Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Show Ever Christmas show is now up!

Download it here
 or find it here:
or stream it here:

 and here's the setlist:
nofx -xmas has been x-ed
angry snowmans- 20 lights
fucked up- david christmas
stay home- christmas song
angry snowmans- buildin toys
oui party- baby it's cold outside
zolof the rock n roll destroyer- this briskness(java)
angry snowmans- candy cane addiction
frank turner -tesco at christmas
evening rig -bartender
dollyrots- messed up xmas
angry snowmans -children are mean
johnny hobo and the freight trains- cancer for christmas
local resident failure- every days a holiday on christmas island
angry snowmans- fruitcakes
nerf herder- santa has a mullet
l status -holiday cheer
good clean fun -xmas for the skins
angry snowmans- horror christmas
nasopharyngeal leishmaniasis- santa claustraphobia
hammerdrill- silent night of genocide
faithreat -santa is a slut
angry snowmans- no presents
saccharine- trust a christmas crime
fear- another christmas beer
rudi casoni- drinkie drankie drunkie
angry snowmans -rudolph's got a problem
the mansfields- broke on christmas again
the mahones- angel without wings
angry snowmans- what we do is festive
just panic- new year
lawrence arms-100 resolutions
planet smashers- happy new years
less than jake- the new auld lang syne

And here's the link for my Christmas episode of I Was Young in the 90's

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec 11th edition is now up as well as the dec 12th episode of I Was Young in the 90s

Downoad the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here
or stream it here:

And here is the setlist:
ceremony -everything burns
continuance -beaneath the concrete
continuance -the dream within
reunion -I've done nothing for a couple of years
reunion -dark lungs
cruel hand -cheap life
misser- bad news
with the punches- face value
new found glory- summer fling don't mean a thing
malcolm bauld -ready for anything
malcolm bauld -the workout call
kevin devine -noose dressed like a necklace
ted leo and the pharmasists -paranoia (never enough)
detentions- bored of education
detentions- I'm in love with a facist dictator
be your own pet -fuuuuuun
be your own pet- we will vacation you will be my parasol
mollasses- honey
braid -I keep a diary
braid -consolation prize fighter
braid- the new nathan detroit
quicksand -can opener
quicksand- dine alone
1 speed bike- I'm a pretzel on a stealth mission
rebel yell -vulgar male roaring

And here is the download for Dec 12 edition of I Was Young in the 90s:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Download the new episode of The Best Show Ever here:
 or find it here
or stream it here

 The selist:
hop along- young and happy
shell corporation- atlas needs a hug
the mighty fine- weathered
batwing catwing- endless summer
the upskirts- lies
the upskirts- she devil
do you compute- erase the mistakes
do you compute- rad party
do you compute- turnstile
moonraker- degrassi knoll
sex church -hidden land
sex church -slipped
the gamits -molly
off with their heads- never run
discharge- legacy you left behind
chrissakes- granby
blacklisted -cooper fields
arkham -wolfhearts
iskra -80000
iskra- wolf of winter
barlow -death rattle
barlow- chained vain
bison bc- anxiety puke
bison bc- clozapine dream
propagandhi- note to self

Also check out the new episode of I Was Young in the 90s here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nov 27th edition now up! Also a new episode of I Was Young in the 90s

Download the latest episode of the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here:
or stream

and here is the setlist:
snfu cheap transister radio
astpai -give is our daily bread, cars and flatscreens
antillectual- because we can
antillectual -future history
chalk talk -you're in
he who cannot be named -black eyed and blue
he who cannot be named -we did not do that
jesse fellows- choker
less than jake- younger lungs
pentimento -days away
real friends- floor boards
snuff -I blame the parents
snuff -in the streets
snuff -rat run
visitors- egypt
mahones- angels and devils
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.- downhill jam
test of time- square one-death by nastalgia
cliffjumper- go getcha wet wipes
cliffjumper -see ya never
turbonegro- tna (the nihilistic army)
haut and court -let it burst
haut and court -this genesis
jungbluth traubhagel
red hot chili peppers- sikamankinico

and here's the latest episode of I was young in the 90s:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

download the nov 20th episode of the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here:
 or stream it here

the setlist:
placeholder --mary
precursor- fall apart
precursor- game
candy hearts -bad idea
candy hearts- miles and interstates
the snips -blood maps
lost time accident -bachelor in bradington
metz- the mule
cash crop- piracy funds freedom fighting
bummer kids- on the run
bad brains- into the future
baader brains -planeary keynote address
baader brains- sensations fix
baader brains- today
river city- indifference
river city- breakthrough
forecast- skyline
midwest- how do you stop it
forgetters- strike
forgetters- hoop and swan
the selfist- an abnormal farm
the selfist- morbid history
beartrap- graveyard plot
beartrap- surface
casting curses -thrashmir
regret the informer -I miss jeff
districts- the giver
crystal castles- sad eyes

and find I was Young in the 90s nov 21st edition here:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nov 6th edition finally up! Also I was young in the 90s

Nov 6 edition of BSE.  Download here:

And the setlist:
broadway calls- you got me
mixtapes- little miamie
laureate -the decay
young skin -uneasy
sundials- 710
sundials- some kinda time
all dinosaurs -600 volts of freedom
a wilhelm scream- pardon me thanks a lot
arms aloft- never knows best
arms aloft- doubleranopercocetnoice
arms aloft- decline of midwestern civilization
jeff rosenstock- snow charges
junior battles- believe it or not, george isn't at home
junior battles- tps reports
asado- safety zone
asado- stay
new bleeders- reality ripper
new bleeders- crimson tides
penske files- as long as we are still alive
penske files- core
white lung- hunting holiday
white lung- 2 of you
stat dad- she put me in a dress
street dogs- not without a purpose
birds in a row- police and thieves
birds in a row- illusionist
birds in a row -there is only one chair in this room

And here's the link to download I Was Young In the 90s from nov 7

If you want to check out my pledge drive shows they are here, no setlists though:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oct 30th edition now up! also 90s and Horror Stories

Here's the link for the oct 31st edition of I was Young in the 90s (sorry no theme.  I'm never sure when they're gonna air)

