Saturday, February 27, 2010

here's the show:
and here's the setlist:

refused- refused party program
pennywise- no reason why
ignite- slowdown
animal kingdom- tension
bnu- get your trash on
agent and the patient -muscle
swellbow- fight back
baxter- flacidity
house of commons- way down south
SCUM -ain't you
batman and robin- who the fuck is superman
the fad -extended family
hear the sirens- sum of all parts
fc five- some apologies
supersift -I hate punk rock
removal -Irr2.10
pillowfights- minnesota muse
serf combat- start affresh
the have nots -serf city usa
lizards have personalities- so beautiful in may
how dare you- business casual
knockdown -yeah, kyle gets it
the real deal -it's paradise
ruffians -dead babies don't cry
the trouble- teenage terror
the holy mess -crazy horny
mature situations- golden age
surprise sex attack- when you're dead
pussy hole treatment- think of yourself
furnace -she's a mighty ship
contradict -in every force
great redneck- hope oh my god. Omigod. Oohhh my god. I thought nailguns had a safety
bonvivant- factotum
sober dawn- the sober dawn

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