Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sept 22 episode is now up!

Download it here:
Sept 22 Best Show Ever

 The Setlist:
oso oso    -we grass of cold cement
oso oso-    josephine
motion city soundtrack    -tko
motion city soundtrack    -heavy boots
dollar signs    -punks in paris
dollar signs    -surf's up! (california)
crocodiles    -crybaby demon
crocodiles    -transylvania
crocodiles    -do the void
crabhammer-    if you wann get hurt, skateboard
crabhammer-    offend pop punk
backyard superheroes    -so much more
turtleneck    -mouth-breather
turtleneck    -rut
turtleneck    -believe
obgms-    beat up kids
obgms    -chambre a coucher
obgms    -celebration
enziguri-    self awareness is key
enziguri    -heads up
firing squad    -endless game
firing squad    -c.t.o.
last words    -worth nothing
last words    -close on my heels
aggression pact    -desecrate
hired goons    -crushed
hired goons    -way of life
ilmestys    2- untitled
ilmestys    3 -untitled

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept 15th episode is now up!

Download it here
Sept 15th best show ever

tender defender    -hello dirt
oreskaband-    Kuroi Kajitsu
oreskaband    -getting higher
slow and steady    -watching life go by
slow and steady    -out of touch
h2o-    use your voice
deforesters    -I'll take the crab juice
deforesters    -the topiary animals are telling me to do terrible things
deforesters    -labatt blue and oil cut with pen ink
publicist uk    -slow dancing to this bitter earth
blobs    -garbage police
blobs    -doormat
hsy    -slimeball
hsy    -waffles
oaf    -cheat ii
oaf    -consume
loma prieta-    love
loma prieta    -never surrender
wild side    -the strength
blistered    -path of the coward
blistered    -lash
strife    -still searching
strife    -incision
fuck the facts-    everywhere yet knowhere
fuck the facts    -solitude
fuck the facts-    nothing changes

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept 1st is now up!

I didn't do a new show on Sept 8th as I took a much needed day off.  Here is the one previous though.

Download the show here:
 Sept 1 Best Show Ever

The setlist
top bunk    -so dramatic
top bunk    -can't hang
maladroit    -I missed the first band
maladroit    -jennifer lawrence
the midlife    -just another day
the midlife    -best laid plans
ez kebage    -last supper rehearsal
ez kebage    -I don't wanna leave my bedroom tonight
defeater    -December 1943"
defeater-    divination
defeater-    penance
stray sheep    -do you hate your life
stray sheep    -reject
stray sheep    -nothing for me
stray sheep    -unknown anxiety
chlorine    -power
chlorine-    buried alive
chlorine    -retribution
chlorine    -creatures-mutants
uranium club    -rafter man
uranium club    -sun belt
ivy    -cave business
ivy    -head business
sparrows    -references to the dead
sparrows    -our father the failure
dope body    -old grey
dope body    -void
extinction ad-black omen
extinction ad    -faithkiller

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aug 25th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Aug 25th Best Show Ever

The setlist:
propagandhi-    I am a rifle
wimps    -take it as it comes
wimps    -settling down
vansaders    -end of the line
vansaders    -moving home
defeater    -unanswered
wonder years    -a song for patsy cline
wonder years    -I wanted so badly to be brave
wonder years    -palm reader
tigerwine-    crucial taunt
tigerwine    -buzzwords
pleasure leftists    -cannon
pleasure leftists    -a new name
pagiins    -what's the point
pow wows    -killing me
pow wows    -no. thirteen
rebuilder    -the national bohemian
rebuilder    -when I grow up
the winter passing    -crooks
the winter passing    -nowhere still
pluum    -Monday
pluum    -being busy
vile creature    -ii:motivated by guilt