And check out Joe McGregor's Horror Stories for stories from David Wong, Vincent Price, Clive Barker and Tales from Beyond the pale:
part 1
part 2

And download The Best Show Ever here:

and here's the setlist:
pitch black -the wrath
burn it down- success is the best revenge
jolt-s miskatonic high
riverdales -diabolic
the creepshow -dusk til dawn
the creepshow- buried alive
the brains- we gotta go
the brains- apres cette nuit
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lycanthrope
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- sad serenade
misfits- I turned into a martian
misfits- last caress
iselia- great kharlan
atom and his package- mind's playing tricks
dwarves- ooze
ted leo- the little smug supper club
pacer -ice eater
all the men in my life keep getting killed by khandarian demons- original off broadway cast
do the necronomicon- original off broadway cast
repo! Cast- seventeen
phantom of the paradise- life at last
swamp thing- I never knew
mi amore -angel of death
zombie apocalypse- tale told by a dead man
electric eel shock- waaaa
wolf eyes- human animal

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

oct 23rd edition now up!

I Was Young in the 90's was a rerun but it was one of the better one's I've done.  Check it out here:

download the best show ever here:

and here's the setlist:
dillinger 4 -born on a pirate ship
swellers- hands
swellers- let me in
invasives- murderin the afternoon
yadokai -an apparation/contrition
further seems forever- janie
further seems forever- way down
further seems forever- penny black
trash the dress -why do I do the things I hate
cloud rat- sinkhole
guilt trip- scam
basement- covet
basement- black
the wait- passaic river high
the wait- playing dead
park -cover up
thousand young -not on any map
thousand young -call off the arms race
robert zemekis -name of the game
robert zemekis -mirror stare
damages -regret
fucked up- ship of fools
the beatdown- no man
Ssion- earthquake

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Was Young In the 90's Oct 17th edition is now up

download it here:

Oct 16 edition of the best show ever is now up!

 Download the show here:

The Setlist:
uncommonmenfrommars- sk8boarding hurts more when you're over 30
luther -backyard fence appeal
luther -heavy money
shang a lang- dead to the world
torches to trigger- countdown
torches to trigger- sunburn
h2o- satyagraha
capital- bog road
goes cube -the ban has been lifted
metz -get off
metz -headache
metz -wasted
olive drab- slugger
anne- pet names
whirr -twist
wrong generation- your kind
wrong generation -kill your landlord
pig destroyer -machiavillien
pig destroyer -permanent funeral
pregnancy scares- american uncle
pregnancy scares -point 24
trash talk -exile on broadway
trash talk -uncivil disobediance
in tongues- faceless
cerce- libel
cerce- concussion
converge -a glacial pace
mystery machine- octagon skylig

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New episode up of the best show ever! oct 9th edition

Download it at any of these places

The setlist:
moneybrother- I got a power of my own
crime in stereo- republica
carpenter- just another Friday night
limbeck- already gone
anchorless- watermark
head down- go slowly
fire cracker- I'll stay by your side
mort-o-dents- le cacactus
blurt- the upsides
comadre- cold rain
converge- vicious muse
converge- coral blue
converge- shame in the way
godspeed you! Black emperor- mladic
toche amore- unsatisfied
casket lottery- white lies
brick- this breed indeed
brain tumors- being alive sucks
drunkula- rotted love
drunkula- brides of drunkula
mystery machine -floatist

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10th edition of I Was Young in the 90s now up with setlist

Download the episode here:
Or find it here under wednesdays if that doesn't work

And the setlist:

Paleface-she was talking to me
Soundgarden-drawing flies
Unwound-nervous energy
Unwound-understand and forget
Raggadeath-one life
Planet smashers-all men fear women
James-how was it for you
Slowburn-how was the party
Watchmen- laughter
Hayden-a fortune I'd kept
Further-filling station
Gren-she shines
Weezer-tired of sex
Sigur Ros-agaetis byrjun

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 2 episode now up! also I was young in the 90's oct 3rd edition

Check out the punk show at these places:

 The setlist:
the atom age- the hottest thing that’s cool
hop along -tibetan pop stars
kremlings -abort clusters of crawling sapiens
campaign- slums
goodtime boys- daylight
tranzmitors- concrete depression
life support- composition sinking
thousand young- there is no shame
masked intruder -breakin
pure love- bury my bones
sport melbourne 1956
titus andronicus- my eating disorder
titus andronicus -still life with a hot deuce on silver platter
titus andronicus- titus andronicus vs the absurd univers (3rd round ko)
fake boys- best post
secretions- back in the day punk
lowtalker- tension
lowtalker- weight of an anvil
homage- groundwork
homage -definitive
pig destroyer -Everything you Can Think
pig destroyer -the american head
a death for every sin- the black path
this is war- all by your loathsome

Listen to I was Young in the 90s here:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New episodes of the Best Show Ever and I Was Young in the 90s are now available

Here's the link for I was Young in the 90s:

And here are the links for The Best Show Ever

the setlist:
titus andronicus -in a big city
further seems forever- so cold
california x -sucker
new lows- losing streak
no problem -gimme reasones
adelleda- don't worry I'm drunk
adelleda -just a shame
propaghandi- things I like
propaghandi -dark matters
flatliners- liver alone
flatliners- christ punchers
not on tour- modern slavery
not on tour- banks
not on tour- stay home
adventures- like seed
limits and lines- through the wind
solutions -a devil amongst the dancers
luther -sixty one west of 1848
tidal sleep- kissing clocks
mere phantoms- prophet motive
critical convictions -manifest destiny
critical convictions- anomie
cortez- a.f.d.n.t.e.d.e.v.l.s.
polar bear club- tv party

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

lots of new shows (2 new shows)

download sept 18ths best show ever at these places:

the setlist:
jesse fellows -eight
swellers -making waves
make do and mend- royal
cold warps- slimer
cold warps -dream creepin
cricket -mortlach
cricket- my fallen hero
clarity -suspended from rooftops
single -mothers winter coats
adicts- stomper
jr juggernaut- older than my father
nofx -down with the ship
nofx -secret society
nofx -I've got one jealous again again
yuppicide- american oblivion
bombpops -grocery store
apers- slipstream
jetbirds -nuke warm
latin for truth -boxcar
pick your side- throne of privelidge
cerce -direct tribute 2
cerce -choices
broderick- brave new world
as I lay dying- overcome
kremlin- will you feed me
kremlin -anti septic
never was -asylum
old man gloom- to carry the flame

