future with.
My favourite album every year tends to be the one that makes my hair stand up on end. The Battle of Hampton Road, the 14 minute long final song of the Monitor makes my hair stand up at three different points. This record has been much talked about in concept and greatness and I don’t feel like I can really say anything original, so I’m going to use my favourite quote about this record. It comes from pitchfork.com who listed this record at number ten on their best of list. I’m not really a fan of pitchfork but this is probably the most accurate thing I’ve ever read about this record: “Frontbeard Patrick Stickles bellows every lyric in a scraggly yowl, sounding like the world is crumbling around him and the only thing holding the sky up is the righteous noise from the band behind him”.

Best EP- Lightnin' round-st
Best label-no sleep records (balance and composure, frontiers, monument to thieves)
Biggest disappointment-hostage calm
Best non punk record-crystal castles 2

best of 2010 downloads and setlist

download the show here http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101228-2100-t1293570000.mp3
and here: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/50-New_Pulse-20101228-2230-t1293575400.mp3
lightnin round -rock with me
the forecast- a better man
black breath -children of the horn
monument to thieves- just like me
golliwog -solitary comfinement
dangers- no vonneguts, no glory
off with their heads -clear the air
the great st louis- safe
RVIVR- cold in your bones
state lottery -little song
glasses- untitled
crime in stereo- not dead
crime in stereo- republica
masshysterie- domkan inte hora musiken
masshysterie- nar botten ar nadd
gamits -this hell
gamits- broken instrument
flatliners- monumental
flatliners- new years resolution
500 miles to memphis- barfly
500 miles to memphis -no sympathy
rumspringer- sometimes dead is better
rumspringer- parastolic reaction
continuance -over the years
continuance -beneath the concrete
envy-a hint and the incapacity
prizzy prizzy please-large hadron collider
prizzy prizzy please- 2020 vision
ceremony -the doldrums(friendly city)
ceremony- terminal addiction
be my doppelganger -maybe it wasn't your fault
be my doppelganger- chemical spin
titus andronicus -no future part 3: escape from no future
titus andronicus- the battle of hampton roads
envy- rain clouds running in a holy night

Monday, December 27, 2010

Joe Strummer day covers set on CJAM 99.1fm

You can find the audio set on the homepage of cjam www.cjam.ca . It starts a little bit after 3am and goes til 5am.

The setlist:
stiff little fingers- strummerville
amy rigby- the leader
loved ones -coma girl
southern arts society- the right profile
farmacopea- brand new cadillac
richard cheese- rock the casbah
the mob -tommy gun
one king down -london calling
trust company -rock the casbah
kid dynamite- hateful
thea gilmore -I'm not down
incognegro -brand new cadillac
rtz global- guns of brixton
basement jax vs the clash- magnificent romeo
joy zipper- hitsville uk
farrel bros- janie jones
klaxon- I'm so bored with the usa
cracker- white riot
danny michel- straight to hell
the london calling of chicago- lightning strikes(not once but twice)
the indestructible beat- capital radio
kajsa grytt- broadway
dennis lyxzen -bankrobber
rachid taha -rock the casbah
micky fitz- clash city rockers
anders wendin(moneybrother)- tommy gun
camper von beethoven- kingston advice

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

best show ever elastica tribute show and carla's new pulse dec 21st edition

download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101221-2100-t1292965200.mp3
the setlist:
elastica - 12xu
elastica - smile
elastica - how he wrote elastica man
elastica - ba ba ba
elastica - S.O.F.T.
elastica - nothing stays the same
elastica - operate
elastica - blue
elastica - your arse my place
elastica - the bitch don't work
elastica - annie
elastica - generator
elastica - faking
elastica - hold me now
elastica - image change
elastica - moody
elastica - car song
elastica - human
elastica - waking up
elastica - in the city
elastica - stutter
elastica - mad dog
elastica - keep it on ice
elastica - all nighter
elastica - miami nice
elastica - suicide
elastica - vaseline
elastica - the way I like it
justine frischmann - theme song
elastica and pavement - unheard music
elastica - connection
the establishment - only exercises
new pulse download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/50-New_Pulse-20101221-2230-t1292970600.mp3
the setlist:

art of noise - beatbox
Cash money& marvelous - play it cool
jonzun crew - transformer
newcleus - jam on it
numarx - rhymes so def
grandmaster dst - bronx is the home of hiphop
twilight 22 - egyptian lover/siberian nights
KRS One - bridge is over
DMC - breakbattle
coldcut - beats and pieces
UTFO - roxanne roxanne
word of mouth - king kut
knights of the turntable - fresh mess
knights of the turntable - techno scratch

best show ever and carla's new pulse dec 14th edition

the best show ever dec 14th edition
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101214-2100-t1292360400.mp3
the setlist:
blue meanies- the grinch
the leonards- father christmas
ripcordz- all I want for christmas
the bomb -not christmas night
eastern youth- white christmas
l status- holiday cheer
nerf herder- boner for christmas
creepshow- merry christmas(I don't want to fight tonight)
zombina and the skeletons- transylvanian christmas
johnny hobo and the freight trains -cancer for christmas
vibrators- I hate christmas
osaka popstar and the american punk allstars- the christmas that almost wasn't
austrian death machine- jingle bells
black halos- homeless for christmas
saccarine trust- a christmas cry
french lemon santa- merry christmas everybody
homegrown- christmas crush
crucial youth- christmas time for the skins
straight edge kegger- merry christmas
huntingtons- it's always christmas at my house
fucked up- do they know it's christmas
yobs -c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s
yidcore- chanukah song
the young dudes- I got nothin cool
the dollyrots- messed up xmas
jesu- christmas

New Pulse by Carla
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/50-New_Pulse-20101214-2230-t1292365800.mp3
the setlist:
Moderat- rusty nails
lykke Li- complaint department
Autour- de lucie sur tes pas
Holy fuck- Tone bank jungle
mogwai- mogwai fear satan
underworld- mmm skyscraper I love you
Aphex twin fingerbib
aphex twin- to cure a weakling child
akufen- jeep sex
jakeez- master
royksopp- the drug
royksopp- forsaken cowboy
pete samples- winona

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Show Ever dec 7th edition and Carla's edition of New Pulse

Best Show ever download:
comeback kid- magnet pull
little millionaires -the lime and pepper scrape
teenage kicks- I get what you give
single mothers -nice dresses
money in the banana stand -1728
chixdiggit -miso ramen
the new enemy -tim horton hears a who
metz -automat
sex church -I don't want to die
stereo goes stellar- far too gone
jr battles -basements
fear of lipstick- dumb dumb
brutal knights- life problems
crusades -gifts
famines- got lies
propagandhi- technocracy
shared arms- new waves
shared arms- bailbonds
slingshot- bro etiquette
currents- good morning
teen crud combo- study tall (in study hall)
monster truck -lethal weapon cop car
sainte catherines -do you guys wanna fuckin party after this? No.
a death in the family- while you were away
detentions- single, lonely and bored
orphan choir- upright broken piano
rome romeo- money money

