Tuesday, June 26, 2012

june 19th edition now up! Listen here:
the setlist:
molten lava hunt for shred october
molten lava shred life
orphan choir fatigue monologue
new town animals cori street
planet smashers berserk
white lung bad way
white lung bunny
white lung take the mirror
metz ripped on the fence
brighter brightest kiss
veneers vesuvius
raised by apes split personality
raised by apes stevenson
yes sir! Mister machine a whore can't change her spots
brighter arrows departing
brighter arrows severance
after the fall kabuki girl
caleb lionheart dutch girls
caleb lionheart we're rooted here and you can't pull us up
hammerfaced low spirits
mad men too hot
millenial reign luminous veil
continuance the dream within
continuance over the years
nightbringer death of heathen gods
highjack delta socialite

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Show Ever June 12th edition now up!  
listen  at these places 

 And the setlist:
motion city soundtrack- true romance
new bruises- one for the looper
new bruises- is nature the key
new bruises -social club and binary codes
downtown struts- always heading west
slush -emperor
slush- intametal
fierce brosnan -we all fall down
bouncing souls- baptized
bouncing souls- static
bouncing souls- ship in a bottle
by surprise- ode to pollard
speedy ortize- basketball
marla singer- you treat em like a 50's housewife
tell-tale hearts- david bowie and the eternal sadness
nous etions -ex sangue
ramon gris -aren't we just the cutest people
animal faces- watered down
delo truda -bridging the semantic gap
baroness- take my bones away
climates- waiting to exhale
dead ending- all your satellites are falling
hope conspiracy -for love
converge- you fail me

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 5th edition now up! check it out at these places:


 the setlist
weatherbox -atom smash
moneen- the politics of living and the shame in dying
moneen- this is all bigger than me
statues- rubber gloves
statues -the audition
invasives -embracing evil
fear of lipstick- I don't wanna be around
blackmask- bottomfeeder
sleepwalkers- blinded by faith
disapproval -ego trip
the please and thank yous- friends first
swellers -vehicle city blues
swellers -red lights
lipstick homocide -we'll be ok
be my doppel ganger- disappointers
visitors -san andreas
class assassins- still got a lot to give
kover- w/o
whitefields -grey morning lights
projectors- broken frames
ugly parts- dried snot
sleepless- faces in clouds
amber- long walk home
taste the void- monolith
swarm of speres -fear is the killer

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

may 28th edition now up!  listen to it at these places:

 the setlist:
the hives -without the money
the hives- midnight shifter
the hives -I want more
hunters- classics
hunters- sparrows
stickup kid- the weather outside is weather
best practices- operation stein grab
lucky boys confusion- medicine and gasoline
lucky boys confusion- beware
the lucky ones- punk rock til we've parted
the lucky ones -take back
joyride!- morning riser
the shook ones- fancy
old man gloom -regain/rejoin
old man gloom- to carry the flame
old man gloom -rats
kouma- hon-ba
glass hits- the gods hate lincoln nebraska, and so do i
violent future- bloody victems
violent future- government takeover
party tank- footloose
old wounds- deviant minds
empire of rats- empire of rats
women in tragedy- assurance
cancer bats -bricks and mortar
cancer bats- breathe armageddon