And download the sept 19th edition of I Was Young in the 90's here:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sept 11 show is now up as well as the 90s show from sept 12

 download the Best Show Ever Here:
and the setlist:
nofx -cell out
jesse fellows -domino
jesse fellows- choker
gallows- vapid adolescent
ladder devils- common dogs
title fight- numb but I still feel it
title fight- secret society
araby -growth
araby -november
morning glory- march of the asylum
morning glory- patiently
morning glory- shelter from the spoon
gob -somethings wrong
gob -what the hell
I used to be a sparrow- hawaii
menomena- skintercourse
cold hands- don't sweat the small stuff
cliffjumper- closer obscure
cliffjumper- way too jerry springer for me
the intake of glass- ordnance
iselia- revenant
I'm an intestine- mutt's best friend
new yorker -withstanding degradation
kid gorgeous- livin after midnight
tin horn player -all well that ends
ipswitch -epic quest
lightning bolt -sound guardians

And you can download I Was Young In the 90s here:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

sept 4th episode is now up. also new I Was Young In the 90s

download the best show ever at these places:

and the selist
terrible feelings- blank heads
jr juggernaut- sleepling softly
something fierce- warlords of information
handguns -early retirement
handguns -fade away
stay home -twisted sister kisser
stay home- october nights
boardroom heroes -elephant
boardroom heroes- acceptance
total chaos- do the tony
propagandhi- rattan cane
propagandhi- lotus gait
propagandhi- cognitive suicide
polaroids- omelette du fromage
cinnamon- veronica
wet nurse- daily whatever
duck little brother- duck phillip seymour hoffman
foreign tongues -envy
born wrong -torch the place
born wrong- no etiquette
titans eve- destined to die
every time I die- punch drunk punk rock romance
ergon carousel- dead banks
the dicks- the police force
nudozurdo- campamento
for sept 5th's I Was Young In the 90s try these   and look under wednesday

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

aug 28th episode now up!

So i forgot to save the setlist.  I am a jackass, but here are some places you can listen to it anyways: (look in tuesday)

For I was young in the 90s from Aug 29th you can click here:
(look in wednesday)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 new show of I Was Young In the 90's are now up!

No setlist because I want this to be more of a candy bag but here are the links for the last 2 shows

Aug 15th

Aug 21st

or find them here

2 new shows up

Been on call which has killed my free time.  Here are the last 2 weeks worth of shows
aug 14:
aug 21
or find them here:

aug 14:
propagandhi- duplicate keys icaro
choke up- glasses and taxes
armalite metastic
shared arms -why does banana get shotgun
year zero- no tongue for eros
a death in the family- while you were away
everyone everywhere- queen mary
everyone everywhere- turn and go and turn
everyone everywhere- big hat
glassjaw- stations of the new cross
tideland- eye in the windshield
adorkables- evil dead
drunkula -get in my bed
matadors of shame- beginnings and endings
the riot before- to live and how we believe
ampere- new neither rist nor fall
comeback kid- manifest
flechett-e rations
renee heartfelt- gratitude, (for)
memorial- who are we to say
memorial- if it helps
memorial- the great lakes
sleepless- so low, solo

aug 21:
a wilhem scream- famous friends and fashion drunks
a wilhem scream- stab stab stab
jetty boys- no good
boys club- half hallowed heart
bathurst -brunch
no- can you dig it
with the punches- harvard on the hudson
masked intruder- I don't wanna be alone tonight
palm reader- war between the head and the heart
landslider- the world doesn't hate you
mercy street -try hard
mercy street -hideaway
we're not dead- some people play baseball
songs for snakes- st mary
holy mess- saddest girl to ever hold a martini
such gold- tell yourself
such gold- 2 year plan
such gold- keyhole m.o.
precurser- fireworks
blessings- strings of red
preying hands- through the dark
mi amore- rock n roll will be gone june
constraints- fairweather
state of minefield- they
no spill- blood good company

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here are the places you can download from july 31st:
the setlist:
prawn- costa rica
prawn- grass and bones
broadcaster- anythin you never heard
broadcaster- the only way you know
misspray- show them the way you do
misspray- weekends gonna kill me
pick your side- meltdown
hide your daughters- luck of insects
hide your daughters- tom and agua sucia
planet smashers- until you go away
voodoo glow skulls- knucklehead
propagandh-i failed states
tenacious d- ballad of hollywood jack and rage kage
down by law- misfits united
down by law- bullets
down by law- perpetual sorrow
cut teeth- desappeared like dinosaurs
auxes- it's not about you
hold tight- mother leopard
poser disposer- 27
poser disposer- dis-gusting bird holocaust
mixtapes -one for the ozarks
illustrations- widower
harness- scorched earth
alistair hennessey- the weight
jerk circus- all my loving
jerk circus- opener
I am war- don't worship assholes
fullblast- the song that actually doesn't end

Also check out my new 90's alt rock radio show I WAS YOUNG IN THE 90'S, broadcasting on Wednesday mornings from 10:30-12am.  No setlist but you can check out the last 2 episodes here

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well, last week the computer monitor went kablewey so last weeks setlist is lost to the anals of time.  But you can still listen to it here:

Also, I started a new show last week that airs on Wednesday morning from 10:30-12am (the lead-in to democracy now) where I play all 90's alt rock bands and other such related things.
It's called I WAS YOUNG IN THE 90'S.  Check it out.  I'm not going to post the setlists as I'd rather it be a big box of unlabelled candy. Check it out here:
or find it somewhere here:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 3rd show is now available for download!  my july 10th show is a rerun so I won't bother posting the setlist but you can also find it in our program archives below.
the setlist:
sick sick birds -one town over
tranzmitors- I see the writing on the walls
curbside- breaking in
curbside- for those left behind
olehole- logo bones
contrabandit -wait on
state lines- 5's on the elephant
crucial dudes- get pitted
debtors union- a damn shame
make do and mend- stay in the sun
teenage bottlerocket- radical
fleshlights- military drive
tubelord- my first castle
be my doppelganger -why
burning love- broken glass
burning love- the body
burning love- tremors
longshot- m.o.d.o.k.
kid gorgeous- mermaid with a switchblade
madball -you reap what you sow
white lung -take the mirror
white lung -bunny
pomegranites- sisters
heavy cream- john johnny
joy wants eternity- the fog is rising