New Pulse
Download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/50-New_Pulse-20101207-2230-t1291761000.mp3
Modeselektor- In loving memory
crystal castles- year of silence
Robyn- None of Dem
Apparat- harrowdown hill
deadmau5 -cthulu sleeps
benoit Charet- cabaret hoover
tricky ponderosa
mass destruction- faithless
woodhands -coolchazine
crystal castles- doe deer
Roni Size- railing
squarepusher- come on my selector
deadmau5- sofi needs a ladder
deadmau5 -one trick pony
Unkle- be there
Hot chip- one life stand
Russian futurists- Register my firearms? No way!
Hawksley Workman- Stay drunk and keep fucking

Saturday, December 4, 2010

november 23rd and 30th editions now up

cheap girls- dim lights
swingin utters -effortless amnesiac
hour of the wolf -domestic wild
bad books- you wouldn't have to ask
born without bones- the king
frodus- too big
lennigan- first rule of survival
permanent bastards -searching the shorelines
permanent bastards- add fuel to the fire
nofx- teenage existentialist
rust belt lights- forty five
rust belt lights- guilt trip
diet cokeheads- oedipussy complex
savage brewtality- lets get drunk
savage brewtality- fully housed
savage brewtality- whacky shack
assexuals -3 chord speed
assexuals -we seek no glory
vrgns- hide and seek
shithawks- hybrid moments
head down- up against the wall
direct hit -snickers or reices(pick up the pieces)
the lucky ones -no fear, more beer
the lucky ones- raise a glass
preying hands- details
backup plan- horseshoes and handgrenades
hellmouth- amen assholes
miles away -endless roads
betrayed- above the influence
band of mercy- the way of compassion
under stars and gutters- just like a movie
oh my god elephant -dan dan dan dan
gaslight anthem -she loves you
the vandals- power mustache
carpenter -mean things
ghost robot ninja bear- blood, the tango
rumspringer- the same wavelength
arms aloft- comfort at any cost
the establishment- give up
the establishment- mechanistic
above them -the take
swingin utters -lepers, thieves
ataries -all souls day
lemuria- chautauqua county
senders- the sea's weight
rival schools- shot after shot
cave in- retina sees rewind
apers- punk rock girl
tigers jaw- return
tigers jaw- let go/trashed floors
tigers jaw- static
brutal knights- take breaks
brutal knights- too many tattoos
brutal knights- sky mall
infamous scientists -all your ears can hear
glasses- fullthrottel
yyy -domination
zero option- rain of terror
rah -all I know
raging boner- all boner, all the time
enabler- heart attack man
disfea-r fear and trembling
glassjaw- good junkies go to heaven

Saturday, November 20, 2010

best show ever nov 16th

park- cover up
fifty stars anger- revolution is now
make do and mend- firewater
throwdown- I like big butts
stretch armstrong- express yourself
f.o. the smackmagnet -the humpty dance
money in the banana stand- laughing all the way
toilet creatures- oi oi
messengers- judge
hands of the few- hold no faith
daily times- us vs them
7 seconds- police state
dag nasty- I've heard
saccarine trust- we don't need freedom
chronic sick- mucho macho
heks orkest- how will it all fit
punch- realist
mad men- tracks
on- through these eyes
the twilight transmission- clean slate
this is hell -do something
the constraints fairweather
holy mountain -jungle beatings
black kites -upsides
ays -pondering channels
ghost of a thousand -moved as mountains
undark and the radium girls- sick to my gut
beyond the black- taker
sabertooth- beerbust at the moontower
sabertooth- beach monster

Saturday, November 13, 2010

best show ever nov 9th edition:
here's the link to listen:

and the setlist:
antillictual -every crisis is a moral crisis
doughboys- no holiday from the living
queers- psychadelic mindfuck
bomb the music industry- matchless considerable
the everybodys -you squandered my love
the measure(sa)- fear of commitment
the measure(sa)- hell, I'm no Daniel Craig
the measure(sa)- timburkulosis
joyce manor- chumped
bomb pops- open ended
believe you me- same old story
energy- let's get away
ulysses and the siren- karma eater
new collisions- dying alone
rome romeo- skin temperature
the future now- frame the mentor
final baton- espion
make do and mend -unknowingly strong
make do and mend- ghostal
brain banger -a no brainer
kittens- piccolo
posers- unreality
posers -rich kids
on -more than a sound
on- knocked down
the sweet revenge -ballad of the silver gun
gallows- sick of feeling sick

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oct 26th Halloween edition
here's the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101026-2100-t1288123200.mp3
and the setlist:
wolf eyes -the driller
zombie apocalypse- the breaking off of fingers
killingtons- all my friends are vampires
vampirates- big ones
hellmouth- bloodstains
gray ghost- lascivious omnipotence
git -some silver skies
liquid limbs -fresh catch of death
hex dispensors -brain inside a jar
groovie ghoulies -the blob
dan padilla- fast or slow zombie, It's your choice
dwarves- oozle
abomitable iron sloth -heterdox nonconformist
somic boom six- strange transformations
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -public vampire no.1
marked men -blew my head
trap them- day forty: dead fathers
mastodon- circle of the cysquatch
hellraiser- spitting spite
black breath- eat the witch
bison bc- wendigo
nov 2nd is a pledge drive show. shouldn't be alot of music so I won't bother posting it

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 19th show now up! Album feature is Spin magazines tribute to Bad Religion.
here's the link to listen: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101019-2100-t1287518400.mp3

and the setlist:
good luck -novel figure
smoke or fire- neon lights
crusades- becky
crusades- gifts
aficionado- myth about real life
chosen ones -misery and company
metz- negative space
metz- automat
none more black- I'm warning you with peace and love
weakerthans- sanity
polar bear club- better off dead
cheap girls- kerosene
title fight- you're yeah
toys that kill -pliers
arrivals- fat of the land
arrivals- blank slate
balance and composure- twenty four
balance and composure -rope
stick to your guns- wolves at the door
caravels -greenland
numbers -sideways elevator
I spy -I get mad
I spy- because they don't speak
all pigs must die- hungry wolf, easy prey
madball- spiders web
knucklehead -end in sight
knucklehead- first kick
knucklehead cut to pieces

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 new shows now up!

