Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept 1st is now up!

I didn't do a new show on Sept 8th as I took a much needed day off.  Here is the one previous though.

Download the show here:
 Sept 1 Best Show Ever

The setlist
top bunk    -so dramatic
top bunk    -can't hang
maladroit    -I missed the first band
maladroit    -jennifer lawrence
the midlife    -just another day
the midlife    -best laid plans
ez kebage    -last supper rehearsal
ez kebage    -I don't wanna leave my bedroom tonight
defeater    -December 1943"
defeater-    divination
defeater-    penance
stray sheep    -do you hate your life
stray sheep    -reject
stray sheep    -nothing for me
stray sheep    -unknown anxiety
chlorine    -power
chlorine-    buried alive
chlorine    -retribution
chlorine    -creatures-mutants
uranium club    -rafter man
uranium club    -sun belt
ivy    -cave business
ivy    -head business
sparrows    -references to the dead
sparrows    -our father the failure
dope body    -old grey
dope body    -void
extinction ad-black omen
extinction ad    -faithkiller

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