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Best Show Ever Swedish edition is now up!  My 666th episode!  check it out here:
And here's the setlist:
the sounds the best of me
c.aarme golden retriever
adhesive a job for real men
masshysteri valkommen till verklighteten
henry fiat's open sore I rock
sahara hotnights visit to vienna
text requiem for ernst hugo (1928-1998)
final exit punk enough
invasionen dekonstruktion 100%
refused voodoo people
fireside monsoon
ebba gron 800 grader
massmedia mardrom
the ark take a shine to me
hakan hellstrom ramlar
tallest man on earth leading me now
teddybears yours to keep
cardigans drip drop teardrop
millencolin penguins and polarbears
randy I don't need love
ds13 fusible front
raised fist volcano is me
atlas losing grip different hearts, different minds
hellacopters hey
hives my time is coming
moneybrother jag skriver inte pa nat
monster don't answer the phone
moneybrother feel like hurting somebody

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

june 19th edition now up! Listen here:
the setlist:
molten lava hunt for shred october
molten lava shred life
orphan choir fatigue monologue
new town animals cori street
planet smashers berserk
white lung bad way
white lung bunny
white lung take the mirror
metz ripped on the fence
brighter brightest kiss
veneers vesuvius
raised by apes split personality
raised by apes stevenson
yes sir! Mister machine a whore can't change her spots
brighter arrows departing
brighter arrows severance
after the fall kabuki girl
caleb lionheart dutch girls
caleb lionheart we're rooted here and you can't pull us up
hammerfaced low spirits
mad men too hot
millenial reign luminous veil
continuance the dream within
continuance over the years
nightbringer death of heathen gods
highjack delta socialite

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Show Ever June 12th edition now up!  
listen  at these places
 And the setlist:
motion city soundtrack- true romance
new bruises- one for the looper
new bruises- is nature the key
new bruises -social club and binary codes
downtown struts- always heading west
slush -emperor
slush- intametal
fierce brosnan -we all fall down
bouncing souls- baptized
bouncing souls- static
bouncing souls- ship in a bottle
by surprise- ode to pollard
speedy ortize- basketball
marla singer- you treat em like a 50's housewife
tell-tale hearts- david bowie and the eternal sadness
nous etions -ex sangue
ramon gris -aren't we just the cutest people
animal faces- watered down
delo truda -bridging the semantic gap
baroness- take my bones away
climates- waiting to exhale
dead ending- all your satellites are falling
hope conspiracy -for love
converge- you fail me

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 5th edition now up! check it out at these places:

 the setlist
weatherbox -atom smash
moneen- the politics of living and the shame in dying
moneen- this is all bigger than me
statues- rubber gloves
statues -the audition
invasives -embracing evil
fear of lipstick- I don't wanna be around
blackmask- bottomfeeder
sleepwalkers- blinded by faith
disapproval -ego trip
the please and thank yous- friends first
swellers -vehicle city blues
swellers -red lights
lipstick homocide -we'll be ok
be my doppel ganger- disappointers
visitors -san andreas
class assassins- still got a lot to give
kover- w/o
whitefields -grey morning lights
projectors- broken frames
ugly parts- dried snot
sleepless- faces in clouds
amber- long walk home
taste the void- monolith
swarm of speres -fear is the killer

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

may 28th edition now up!  listen to it at these places:

 the setlist:
the hives -without the money
the hives- midnight shifter
the hives -I want more
hunters- classics
hunters- sparrows
stickup kid- the weather outside is weather
best practices- operation stein grab
lucky boys confusion- medicine and gasoline
lucky boys confusion- beware
the lucky ones- punk rock til we've parted
the lucky ones -take back
joyride!- morning riser
the shook ones- fancy
old man gloom -regain/rejoin
old man gloom- to carry the flame
old man gloom -rats
kouma- hon-ba
glass hits- the gods hate lincoln nebraska, and so do i
violent future- bloody victems
violent future- government takeover
party tank- footloose
old wounds- deviant minds
empire of rats- empire of rats
women in tragedy- assurance
cancer bats -bricks and mortar
cancer bats- breathe armageddon

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best show ever may 22nd edition is now up!  download it here:
the setlist:
fullblast -drink it I'm jesus
youth brigade- no tears for you
the fear -the bitter taste
failsafe -sleepwalkers
stalwart sons -northern lights
stalwart sons- wisdom teeth
everyone everywhere -chesterfield
everyone everywhere -it's cool but shared arms already did it
shared arms -father of all bombs
toys that kill -abort me mother earth
toys that kill -stye
toys that kill -cold boys
rations- a war of all against all
bayonettes- let it go
teenage bottlerocket- ice age
teenage bottlerocket -walked in line
mixtapes -even on the worst nights
mixtapes- p.e.t.s.o.u.n.d.s.
nofx- she didn't lose a baby
riverboat gamblers- soliloquy
riverboat gamblers- eviction notice
bad biology- blood beach
knees -sex triumph
birds in a row -words of astaroth
bankrobber- extinction
bankrobber- downfall
women in tragedy- assurance
unsane -rat
unsane -no chance

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best Show Ever may 17th edition is now up!
download it at these places:

 The setlist:
shook ones -merriweather post pavillion
silent movie- type she says
silent movie -type tv on mute
big eyes- I don't care about Friday night
four eyes- carol stream
land mammal- yellow rooms
total trash- no freedom
teenage kicks -setting son
quiet steps- accept decline
red collar -orphanage
red collar- fade into the night
red collar- welcome home
hot water music- mainline
hot water music- drown in it
hot water music- the traps
buildings- strange sleep
the flex- excess
foxmoulder- neutral
foxmoulder- absurd
swarm of spheres- hiv for vendetta
swarm of spheres- ham smuggler vs the vegan
great reversals- the fire
baroness- the sweetest curse
midnight souls -model behaviour 101
the great disappointment -truck
math the band- everybody loves a puzzel
math the band -four to six
math the band- brand new physics