oct 5th edition
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101005-2100-t1286308801.mp3
and setlist:
energy- walk into the fire
monster truck- space nebula
flatliners -christ punchers
flatliners- cut your teeth
big eyes- I prefer to be alone
choke up -we all know
teenage kicks- shook our bones
wayfarer -seventy times seven
baroness- bikeage
party at the moontower- 50 year storm
hormoans- hormoans
trash talk- rabbit holes
envy -worn heels and the hands we hold
the arrivals- 2 years
the arrivals- water water everywhere
the arrivals- simple pleasures in america
subb- a little more noam chomsky(a little less of you and me)
good riddance- more depalma, less felini
retard strength -less stance, more dance
a wilhelm scream -less bright eyes, more deicide
paint it black- less deicide, more minor threat
glory bound- less ron jeremy, more ian mackaye
sharks- keep your head up kid
detroit -spiritual autopsy
ratking- self-defenestration
burdoned -loose screws
accidental gun death- rejected
talk is poison- rage to infinity
your demise -the kids we used to be
red collar -catch a ride

and the oct 12th edition

download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20101012-2100-t1286913600.mp3
and the setlist:
party at the moontower- mitchy mitchy mitchy
junior battles -basements
junior battles- roads? Where we're going we definitely need roads
prevenge- one day at a time
stuck out here -hit the switch
fear of lipstick- just for a moment
fear of lipstick- don't want
fear of lipstick- in the city
fear of lipstick- I wanna be your werewolf
the lewis turnout- sex, drugs and larp
shot baker- short on time
lemuria- race the germ
screeching weasel -cool kids
screeching weasel- jock punks
screeching weasel -nicaragua
screeching weasel -thrift store girl
screeching weasel -static
screeching weasel -nobody likes you
screeching weasel -I wanna be with you tonight
screeching weasel -I'm not in love
screeching weasel -pervert at large
screeching weasel -you're the enemy
screeching weasel -veronica hates me
new creases -northeast charm
sex bob-omb- threshold
the wunder years- dynamite shovel
2 cow garage -lucy and the butcher knife
arliss nancy- abacus
500 miles to memphis- everybody needs an enemy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


here's the download http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100928-2100-t1285704000.mp3
and the setlist:
single mothers -nice dresses
single mothers -heaven for the weekend
lower than atlantis -far Q
burger kings- she's my girl
forgetters- the night accellerates
weatherbox- broken glow sticks
sour boy bitter girl- refugee fighters
funeral dress -rebel radio
bad religion- only rain
bad religion- someone to believe
bad religion -cyanide
no secrets between sailors- this is japan
peaches- rock n roll
pacer- everythings fine
slingshot- chai pig latte
slingshot- she said that
the get up kids- central standard time
toys that kill- pliers
the snips- black leather vest
the snips- finckle is einhorn
dayglo abortions- homophobic sexist cokeheads
dayglo abortions- nikki dial
holy mountain -genocide
holy mountain- george jackson
holy mountain- stalker
contraints -consumed
rust belt lights -forty five
dollyrots -on nom nom

Sunday, September 26, 2010

best show ever sept 21st now up!

here's the link to download it http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100921-2100-t1285099200.mp3
and here's the setlist:
envy- rain clouds running in a hole
year zero -my head
explode and make up- reel around the rumor mill
just panic- new year
nerd alert- brace face
the roman line- intro
the roman line- down after the wreck
creepshow- get what's coming
creepshow- last chance
younger years- the death of steve rogers
outlets -knock me down
dropkick murphys- john law
dropkick murphys- in the streets of boston
dropkick murphys -road of the ritcheous
street dogs -in stereo
flatfoot 56- stampede
money in the banana stand- wave(goodbye to the tough guy)
money in the banana stand -pma
money in the banana stand -what you know
spermbirds -matter of fact
such gold -the brass tax
hot water music- end of a gun
undark and the radium girls- I fucking hate the smiths
divider -the stranger/strange land
black birds- blood shot eyes
black birds -have nots
ays- sister of the abyss
s.t.r.e.e.t.s. -freebirds to revert

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new show's up! august 7th and 14th
august 7th
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100907-2100-t1283889600.mp3
the setlist:
lowtalker- intro
lowtalker -turncoat
the dead milkmen- labor day
dead mechanical- pictures in the hall
tightrope- gramophones
dan padilla- booker t would agree
fang- eat a vegan
chitz- bingo
chitz- dumb girl
lager lads- made in canada
lager lads- moy street blues
street dogs- punk rock and roll
marching orders- weight of the world
fiya- bad blood
your skull my closet- get loud
envy- a breath clad in happiness
daddy's hands- shiver into brown space
daddy's hands- in my pirate suit
nofx- fanmail
plack pacific- living with ghosts
lightnin round- rock with me
shai hulud- anesthesia
punch- stay afloat
punch- let me forget
punch- fixation
dangers -no vonneguts, no glory
dangers- I'll clap when I'm impressed
mountain man- live
grade- optical portions
whiskey trench -devil at your door
whiskey trench-(I saw) your face
burnt by the sun- rust future primatives

and august 14th
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100914-2100-t1284494400.mp3
and the setlist:
blacklist royals -love in the backseat
dollyrots -california beach boy
achigan- fort dans l'faux
brokedowns- this cult is a bummer
broadcast- zero band du jour
crazy jim buhdulah and the sweat- stonecutters song
negative approach- cargo cult
negative approach- friends of no one
fo fun old
exxotone- sideways
unnatural silence -system
unnatural silence- agape brainwash
my precious -things I get you
beyond pink- walk
gamits- falling apart
gamits- the still and the lost
gamits- the well
be my doppelganger- turning 17
caleb lionheart -make believe
vandals- my neck, my back
chewing on tinfoil- the white washed blues
eisley- ambulance
criteria -the coincidence
shared arms- 101 uses for a dead rat
shared arms- rat your friends
old school politics -mel gibson
old school politics -got it
ceremony -moving principle
hellmouth -tragedy of a city
black kites- miracles
solar bear -endless choir

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back on the ball

New show up! Album feature from the new Sass Dragons record and how to play mafia by David Cross. Check it out here:
download http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100824-2100-t1282680000.mp3
and setlist:
big kids -parents are still a handful
crash and the kids -I'm so sad, so very, very sad
crash and the kids- we hate you, please die
sass dragons- your turn cop
sass dragons- himalayan salt
sass dragons- 8 or 9 on a bike
year zero- the great debate
year zero- my head
the estranged -faces stare
achigan -la cage
achigan -participier au chaos
david cross -how to play mafia
bad religion -man with a mission
hot graves- yesterday
bad religion- devil in stitches
erics trip -we're only gonna die
villanovans- drive me
underdogs -mom and dad
the willkills -rough times ahead
dead mechanical- watchpost
miles away -rain eyes
stick to your guns- amber
heads held high- refurbished kids
undertaker- nature's eyes
in bear county -the name's ash

