Friday, March 12, 2010

mar 9th show now up:
here's the setlist:
ghoti hook- just what I needed
the falcon -the angry cry from the angry pie
mighty midgets- you are not alone
against me- mutiny on the electronic bay
the sandwitches- tom gabel=omg tab
regulations- catholic love
toys that kill- bullet from the sky
dirty and the derelects- I got drunk and quit my job
stars burn stripes- consequence of having fun
excessives- anti socialist
golliwog -serotonin fix
inside out- under tow
preying hands- preying hands
these arms are snakes -hook o
meleeh- vowbreaker
brazen hell -boxed in
punchout- new chapter
trap them- day 29 reincarnation
hong kong blonde- into the darkness
ringers- long distance calling
nfj- sitting!!pretty
curse- killer bees
ruggedy annes- holoow heroes
poles -CN tower
tyranna -back off baby
hostage calm- nosebleed section
teen idols- the voice
bruisers -trouble
acute- yourself
total chaos -pain agony defeat
blacklisted- palisade
forstella ford- emitter follower
death by stereo- sow the seeds
tsol -funeral march
marked men -shakey ground
curl up and die -I lost my job to a machine
slapstick -not tonight
latin for truth- table
agent orange -bored of you
ted leo and the pharmasists- the stick
shared arms -101 uses for a dead rat

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