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best show ever may 8th edition is now up!
listen to it here

the setlist:
all through a life- fingerprints
hive-s dead quote olympics
gaslight -anthem 45
coffee mug- you are sixteen
griver- graduate
shonen bat- brain montage
bickley- william lester brown III
achigan -fort dans l'faux
teenage x- say what you want
off- wiped out
off- king kong brigade
off- toxic box
thrashington- dc eggraid on mojo
beastie boys- I can't think straight
die toten hosen- rock me amadeus
cope- no sun no son
cope- shells
earth mother- track one
the new yorker- consuming
current- death worship
wolf brigade- hurricane veins
wolf brigade- feed the flames
plus minus- stress
plus minus- progression through ignorance
burning love- karla
wreck and reference- winter
wreck and reference- stage collapse
disappearer -rust dust

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may 1st show now up!
places to listen

big eyes- back from the moon
heathers -what's your damage
chixdiggit- since you got a dog
red collar- this house
mewithoutyou- fox's dream of the log flume
lipstick homicide- bite my tongue
tv freaks- brain/head
tv freaks- I can't win
doomriders- girl you want
sweet cobra- gates of steel
lemuria- cannonballs to hurt
lemuria- varoom allure
dragging the mule- rasbury
huff stuff magazine- rat's off to ya
tierra park- reflections
aeges- southern comfort
set your goals- only right now
damages- superstitious pidgeons
expire- abyss
fat janitor- lizard kissing papa
young and in the way -times are cold
disco assault- can't tell no one
disco assault -crank up the amps
countdown to oblivion- poster children for family values
countdown to oblivion- to an end
youth- senior
unfun -caroline
anti-flag- turn a blind eye
anti-flag- broken bones

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 24th edition now up!
Download it here at these places:

and the setlist:
dan vapid and the cheats- just like cleopatra
pennywise- let us hear your voice
pennywise -we are the fallen
black pacific- living with ghosts
landslider- government town
hunters- canicule
hunters- chasing down the sun
hunters- faux fire, faux gold
nofx- ant attack
hanalei- get gone
state lottery- someone else
moving mountains -ode we will bury ourselves
you slut!- shopping placenta
worthwhile- vagrant
gypsy -cherry picker
git some -wipe the brain
hockey teeth- blind these eyes
hockey teeth- power and control
lancasters- mental breakdown
vilipend- failings for friends
ruined families- basement rats
wreck and reference- nausea
snakes -bystander
no omega- 8 year dream
3 inches of blood- men of fortune

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So i lost the setlist for the Apr 17th edition but you can still listed to it at these places:
(Also there was an album feature from the new Dopamines record)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 10th edition now up!

Here are some links to listen

and the setlist
city cop -bluebird
energy- I'm gonna kill you
sabretooth- beer bust at the moontower
crusades -rapture
bad banana- pretty like a girl
tenement -violent outlet
one hidden frame- calm fists get cold burns
coming clean -chlorine bomb
winter passing- excuses kid
winter passing- feel like yesterday
snow ghost -soar throat
cancer bats- road sick
cancer bats- old blood
cancer bats- rally the wicked
baby control- live animals
a dying regime- monitor burn
a loss for words- thomas vs luongo
broadcaster -weather
Teenanger- funeral march
Teenanger- lawyer up
ash ketchum- squirtle squad
walls- dignity village
tenebrae- no voice
burst of silence- burning
burst of silence- control
talk-sick- clowning
vulgar you!- crystal fuck
s.t.r.e.e.t.s. -too fast to powerslide
comeback kid- the concept says
pelican- lathebiosas

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

april 3rd edition now up!

The places you can listen:

and the setlist:
die toten hosen- tage wie diese
die toten hosen- was macht berlin
real mckenzies -burnout
royaume des mortes -Sunday sunny Sunday
challenges- 2.26 and counting
natural law- diminishing returns
the gary- forty freedoms
contrived -surrounded by genius
souvenirs- growing out of your favorite shirts
energy- I play for keeps
flechette- hypnic
flechette- rations
flechette- wardens current
blue cros-s mass hysteria
doom town- walking through walls
holy shits- wolf man shreds
flex- los angeles
the famines- plca
the famines- free love is a sales technique
birds in a row- ace of fools
miss my chance- grave robbers
damages- losing
damages- body tells brain
erode -the deep end
black ice- devils seed
jack burton vs david lopan -starring jamie lynn spears in madonnas papa don't preach
municipal waste- authority complex
tired/sick- sounds like a hot ticket
acacia- chaste
Mind Spiders- upside down

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

march 27th edition now up!

Here's some links to listen:

and the setlist:
mind spiders -fall in line
evaporators -I hate being late
hextalls -dirty kelly gruber
quiet steps- thin ice
man overboard- I saw behemoth and it ruled
tappi tikarrass- skrid
grimskunk- loaded gun
ten thirty nine- the beat
black breath- mother abyss
black breath- feast of the damned
black breath- the flame
hey smith- the first love song
direct effect- lazy boy
ceremony- hotel
teenage kicks- you shall not want
romeo retarded- high road
the frantic- blackout brigade
titus andronicus- upon viewing oregon's landscape with the flood of detritus
gundown- need our pride back
faithreat -zombie mosh
dockside hookers- forever young
keyes- cities of fog with nothing to love
s.h.i.t.- feeding time
stick to your guns -built upon the sand
stick to your guns -against them all
weirdonia- I like rumble fish
weirdonia- masked boy
weirdonia- dutchman

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mar 20th episode is now up!