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 new shows including album features from Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Hewhocannotbenamed, and Broadcast Zero

aug 10th
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100810-2100-t1281470400.mp3
rumspringer -with a hint of lyme
bars of gold -the hustle
death in the park- fallen
new years day- you'll only make it worse
into it over it -clocked out
kids on fire- shotgun
white lung- it's the evil
ghost robot ninja bear- one pedal to another
go rydell -a little too raph
senders- near freeport
personal and the pizzas- pepperoni eyes
marvelous darlings- teenage targets
marvelous darlings- lagoons
detentions -problem solved
detentions -ain't so bad in the suburbs
government- acute angles
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -horrormovie addict
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -mondo video
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- shock rock romance
envy -dreams coming to an end
modern problems -popularity contest
modern problems- quality control
modern problems- popularity contest
mouth sewn shut- assassinate
crippled fox- no thanks!
cursed -anti hero resuscitator
cursed- into the hive
tideland- devil behind doors

august 17th
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100817-2100-t1282075200.mp3
the promise ring- jersey shore
hewhocannotbenamed -motorboating
hewhocannotbenamed -bill vs the gnomes
hewhocannotbenamed -daddy is dead
a death in the family -lion hearted
the greek favorites- 11 11 11
blatz -I don't care about you
direct action- liberty
direct action -angels
the curse -switchblade love
the nukes- heart in rags
complete -so long
broadcast zero- wake me up
broadcast zero- just entertainment
broadcast zero -nowhere to go
hex dispensers- I'm a ghost
no friends -armed to the teeth
circle pit- shallow graves
before braille- unfit
swingin utters- brand new lungs
nofx- I've become a cliché
propagandhi -leg hold trap
the hives -nasty secrets
the love below- some of us have real problems
at our heels -graves
frenetics -bullpen
frenetics -plastic surgeon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tried this once already

but it didn't take. so here's a huge update of downloads and setlists

best show ever july 27th warped tour special
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100727-2100-t1280260800.mp3
the setlist:
alkaline trio- do you wanna know
AM taxi- shake rattle and stall
dose of adolescence- 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning
the swellers -bottles
far from finished- dusty shelves
flatfoot 56- son of shame
left alone- my whole life
casualties- no turning back
riverboat gamblers- sleepless
fight fair -party girls
artist vs poet- runaway
we the kings -check yes juliet
hey Monday -set off
fake problems- tabernacle song
gardening not architecture- jabberwocky
passafire- barcelona
set your goals- like you to me
face to face- AOK
reel big fish- she has a girlfriend now
pennywise- brag, exagerate and lie
andrew WK- we want fun
everytime I die- shallow water blackout
suicide silence- the fallen
the pretty reckless- make me wanna die

steel belted radio july 27th edition\
download http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/44-Steel_Belted_Radio-20100727-1700-t1280246400.mp3
the setlist:
the reckless sweethearts- take me with you
goodnight lovin- ain't it weird
minnesota's calling- whiskey nights
500 miles to memphis- broken busted bloody
saddlesores- redneck punk
saddlesores- mexican showdown
lucero -I'll just fall
sarah harmer- the marble in your eye
laura stevenson- baby bones
ninja gun- time and a half
the vandals- susanville
james mcmurtry- vague directions
the reckoners- too tough to love
greenland is melting- from city to town
micah schnabel -stage lights
arliss nancy- rust
foundation- begging to bleed

august 3rd edition of the best show ever
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100803-2100-t1280865600.mp3
the setlist:
faty maty and the yellowbelts -welcome to the mike show
blurt- epic
hard to say- in a space of 3 weeks
fucked up -davids plan
out of fate- (…)
lungs- forever 84
tianamen squares- emo kids
ac4- useless alibi
the black ink- romeo's ladder
powerpoint- what's the point (power point)
glass dog -glass dog forever
converge- on my shield
contrabandit- the prince
gravemaker- sever thy head
spazms- harriss-y
rufio- gold and silver
burning love- money shots
visitors- egypt
chuck norris- pick up your skate
comeback kid- balance
comeback kid- pull back the reins
comeback kid- because of all the things you say
fast offensive- techno sux
fast offensive- hong kong fu fu
frontier(s) -von veneer
pillow fights- get outta here
rain over battle- the carry over

Friday, July 23, 2010

3 new shows added

here are the show I did on july 13th and 20st, as well as an episode of Steel Belted radio I did on the 20st.
here are the downloads:
july 13 best show ever http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100713-2100-t1279051200.mp3
july 20th best show ever http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100720-2100-t1279656000.mp3
july 20 steel belted radio http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/44-Steel_Belted_Radio-20100720-1700-t1279641600.mp3

and here are the setlists
july 13th best show ever:
the hudson falcons -open all night
polar bear club -drifting
polar bear club -our ballads
the creeps -cold feet
the creeps- ready roll
humanifesto- some thai fun
humanifesto- him + a fetus = no
change of ideas- in our hands
dirty revolution- church
the real deal- rebel's chant
ashers -watch it burn
gift eaters- dues
down to earth- countdown to highlight
the exposed- dead end stories
the exposed -believe me
the exposed -away we go
new creases- new creases
prizzy prizzy please -rocket boots
real mckenzies- auld mrs huld
real mckenzies- bastards
lightning bolt- sound guardians
barrier- young warriors
sucked dry -give up
landscapes- drencher
glasses- I laugh blood
this is hell- out come the bastards
trial- live
kittens- queen of clubs

july 20 best show ever:
mineral- if I could
iron chic- every town has an elm street
calculator -jesus unfinished
marked men- the other side
the creeps -it's not right
assassinators- skeletter I stiletter
continental- long hard
the bomb pops -paranoid
our walls -re reuser, the renewer
thought explode- march of a thousand
git some -cool guys like you out of my life
sundowner- I the flicker
humanifesto- minute of ash
humanifesto- a home if nuts
humanifesto -shout amen if
roxanne- roxanne
burning love- alien vs creditor
burning love- morning after party
burning love -destroyer of worlds
shang a lang -friends grow up
so cow- start over
masshysteri- dom kan inte hora musiken
holy shit- 40oz
culture shock -forever and ever
famines- got lies
cloud mouth- shark week
Bad american- nut bag on radar
debaser- ugly

july 20th steel belted radio:
the takers -bitter holiday
sundowner- baseball's sad lexicon
real mckenzies -seany bean clan
jessica lea mayfield -kiss me again
arliss nancy -johnny appleseed
the blue shadows- If I were you
shooter jennings- the illuminated
heavy trash- bumble bee
joey only- that one last song
dead country- driving home
evening rig- goddamn I could use a drink
titus andronicus- the battle of hampton roads

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

june 6th episode now up. album features from the dopamines and the riverdales.

