Saturday, March 6, 2010

march 2nd show now up!

download it here
and here's the setlist:

the martyr saint- the days you would
big drill car -16 lines
common rider- on broadway
cancer bats- scared to death
deviates- bad seed
hifi handgrenades- around again
raised by apes- calico
the pogs- I sat on a mountain and the universe smiled at me
cobweb society- nickles and dimes
roll the tanks -windspitting punk
moonshine- back to you
teenage bottlerocket- london drunk
vagina sore jr- be your babies mama
kid dynamite- breakin's a memory
from ashes rise- concrete and steel
christ all fuckin mighty- don't give a fuck
monster -don't answer the phone
copyrights- flat
forecast -heads will roll
passenger action- beneath the ruse
operation ivy- here we go again
cambridge- jewel case mafia
aging youth gang- I got something to say
strict district- no matter
gerbia- brute epaisse
bolweevils- last laugh
grey area- never again
panthro uk united 13- puku12 fight song
encyclopedia of american traitors- young comrades
karp- pistol whipped
ken mode- pioneer
maxeen -shuffle my feet
great st louis- sink
nerve agents- so very avoidable
what's eating gilbert- thinkin bout her
funeral -without a sound
day of mourning- enshrouded in briars
adhesive -your morality is broken
flogging molly- If I ever leave this world alive


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