Here are some links to download it:

and the setlist:
sharks- arcane effigies
tenement- your life or mine
culo- I don't wanna go to psychward b
skullians- afterparty
skullians- black eyes
the measure sa- the 5 chimes
real mckenzies- burnout
real mckenzies- fools road
12xu- la convention du clone
tim.- katharine
joyce manor- comfortable clothes
joyce manor- video killed the radio star
unsane- ghost
unsane- no chance
unsane- ha ha ha
implants- life passes
latin for truth- boxcar
classics of love- would be kings
pennywise- all or nothing
sewer rats- gimme gimme drugs
sewer rats- drunk on your blood
walls- stare at the walls
cannoneer- a blackening mind
the coltranes- fear of frozen food
rage brigade- slipping away
cleave- the circle
midnight souls -counterfeiters union
exalt- partisan eyes
salvation- the tethered man
tempest- solace 1

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 13th episode is now up!

Here's a few links that you can listen to it at:

And here's the setlist:
flatliners -liver alone
spraynard- you can't ger there from here
spraynard -trembling
brendan kelly and the wandering birds- a man with the passion of tennessee williams
cardinal -underneath my skin
no motiv- bled
washinton square park- garden state
cellos- hit song
the hextalls- I don't want to go down to the basement either
the hextalls- I just want to sleep in the treehouse
the hextalls- pebbles the happiest chihuahua
averkiou- present tense
the wonder years- anchor
polar bear club- skipping stone
flogging molly- to youth
reaganomics- chireland
cleave- in our time
cleave- skeletons in the closet
ape kill ape- let down
old fears- hand full of teeth
rise and fall- burning at both ends
burning love- miserable sound
burning love- mess
brazen hell- servitude
brazen hell- torment
xerxes- tide/this place is a prison
municipal waste- the fatal feast
le kraken- l'or des fous

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 6th edition now up!

Here are the links to listen

and the setlist:
aussitot mort- la bourse on lavie
tilts- whatever happened
greylines- the wait
laugh it off- a real life story of a mid twenties depression
mikey erg- key of c, fix it, fix it, stop
every time I die- a wild shameless plain
every time I die- I suck (blood)
every time I die- touch yourself
nick flanagan (standup)- parents, grammar, analogies
rollerstarter- ice cream girl
rollerstarter -vadar
mxpx- par away
mxpx- screw loose
stack and large- strike the chord
stack and large- coming home
stragglers- a sad song(not at all)
stragglers -the things I know
relations- never change
curbside- saving face
traveling- idealist temperment
warm needles- one part robot, 3 parts asshole
with glowing hearts- ramirez! Do everything
momentum- omen
calvairre- gratitude
steady hands- lone wolf
redeemer- fury and chains
enforcers- grievance

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

feb 28th edition now up!

try these to listen to it

and the setlist:
no trigger- new brains
no trigger- windmill and watertower
french exit- favorite actress
crucial dudes- dry spell
four eyes- back to life
lucifer wong- playphone
nefidovs- fuck john hughes
treehouse- average life expectancy should be 16 years
cheap girls- communication blues
cheap girls- right way
cheap girls- if you can't swim
humanifesto- a home if nuts
silverstien- ballad of wilhelm
silverstien- la marseillaise
nitro mahalia- knock knock on the water
aussitot mort- la ride du lion
great apes- simple cathartics
lumber lung- vomit in your mouth a little
hope- when will you fall
old wounds- white rabbit
streetlight fire- larry bird
mute- fastlane
unsane- wreck
fuck the facts- lifeless
instill -human eyes
the fallacy- la fin du monde

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

feb 21st edition now up!

here's the download:
If that doesn't work try these:
Soon I'll be able to get these up on Itunes as well as a subscription podcast

Here's the setlist
forrester- trent bridge
great apes- class(war room)
june and july- new hedonists
lowtalker -eulogy
tightrope- quandary
carry yourself- the intention is there
lucero- like lightning
signals midwest- milk crate
sidekicks -daisy
sidekicks -peacock
sidekicks- the whale and jonah
sparky's revenge- of all broken things
buildings- rainboat
they stay dead- transmission
naughty girls -full time job
paul blest- 3.25.10
thor and pulling teeth- lightning strikes
disobey- making that funny smile
withdrawl- burning inside
troubled minds- hoax
troubled minds -payback
man vs humanity- abyssia
everything went black- gods of atlantis
our last crusade- kingdom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feb 14th episode now up!

the download:
if that doesn't work try these

and the setlist:
anthrax- new noise
every time I die- underwater bimbos from outer space
useless Id- live or die
useless Id- somewhere
caleb lionheart- anchor grill
sex church- dull light
sex church- garbage in the grass
omegas- ny terminator
omegas- nazi rules
classics of love- gun show
classics of love- light rail
ceremony- brace yourself
ceremony- repeating the circle
ceremony -community service
atom and his package- pumping iron for enya
french exit- dominoes
crucial dudes- of course I like music. I listen to pantera
lucero- sometimes
Teenage Kicks- the river
silverstien- xon our kneesx
silverstien- good intentions
silverstien- gotta stay positive
by a thread- between the takes
shang a lang- waiting for the end
copyrights- straight to the office
reveling- trust me
bleeding through- deaf ear
the luck ones -summer in the streets
the life and times -day six

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

two new shows

Jan 31st edition
the download:

the setlist:
the casting out- quixote's last ride
nada surf -when I was young
ceremony -hysteria
shared arms- dead in 11
ivs- the plague
ivs- extinction
no trigger- checkmate
gnarwolves- clorine in the jean pule
cheap girls- ruby
real friends- keep it together
direct effect- lazy boy
letters organize- costume in the corner
voodoo glow skulls- unlucky bastard
the menzingers- gates
the menzingers- mexican guitars
the menzingers- I can't seem to tell
army of moliere- breathing exercise
to an end- floors and ceilings
lord snow- natural order
complaints- no action
brutal truth- heart and soul
brutal truth- living with ghosts
kids carry germs -a haunting of memory
enforcers- black sheep
enforcers- grievance
hit the switch- retroactive
die antwoord- fatty boom boom

feb 7th edition
the download
the setlist:
the exploited- violent society
epoxies- radiation
dag nasty- I've heard
riptides- stranger in the house
the explosion -channels
youth brigade- sick
mad cowboys- chewin cud
citizen fish- will swap
maximum r n r- trust us
total chaos- complete control
american nothing- depression
randy- my heart my enemy
another- joe speed stick
another- joe namor
TS & the Past Haunts- lets be lazy
TS & the Past Haunts- circumstance
TS & the Past Haunts- heaven in your hair
piebald- the stalker
piebald- the monkey versus the robot
hope -suck factory
the wolfnote- liars in love
banner pilot- calling station
glassjaw- pretty lush
counterparts- the constant
fucked up- carried out to sea
scarlet- obsolete
scarlet- swarm manifesto
vision- the mirror
since by man- a kid who tells on another kids is a dead kid
envy chain- wandering deeply

if the above download links don't work check out these:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

jan 24th edition now up!

