Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 5th edition now up! check it out at these places:


 the setlist
weatherbox -atom smash
moneen- the politics of living and the shame in dying
moneen- this is all bigger than me
statues- rubber gloves
statues -the audition
invasives -embracing evil
fear of lipstick- I don't wanna be around
blackmask- bottomfeeder
sleepwalkers- blinded by faith
disapproval -ego trip
the please and thank yous- friends first
swellers -vehicle city blues
swellers -red lights
lipstick homocide -we'll be ok
be my doppel ganger- disappointers
visitors -san andreas
class assassins- still got a lot to give
kover- w/o
whitefields -grey morning lights
projectors- broken frames
ugly parts- dried snot
sleepless- faces in clouds
amber- long walk home
taste the void- monolith
swarm of speres -fear is the killer

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