download it here: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100706-2100-t1278446400.mp3
and the setlist:
dig it up- aristocrats
dopamines -basement
dopamines- it really couldn't be any other
dopamines- cincinnati
state lottery- stories
frontier(s)- radiomine
stephen egerton- silencer
from plan to progress -audi alteram partem
sonic avenues -I want you to know
sonic avenues- bleed me dry
mockingbird wish me luck- orphans of a storm
mall'd to death -armani needle exchange
cub- who the hell do you think you are
norma jean- falling from the sky
hostage calm- jerry rumspringer
cry havoc -4get I lived
skewbald -sorry
low threat profile- kick my heart
low threat profile- nobody fears you
stay home -grand 95
stay home- down turn
riverdales- diabolic
riverdales- the girl in lovers lane
riverdales- bad seed baby
steve adamyk- speed it up
steve adamyk- 20/20
gravemaker- ghosts among you
matahari- deciever

Thursday, July 1, 2010

june 29th show now up! album features from gravemaker and cruel hand

here's the link to listen
and here's the setlist:
the adicts- tune in turn on drop out
the visitors- bugs
cold warps -I got opinions dude
cold warps -stupid tattoos
modernettes -barbera
modernettes- suicide club
spys- I'm a miner
spys -best I can get
500 miles to memphis -don't mistlead
hanelei -twilight gleam
defiance ohio- her majesty's miswestern island
nightlights -one of these days
paramore -looking up
joyce manor -five beer plan
gatorface -not scientists
bridge and tunnel- predecessors
united nations -communication letdown
smartbomb -record revolution
the casting out- head first
hellraiser- spite
doubledealer- not my fight
glasses -so right
grave maker -hell followed
grave maker- dead of alive
grave maker -strong hold
black pacific- when It's over
cruel hand- rotations of hurt
cruel hand -lock and key
cruel hand -broken glass

next week my album feature may be the new riverdales record or the new dopamines record. I haven't decided yet

Sunday, June 27, 2010

best show ever june 1 and june 22 now up!

Here are the june 1st show and the june 22nd show repectively:
I was gone to work in Ottawa for the two weeks between the shows and had some very able bodied fill in's.
here's the link to check out Josh Kolm from trapper radio filling in:
and here's the link to hear Ryan Soloman from Make this Your Canada
I don't have their setlists but here are mine
june 1 setlist:
the indestructible beat -capital radio
defiance ohio- hairpool
cult ritual -hot cement
the taxpayers -never getting warm
disco assault- my fate
lightnin round- high noon
the faint- parranoiattack
the faint- drop kick the punks
zobux -selective deafness
down to earth- contro
naked under leather- fight to fly
tora tora tora- dead by dawn
lowtalker- that's how it starts
burning streets- draw
blacklist royals -american hearts
blacklist royals- tennessee blues
blacklist royals- promised land
sturgeons -punk rock virgins
siggy magic and the hey ho band -commercials for free
school jerks -decline
school jerks- guestlist
school jerks -rentboy
school jerks -street talk
debaser -we have a lot in common you and I
grey ghost- lascivious shrines
monument to thieves- just like me

and june 22:

off with their heads- the eyes of death
amiens -flowers
ux vileheads -waste of life
sedatives -slip away
jetty boys- I'll be fine
the evening rig- how does she do it
infant sorrow- the clap
heartsounds -walking dead
rufio- all that lasts
sidekicks- small
statues- start time
statues -all good things
statues -holiday cops
statues -click
statues -home life
teenage bottlerocket- without you
teenage bottlerocket- tonguebiter
the lawrence arms -them angels been talking
ceremony -M.C.D.F.
ceremony -terminal addiction
ceremony -into the wayside part III
rehasher- hanging on the telephone
the dean malenkos- scared of cancer
the dean malenkos- norwegian punk song
the dean malenkos- hemo
the dean malenkos- corpses part 2
the dean malenkos- sandra's got a
coliseum- lost in groningen
wisdom in chains -SxE dad
disembodied -enochian prayer
the cleats-?

Friday, May 28, 2010

best show ever may 25th edition

this weeks album feature is the new live record from bad religion-30 years of bad religion
the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100525-2100-t1274817600.mp3
the setlist:
AM taxi -shake rattle and stall
astrobillies- I lie awake
blake- superhero
insult- sweet revenge
after all- don't give up
rvivr- edge ot living
500 miles to memphis- the regret
desoto jones -cap gun
new town animals- Oh! What a nerd
new town animals- observer
bedlam hour -corn dances
da slyme -crazy glue
222's- hold up
inepsy- run away
inepsy- time bomb
radio birdman- you just make it worse
bad religion- dearly beloved
bad religion -athiest peace
bad religion- flat earth society
carrion spring- scumfuck angels
love below -serious delerium
brothers- peace over power
comrade kilken -amnesic spades
terminal state- I'm a snob
terminal state- punxploitation
blacklisted- eccentrichine
far- pony

best show ever may 18th

the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100518-2100-t1274212800.mp3
the setlist:
killtakers- anneliese
transmitorz- plastic genocide
nothington- the ocean
tiny hawks- give it rest
noise by numbers -without boundaries
miracle of 86- every famous last word
prize country -what we're made of
guttermouth -primate camp
misery signals- worlds and dreams
misery signals- murder
on- silence inside
on- take a stand
inepsy- the fury of destruction
inepsy- no order! Disorder!
nakatomi plaza- bomb shelter
seven story mountain- sinking in
marked men -a little time
emery- the note from which a chord is
maxeen -it don't make no sense
far- give me a new reason
far- at night we live
far- are you sure
carpenter -wake up
mi amore- sgnl > faible
betrayed -work for it
anti-heroes -the bomb
continuance- beneath the concrete
mastodon- blood and thunder

Thursday, May 13, 2010

finally an update

been a while because I've been so busy at work. But there has been a rain delay.
1000 bands in 6 months was completed on april 13th, and I've added a new feature that I call "records I got my grubby hands on" started with prizzy prizzy please-chroma cannon.
This week was Balance and composure/Tigers Jaw-split
You can still find past programs here:http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/
Here is this weeks show:http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100511-2100-t1273608001.mp3
and here's the setlist:
bomb the music industry- all ages shows
dirty filthy mugs- up for trouble
organ thieves- fix the hearts of the hollow
razorblades- will I always be fighting
nitrominds -all american
stephen egerton -she's got everything
micah schnabel- the stage lights
unsane -this stops at the river
doubledealer- chained
in bear country -road dawgs
teen crud combo -awful brother
the spits- tonight
one last wish- home is the place
one last wish- break to broken
jr battles- rip it up
introspect- wave your fucking way
the brains- rip
the brains- we'll rise
ceremony -sick
balance and composure- burden
balance and composure- rope
tigers jaw- jet alone
black breath- wewhocannotbenamed
gravemaker -dear brother
abominable iron sloth -I destroy
insuiciety-left for dead