heres the download link:
If that doesn't work, try these

and here's the setlist:

waxahatchee- be good
anti-flag- turn a blind eye
pantychrist- carve your name into my chest
our mercury- shawna don't wanna
youth avoiders- run
alcest- summers glory
john k samson- longitudinal centre
john k samson -Highway 1 West
cursive- the cat and the mouse
jealous sound- a gentle reminder
jealous sound- promise of the west
jealous sound- equilibrium
doomsday student- ape in love
iron reagan- artificial saints
careers in science- hardcore nice guy
careers in science- holy shit giant spiders!
crusades- attic
crusades- rupture
hollow earth- on the precipice
equal minds theory- oceanbound
tharsis they- concentrated human feeding operation
ducky boys- the sweetest girl
sidekicks- the wallflowers
tigers jaw- gypsy
shimmer demolition- nothing to do
cobra skulls- the mockery

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

best show ever jan 17th edition

Here's the link to it on cjam's website:
If that doesn't work, try these

And here's the setlist:
h2o- someday I suppose
the evidence- damn that river
the evidence -storm drains
castevets- good riddance
maggoty brats- anchorman
tightrope- notes about nothing
tightrope- 100 unagi
flatliners- sleep your life away
khann- downward
stable boys- body worship
johnny foreigner- cranes and cranes and cranes and
signals midwest -in tensions
signals midwest -I was lost
signals midwest -the weight and the waiting
fact- crying
daylight- damp
terrible feelings- hollow
troubled coast -patient hands
dark times -talk too much
on bodies -just can't win
opposition rising- the rich are killing the poor
black breath- fallen
colors -blaaaaa
goodbye cruel world- vermin society
fuck the facts- a cowards existence

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The best records of 2011

Here's the link to the mp3 file:
check below the list for altenate ways to listen

25. Mind Spiders-Mind Spiders (Dirtnap)
Mark Ryan’s new project sounds a lot like his old band The Marked Men except a little dreamier/distorted, and a bit more 60’s pop friendly. Also look for a very unrecognizable Little Richard cover.
24. Mountain Man-Grief (Think Fast)
After the death of Last Lights singer Dominic Mallory, the surviving members formed Mountain Man. Then after a couple of well liked eps, the band goes full out with a concept album about the five stages of Grief and they play like they mean it. This record is less hardcore than it is therapy.
23. Everything we Left Behind-Our Ears are Bleeding (Self Released)
It’s good to see British bands finally figuring out skatepunk and hardcore. Sure, they invented streetpunk hardcore, but quality American style skatepunk has mostly eluded them. I think a lot of that stems from them getting their inspiration from older bands. Everything We Left Behind took some more modern inspiration. Particularly from NOFX, A Wilhelm Scream, and the Flatliners. Our Ears are Bleeding is the best of about 7 British skatepunk and hardcore records that came out this year that I felt were worthy of being in my top 50.
22. Goes Cube-In Tides and Drifts (The End)
A lot of people lump Goes Cube in with the majority of southern hardcore rock bands, but I feel they have more in common sonically with Swedish hardcore bands. Specifically Raised Fist and Final Exit. This band tries to do what it’s name describes. That is, break the comfortable dimensions that most hardcore music coasts on.
21. Bomb the Music Industry-Vacation (Earnest Jenning Record/Quote Unquote/Really)
Gaining popularity a few years ago as a one man band and later a fully backed spastic punk rock band, BTMI has always shown flashes of greatness. They have not made a perfect record just yet. Vacation is very good, and 4 or 5 songs on it are some of the best punk songs of the year, but I’d still like to hear what they can do when they aren’t screwing around and write a truly epic record
20. Frenzal Rhomb-Smoko At the Pet Food Factory (Fat Wreck Chords)
I ‘m always amazed when a band that I started listening to 15 years ago can still put out a kick ass record and make me miss that clean fat wreck sound of the mid 90’s. It also makes me feel like an idiot for completely ignoring their last 3 full lengths. I don’t think there will ever be another Australian punk band with such a solid catalog.
19. Tina Sparkle- Welcome to the No Fun House (Thinker Thought)
I’ve been posing a question to my friends lately-Will there ever be another Joan Jett? A hard rockin' female fronted band that can stand toe to toe with the greatest male fronted rock bands of the century? Sure Patti Smith had her day although most of the songs most people associate with her were covers (Gloria, My Generation, Rock and Roll Nigger). Even the song Because the Night was co written with Bruce Springsteen. Even a good portion of the songs that Joan Jett had early success with were covers (crimson and clover, do you wanna touch me, I love rock and roll). Not that any of this has anything to do with Tina Sparkles place on this list. I’m just posing the same question to you.
But if you ever looked for a more punk version of the Pretenders then check out Tina Sparkle.
18. Good Luck-Without Hesitation (No Idea)
A couple of years ago I gave Good Luck the number 3 spot on my “best of” list. Their new effort is not quite as good but I can’t figure out why. Perhaps it’s just not as big of a shock to the system. So if you have never heard Good Luck before now, this record may be much higher on your list. And nary will you find a girl who can belt out a song like Ginger Alford.

