Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nov 6th edition finally up! Also I was young in the 90s

Nov 6 edition of BSE.  Download here:

And the setlist:
broadway calls- you got me
mixtapes- little miamie
laureate -the decay
young skin -uneasy
sundials- 710
sundials- some kinda time
all dinosaurs -600 volts of freedom
a wilhelm scream- pardon me thanks a lot
arms aloft- never knows best
arms aloft- doubleranopercocetnoice
arms aloft- decline of midwestern civilization
jeff rosenstock- snow charges
junior battles- believe it or not, george isn't at home
junior battles- tps reports
asado- safety zone
asado- stay
new bleeders- reality ripper
new bleeders- crimson tides
penske files- as long as we are still alive
penske files- core
white lung- hunting holiday
white lung- 2 of you
stat dad- she put me in a dress
street dogs- not without a purpose
birds in a row- police and thieves
birds in a row- illusionist
birds in a row -there is only one chair in this room

And here's the link to download I Was Young In the 90s from nov 7

If you want to check out my pledge drive shows they are here, no setlists though:

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