Saturday, March 20, 2010

march 16th episode

download it here http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100316-2100-t1268773200.mp3
here's the setlist:
glasseater -medicine
saves the day- do you know what I love the most
oscar- piece by piece
promise ring- between pacific coasts
beautiful mistake- wide eyes
sex pistols- bodies
gbh -war dogs
naked raygun- I lie
adicts -chinese takeaway
swing utters- angels pissing on your head
something fierce -on your own
the drips -old sex
ken yokoyama- don't make me pissed off
die toten hosen- strom
2 minutos -me converti en um marciano
silent majority- polar bear club
santa sangre- bury your dreams
one king down- gravity wins again
h20- this time
van stone- spring break forever
polar bear blub- another night in the rock
make do and mend -shambles
continuance- beneathe the concrete
STREETS -corey webster-still givner
black breath -murder
evaporators -I'm going to france
youth brigade -somebody's gonna get their head kicked in
catharsis -exterminating angel
reanimator -raising the dead
3 inches if blood- fear on the bridge
coma recovery-capulet

Friday, March 12, 2010

mar 9th show now up:

here's the setlist:
ghoti hook- just what I needed
the falcon -the angry cry from the angry pie
mighty midgets- you are not alone
against me- mutiny on the electronic bay
the sandwitches- tom gabel=omg tab
regulations- catholic love
toys that kill- bullet from the sky
dirty and the derelects- I got drunk and quit my job
stars burn stripes- consequence of having fun
excessives- anti socialist
golliwog -serotonin fix
inside out- under tow
preying hands- preying hands
these arms are snakes -hook o
meleeh- vowbreaker
brazen hell -boxed in
punchout- new chapter
trap them- day 29 reincarnation
hong kong blonde- into the darkness
ringers- long distance calling
nfj- sitting!!pretty
curse- killer bees
ruggedy annes- holoow heroes
poles -CN tower
tyranna -back off baby
hostage calm- nosebleed section
teen idols- the voice
bruisers -trouble
acute- yourself
total chaos -pain agony defeat
blacklisted- palisade
forstella ford- emitter follower
death by stereo- sow the seeds
tsol -funeral march
marked men -shakey ground
curl up and die -I lost my job to a machine
slapstick -not tonight
latin for truth- table
agent orange -bored of you
ted leo and the pharmasists- the stick
shared arms -101 uses for a dead rat

Saturday, March 6, 2010

march 2nd show now up!

download it here http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100302-2100-t1267563600.mp3
and here's the setlist:

the martyr saint- the days you would
big drill car -16 lines
common rider- on broadway
cancer bats- scared to death
deviates- bad seed
hifi handgrenades- around again
raised by apes- calico
the pogs- I sat on a mountain and the universe smiled at me
cobweb society- nickles and dimes
roll the tanks -windspitting punk
moonshine- back to you
teenage bottlerocket- london drunk
vagina sore jr- be your babies mama
kid dynamite- breakin's a memory
from ashes rise- concrete and steel
christ all fuckin mighty- don't give a fuck
monster -don't answer the phone
copyrights- flat
forecast -heads will roll
passenger action- beneath the ruse
operation ivy- here we go again
cambridge- jewel case mafia
aging youth gang- I got something to say
strict district- no matter
gerbia- brute epaisse
bolweevils- last laugh
grey area- never again
panthro uk united 13- puku12 fight song
encyclopedia of american traitors- young comrades
karp- pistol whipped
ken mode- pioneer
maxeen -shuffle my feet
great st louis- sink
nerve agents- so very avoidable
what's eating gilbert- thinkin bout her
funeral -without a sound
day of mourning- enshrouded in briars
adhesive -your morality is broken
flogging molly- If I ever leave this world alive

Saturday, February 27, 2010

here's the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100216-2100-t1266354001.mp3
and here's the setlist:

refused- refused party program
pennywise- no reason why
ignite- slowdown
animal kingdom- tension
bnu- get your trash on
agent and the patient -muscle
swellbow- fight back
baxter- flacidity
house of commons- way down south
SCUM -ain't you
batman and robin- who the fuck is superman
the fad -extended family
hear the sirens- sum of all parts
fc five- some apologies
supersift -I hate punk rock
removal -Irr2.10
pillowfights- minnesota muse
serf combat- start affresh
the have nots -serf city usa
lizards have personalities- so beautiful in may
how dare you- business casual
knockdown -yeah, kyle gets it
the real deal -it's paradise
ruffians -dead babies don't cry
the trouble- teenage terror
the holy mess -crazy horny
mature situations- golden age
surprise sex attack- when you're dead
pussy hole treatment- think of yourself
furnace -she's a mighty ship
contradict -in every force
great redneck- hope oh my god. Omigod. Oohhh my god. I thought nailguns had a safety
bonvivant- factotum
sober dawn- the sober dawn

Saturday, February 13, 2010

feb 9th best show ever

here's the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100209-2100-t1265749200.mp3
and here's the setlist:
polysics -buggie technica
posers -rich kids
small brown bike- hideaway
god awfuls- 1979
disco assault- my fate
birthday suits- jarrasha be
choke up- tracking
bald vulture- she's ed
bunchofuckingoofs- molded
bad brain-s black dots
baader brains- baader brains
Zro4- gimme attention
trash rats- punks not for sale
red phone dispatch- pygmy giant
Less than jake- how's my driving doug hastings
barricade mentale- la tourne en anglais
modernettes- barbra
anti flag- captain anarchy
duane peters and the hunns- wild
stark naked and the fleshtones- I broke her heart and she broke my arm
SNFU- plastic surgery kept her beautiful
diesel boy -punk rock girl
in bear country -sinkin
the action- tv's on the brink
ripcordz- real bands
crime in stereo- not dead
gaslight anthem -say I won't recognize
female hands -devided by three
delirium alcoholerix -riot riot
secret 7 line -wanna go
epoxies- science of you
slander- petticoat junction
guns n wankers- blows away
subsitance- police state
refuse resist- bad luck
bane- one life to live
path of resistance- trust isn't free
wings beer sports- who won?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

feb 2nd episode now up.

played a lot this week to get ahead on the 1000 band count
here's the show: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100202-2100-t1265144401.mp3
and here is the setlist:
adolescents- self destruct
a global threat -channel 34
agnostic front- pauly the dog
agoraphobic nosebleed- drive by blowjob on a bicycle
ambitions -calamity
anal cunt- tom arnold
andrew jackson jihad- no more tears
angry samoans- you stupid jerk
arrivals -blue kamikazi
ataries- the radio still sucks
batallion of saints- witch world
betrayed- nothing breaks us apart
black flag- you bet we've got something personal against you
blood for blood- serenity
blue Monday- cathedral square
capitalist alienation -rambo desperately seeking madonna
capitalist casualties- propane punks
circle jerks -wasted
cop cars -can't stand you
cromags- survival of the streets
DOA- disco sucks
daniel striped tiger- rough cut
dead milkmen- brat in the frat
descendents- all
detestation- dying everyday
dillinger 4- porch
discipline- stompin crew
DRI -closet punk
dropdead- at the end of days
DS13 -society scandal
epoxy- sports pack
failures- blame
final exit -17 scoops
go it alone- go it alone
heresy- network of friends
hewhocorrupts -1 block east, 2 blocks up your ass
holy mountain- florida
hype- ditch pig
in-sane- dead cop
jammy dodgers -jazz is dead
jeromes dream -it's right where you said
JFA- teen idol
kids like us -lantern corps
lagwagon- inspector gadget
letters in binary- don'ts
link 80- jeff acree
loutish- police attack
madball- get out
mara'akate- lorenze transformations
martyr ad -terminal
methadones- past mistakes
mingers- fuck class
minor threat- small man big mouth
minutemen -please don't be gentle with me
misfits- demonomania
monikers- wake up line up
mushmouth- follower
mxpx -forgive and forget
negative approach- sick of talk
new bomb turks- we give a rat's ass
nobodys -stupid humans
no harm done -the start of something new
no redeeming social value -all I ask
orchid -death of a modernist
page 99 -you and your lumbering body
pig destroyer -fuck you up and get high
pulling teeth- ashes and dust
punkin pie- at the museum
rudimentary peni- bile ball
SOA- gang fight
short attention- jugallos at the alamo
sinkhole- my life 2
snuff- shake and black
spermswamp- genital burger
ss decontrol- screw
stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff -my girlfriend is a crazy fucking cat lady
stinkaholic- oscar the couch
sudden impact- steamy loaf
suicide machines- punck
swamp thing- enjoy it
think don't pray- poverty parade
this bike is a pipe bomb- forgotten not gone
this is my fist- jesus + nothing
times new viking- take the piss
united nations- spinning heart of the yoyo
unseen- fuck the kkk
useless fucks- we say fuck a lot
useless ID -too bad you don't get it
victems of corruption- fuckin cops
violent society- rotting
war called peace -grand dad's suit
wasted youth- teenage nark
western waste- menace to society
wynonna riders- a word from out sponsors
xbishopx- go fuck yourself
youthinasia- IB6UB9
zeke- roller
aids wolf- audiotrack
adhd- windsor sucks
ballast- numb again

Sunday, January 31, 2010

best show ever jan 26th edition

so I just found out that my show will be pre-empted on feb 23rd. so that means in order to complete my goal of 1000 bands in 6 months I will have to raise it up a notch. on feb 2nds show I will attempt to play 100. as for this past show, here you go: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100126-2100-t1264539600.mp3
grade- these eyes are on the exit
blood red- peeping tom
map- mes filles
one shot left- never coming home
avail- nickel bridge
tim barry- prosser's gabriel
hot water music -trademark
chuck regan- rotterdam
searching for chin- the beard stays, you go
anais nin- so much flesh
ivs- walls
movielife- me and you vs them
the snips- old engines
good luck -1001 open hands
the delay- forever inside
the max levine ensemble- another song about the rain
jud jud- speed picking song
risky business- what's mine is mine
thieves and assassins- tax and tribute
germs -what we do is secret
hagfish- white food
big boys- brick wall
discount -tv kiss
against all authority- 30 second song
down by law- drummer dave hunter up
turmoil- six demon bag
capital- 250 32nd
new mexican disaster squad- destroy at all costs
international superheroes of hardcore- super hero sell out
f-minus -(I'm so) empty
death wish kids- lucky
ampere- remain unadapted
lar frederickson and the bastards- blind ambition
let me out- these ties
matadors of shame- beginings
ructions- been watching
jay reatard- dead on arrival
dishrags- love is shit
mi6- hooligan bum
rutteger- all in your head
suicidal tendencies- facist pig
druglords of the avenues -he loves
malcolm bauld- ready for anything

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the best show ever jan 19th edition

here's the show http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100119-2100-t1263934800.mp3
zegota- $59.95
franz nicolay- jeff penalty
jesse fellows- 101 uses for a dead rat
fuel the fire- happy daddy catastration day
proletariat- allegiance
class assassins- behind your screen
the exit- let's go to haiti
weston- got beat up
victems- the danger
guttermouth- bullshit
mdc- church and state
the steal- up in smoke
raped teenagers- kontrollerad
jet market- all my friends are in a popular bands
adorkables- staring problem
el nudo- out of business
daggermouth- dan don get off your
john couger concentration camp- tougher than leather
paint it black- cipher
watchmaker- relentless post mortem killing
whiskey rebels- by reason of insanity
the fu's- outcast
pointed sticks- you must be crazy
down I go- boston molassas flood 1919
our time down here- curtain call
dangers -under the affluence
mccrackins- nothing but perfect
pink razors -totally nautical dude
jersey- eye to eye
staring back- new method of expression
buearocrats- now and then
cheeky- deal with it
by a thread- fade
lwl- bassist needed
wisecracks- needless
lunachicks- wing chun
went- out
death threat- never again
fate 2 hate- forget it
the now denial- the roaring mob
welt- rhetoric
comeback kid- partners in crime

Sunday, January 17, 2010

jan 12th show now up

here's the show http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100112-2100-t1263330000.mp3
and here is the setlist:
circle takes the square- interview at the ruins
bikini kill- double dare
mutoid men- wizard sits
poison the well- to mandate heaven
1 speed bike- I'm a pretzel on a stealth mission
chaser- this too shall pass
tenement kids- quit playing them strings
leather uppers- can't choose ya
watership down- second step still
kid down- a kid called down
pantychrist- it's ok
jenny piccolo- gods gym
corrosion of conformity- citizen
falling sickness- ripperside
colossal- spit bite
armalite- dans hands melt
teen crud combo- dirty chick
saigon distress signal- fortress of ravens
choke- static remains
kill the man who questions- you say it's your birthday
poison idea- god not God
botch- spitting black
die mannequin- where poppies grow
niel perry- I bought this southern rap compilation and all I g
wingnut dishwashers union- for a girl in rhinelande
josh freese- it's fucked up
sweet baby- baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you
jazz june- bleach in your eyes
cloak/dagger- billions millions
sick of it all- pete's sake
unwritten law- rejected
the banned- little girls
dropkick murphys- skinhead on the mbta

Finally the best of 2009

download the show here (unfortunately the first two releases are cut off please look them up anyways.

25. Punch-Punch : a late addition to the list. This could have been the new Striver records slot but this was much more vicious. It also plays with the thrashy hardcore sound more than your average band.
24. Her Breath on Glass-We Aimed Straight Down : really reminds me why I loved basement screamo in the earlier part of the decade. This is 1 part new recordings and 1 part live show. Best screamo record of the year.
23. Heartsounds- Until We Surrender : Former members of Light This City realize they’re a mediocre metal band and decide to do what they’re good at: writing fast, catchy, poppy hardcore. The girls voice also reminds me of Genevieve from Fifth Hour Hero.
22. Banner Pilot-Collapser : what this band has lost in speed, they have more than made up for with density (still fast though). I love that heavy base guitar sound that Banner Pilot and Off With Their Heads have almost patented at this point.
21. Thursday-Common Existence : I don’t think Thursday will ever again reach the greatness of Full Collapse, but this record goes into some very interesting directions. Case in point, download the song circuits in fever. It’s one of the best songs of the year and I would be thrilled if their next record was full of songs like it.
20. The Casting Out-go crazy, throw fireworks : This is the band Nathen Grey always should have fronted. I was privy to this one in November of 08 but it didn’t have a real release until 2009. Way better than Boy Sets Fire.
19. Prize Country-With Love : Excellent post hardcore. Think early Helmet mixed with later Snapcase and some Quicksand to garnish. Unfortunately all of the songs kind of run together. Otherwise it would be higher on the list.
18. Carry the Torch : A Tribute to Kid Dynamite : one of my favorite tribute records of all time. Most of the bands play it pretty straight, which I’d rather hear than a bunch of bands playing badly rearranged covers. The bands that do experiment a bit do really well. Especially Comadre and To the Lions. It also covers almost their entire discography.
17. Cheap Girls-My roaring 20’s : This is what emo should be. Fat ugly white guys singing slow songs about lost love and getting drunk. The second best emo record of the year.
16. Teenage Bottlerocket-They Came From the Shadows : driving Ramones style (and dare I say Ramones surpassing) punk rock and roll. This is a solid record the whole way through. They should just name their next record Catchy/Fast.
15. Marked Men-Ghosts : Simple but complex driving punk. I would live to see this band live. I’d imagine their fingers bleed they play with so much passion. I was worried that people would have forgotten this one on their best of lists since it came out so early in the year, but it has been well represented on all the punk review sites. Every time I listen to this I’m able to pick out another small nuance in the production that I like.
14. Propagandhi-Supporting Caste : It’s impossible to say you hate a propagandhi record. So I will only say I was disappointed by Potemkin City Limits. I’m not even sure why. Supporting Caste however is a return to form. That form being the head of Cthulu. That what I imagine their music would look like if it took form and started ravaging government buildings.
13. Wisdom in Chains-Everything You Know : You have to love an band that doesn’t have to remind you of how hard they are. You already know they’re hard. So they write songs about dogs and bullies, keeping the fun in tough guy hardcore.
12. Evening Rig-Is doin stuff : A perfect blend of Lucero, Limbeck, Replacements and Gin blossoms. There is not a music fan alive that can’t admit to loving two out of four of those. The others you have probably never heard.
11. Broadway Calls-Good News, Bad Views : If you’re an older guy like me, in 94 Greenday’s Dookie hit the airwaves so hard it changed my taste in music forever. The next month they played Joe Louis area for $10 tickets. I tried like hell so get some but they sold out in 7 minutes. I always imagine that seeing Greenday in a basement in the Kerplunk era would be similar to a Broadway Calls show. Basically I’m comparing Broadway Calls to early Greenday. So check them out in a small venue while you can. They have to potential to get huge.
10. Converge-Axe to Fall : Every time a Converge record comes out you don’t have to hope that it’s good. You just have to listen to it and get your mind blown by a sound more innovative than any other hardcore band has and will ever come up with.
9. C.Aarme-World Music : This was really hard to come by and I would not compile my list until I’d heard it. Almost dancy post everything. If I compared it to another band I’d be doing them an injustice. If you need some convincing before you seek it out than I just need to tell you they’re Swedish. And everyone knows all the best bands come from Sweden.
8. Lewd Acts-Black Eyes Blue : Suddenly these guys have become the hardcore band you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. This record is dark, angry and unpredictable. I feel a lot of influence from Cursed on this one.
7. Failures Union-In What Way : The best emo record of the year. It’s sad and fun at the same time. They are very similar to Cheap Girls in most ways except that their songs sound more important.
6. Burnt by the Sun-Heart of Darkness : In my opinion there is no band heavier than Burnt by the Sun. A return to form after the disappointing and experimental The Perfect is the Enemy of The Good. This is what every metal core band should strive to be, instead of trying to sound like every band on roadrunner.
5. Last Lights-No Past, No Present, No Future : This band was so pissed the singers head exploded. Literally. Of a brain aneurism after a show. I have a feeling this band could have had the same following that American Nightmare had in 2001. A really sad ending to a band with more potential for legendary hardcore status than 95% of new hardcore bands out there today. Also check out the other members new band Mountain Man. It’s in the same vein.
4. Hit the Switch-Observing Infinities : This band was royally screwed over by nitro records. They signed to the label right before the label decided to stop releasing records. Instead of hooking them up with another label they just released it for free online. This is their new record however. And it’s angry. It’s fast. It doesn’t take any shit. I would say if you miss the early day’s of Hopeless records, then this record is for you.
3. The Shook Ones-Unquotable AHM : The Shook Ones will always be compared to Kid Dynamite with good reason. And they’re unapologetic about it. On their new record they carve out their own path. Writing songs as good as Kid Dynamite ever did that are distinctly their own. If they toured full time they might one day be seen as the better band in the eyes of the punk rock gods.
2. Polar Bear Club-Chasing Hamburg : This was a toughie. I kept switching my number one release right up until I did my best of show. So you can almost say it’s half of the best record of the year. I love what the singer has been doing with his vocals. He runs from smooth melodic to deep gruff and back to a melodic harmony that gives me chills. No matter what style of music you’re into you should love this record
1. Set Your Goals-This Will Be the Death of Us : This is Set Your Goals’ Thicker Than Water. It won’t be remembered as their best release since their first record was also amazing, but they really upped everything: The speed, the melody, the bite (thanks to the members of Smartbomb they picked up). The songs really sound like they have importance to the world of hardcore. Also some really great guest spots. So sure Mutiny is the revelation and it will always have a place in my heart but This Will Be the Death of Us will never leave my car.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the best show ever jan 5th edition

canadian show (with one american band).
listen here: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20100105-2100-t1262725200.mp3
and here is the setlist:
organ thieves- sinful
career suicide- cherry beach
murder thy maker- the lazarus project
generatorz- letter from the battle field
standpoint- step back
another joe- padawan
burden- torn between
thicker- do we suck
painted thin- john waynes wettest dream
darylls grocery store- space cadet
faty maty and the yellowbelts- scene police
balance and composure- show your face
hot nastys- I am a confused teenager
young lions- young amerika
aka- god
blue peter- factory living
private school- fuck you
spys- machineshop
arson- coho coho
rock and roll bitches- broad daylight
hood rat- caste system
malibu kens- crude city
dry heaves- I can't puke
I spy- in 26 years
propagandhi- overtly political oh so personal song
freakends- punk rock girl
son of a beat- sorry nancy
onetimer- broken glass
trendy 5- 4 life
fifty nutz- glory sadness
illness- sometimes spring sucks
off the mark- beckers
out of fate- dreamer
sik yek nom- bladitty