17. Dirty Filthy Mugs-Up in the Downs (DC Jams)
It’s nice to hear bands putting some effort in their Oi. Dirty Filthy Mugs features members of the Swingin Utters (who also put out a kick ass record this year). Pick this up if you like east coast Oi bands like Darkbuster or the Bruisers.
16. Iselia-Life From Dead Limbs (self released)
I always try to get a longer, doomier sounding record on my year end list. This year I figured the shoe-in would be the new record from Will Haven, but though it is a little on the unrefined side, Iselia’s new record Life From Dead Limbs came out of nowhere to steal it. Think of a better than average post Thursday screamo band mixed with Japan’s Envy and some Sigur Ros atmospherics. Get the guy who did the last Envy record to produce their next release and it could be one of the best screamo records of all time.
15. The Dwarves-Are Born Again (MDV)
For roughly the last 27 years the Dwarves have been the epidemy of sex, drugs, and violence in rock and roll. They will always be one of my very favorite bands. If you’ve never listened to them and want to remember what real “piss your parents off” punk sounds like, you can pick up any record they’ve ever put out. This record is again on par with anything they’ve ever done.
14. The Have Nots-Proud (Plastic and Paper)
The Have Nots have written the kind of record that Rancid no longer can: heartful, traditional, and without conceit.
13. Man Overboard-Man Overboard (Rise)
Man Overboard are the self proclaimed “Defenders of Pop Punk”. Not that that really matters. After someone’s already decided they’ve grown out of pop punk there’s very little that you to convince them that it’s still good. Man Overboard’s take on pop punk is just unapologetic, which is very refreshing. They write music that sounds like New Found Glory and Blink 182. Nuff said.
12. Amateur Party-Truncheons in the Manor (Rorschach)
I’ve been a big fan of Mike Mckee from his work with Armalite. Amateur Party is punk rock with reckless abandon. Most of these songs sound like they were written in a day and recorded just as fast. But that doesn’t limit the songs. It frees them. It lets them be what they are without intention, hesitation, or judgment.
11. Banner Pilot-Heart Beats Pacific (Fat Wreck Chords)
I say it every year. There will always be either a Banner Pilot of Off With Their Heads record on my list. Both bands have that Bouncing Souls Bass sound with driving rhythms and distinctive vocals. Both have never put out a bad full length.
10. Defeater-Empty Days and Sleepless Nights (Bridge Nine)
A few years back while I was watching Broadway Calls play a set at Warped tour, the lead singer asked the audience “Has anyone heard of Defeater? They’re the next band that’s going to do something in hardcore”. By god he was right. I’ve already written a lot about Defeaters as they were my number one record a couple of years back so let me just put it this way:
Imagine an angry, abused kid plants seeds and what grew around him was a band that would perfectly compliment AND antagonize him, helping him rip that abusive home apart.
9. P.S. Elliot-Sadie (Salinas)
I enjoy P.S. Elliot the same way I enjoy Cheap Girls (the band). It just sounds honest. Check out this if you want to hear emo/rock that sounds like pavement.
8. Moving Mountains-Waves (Triple Crown)
Originally I had written this record off because of the track lengths. On their previous release Foreword, most of the tracks ran well past the 5 minute mark. Waves rarely breaks 4. But they were on the lineup for Warped Tour and since I was there anyway I decided to check them out. Starting out with about a crowd of 30 watching them, they put on the best performance I’d see all day. When they were finishing up I looked around and saw that they had a crowd of about 400. These were just people who were walking by and got drawn in by their performance. The next day I threw Waves on for a serious listen.
7. Balance and Composure-Separation (No Sleep)
Last year I predicted that the first full length that Balance and Composure puts out could very well be my number one record of the year. Their first full length is not quite there but it stands high above any other full length emo records this year. Equal parts wimpy and powerful, Balance and Composure got their education from early 90’s emo bands such as Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate. Check this out if you forgot what real emo sounds like.
6. Tenement-Napalm Dream (Hang Up)
The Only review I’ve read about this record said “Pop songs disguised as punk songs” which is a very accurate statement. I’m dying to see these guys live because I always compare them to the best of Minneapolis rock bands like Husker Du and the Replacements. Something I completely missed out on with my pre-teen record collection consisting entirely of Huey Lewis and Brian Adams records.
5. Pangea-Living Dummy (Lauren/Burger/Ol Factory)
My favorite garage record of the year. Though they’re form Los Angeles they have a lot of their sound in common with most of the stuff that GaGa records out of Ottawa has put out in the last few years. I imagine if Liam Gallagher had a kid who started a punk band it would be similar to this. That’s just my own imagination though. Don’t get any expectations out of that.
4. Candy Hearts-Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy (Kind of Like)
I’ve always had a thing for favorite babysitter vocals. Normally this spot would go to Lemuria, but I found Pebble to be rather boring. This record is just plain fun, female fronted pop punk
3. 12XU-Les Grande Marees (Purepain Sugar/Bakery Outlet/Flower of Courage)
The new record by 12XU sounds brash, impulsive, unrefined, and un-french. All things that I imagine the French government would be totally appalled by. That’s my kind of punk.
2. Junior Battles-Idle Ages (Paper and Plastic)
Idle Ages is a strange release. By that I mean it’s hard to really categorize it. It’s pop punk at it’s core but it sounds like they try their damndest to make it incomparable. The best I could do is compare it to eastern Canadian pop punk bands like the Dean Malenkos and Hope, both of which are tragically under-rated.
1. Fucked Up-David Comes to Life (Matador)
I really didn’t want o agree with SPIN magazine on this one. A couple of years ago when CJAM was changing it’s frequency, I suggested that the first song we play should be Crusades from Fucked Up’s first full length, not just because of how epic or how poignant the lyrics would have been, but also because I felt they were the most important band that we COULD play. A band that’s so effective and genre bending in what they do. A band that could never break into the mainstream no matter how popular they get because of their name alone. A band that makes punk important again.
Basically take every style of punk of the last 40 years (with the exception of maybe nu-metal), blend it together and turn it into a hardcore record. It’s all there. Punk, hardcore, classic, psychedelic, shoe gaze, metal, oi, etc.
Fucked up really went above and beyond this year with the release of a companion record called David’s Town sold only on record store day where the band takes on the persona of 11 different fictional bands of all different styles. Also Damien’s hosting on the wedge made it the only show on Much Music I’ve ever been interested in.
David Comes to Life actually made my hair stand up on end the first couple of times I listened to it.
if the above link doesn't work, try these: