Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sept 12th edition now up

sept 12th edition
download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20110920-2100-t1316548800.mp3
eastern youth- muyohnosuke
us bombs- jaks
the forecast- a better man
bomb the music industry- hurricane waves
baroness- isak
marvelous darlings- I don't wanna go to the party
blood brothers- six nightmares at the pinball masquerade
falling sickness -what scene
planet smashers- I'm ok if you want to party
youth brigade -reason why
fifth hour hero- after all is said and done
trap them- manic in the grips
shutdown -in defense of…
bigwig- cheers
h2o- journey to the end of the east bay
melt banana- spider snipe
frenetics- are you waiting
red animal war- and so it begins with bombs
creepshow- run for your life
necromantix- once we were lovers
chief- one spirit
youthinasia- the escape
youthinasia -abandoned to believe
Junior Battles- send the pilots away
burnt by the sun- goliath
final exit- straight edge terror force

if that link doesn't work try out program guide here http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/
or this one http://tunein.com/radio/The-Best-Show-Ever-p336011/
check out jill from new girl orders set there as well when she filled in for me on sept 21st

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aug 30th edition now up

the download
the setlist
alkaline trio- movin right along
samiam- 80 west
baby control -if you see me, pretend you don't
this is a standoff -the enlightened one
this is a standoff- vanadian
griever -forgetter
joe lally- last of the civilized
circle takes the square- enter by the narrow gates
circle takes the square- spirit narative
circle takes the square- way of everbranching
chop tops- nothing for something
stereo state- no failure
yellowbelts- war on science
jolts -czar bomb
jolts- miskatonic high
loose cannons- richard montgomery
amateur party- the place that you live
hellmouth- tragedy of a city
panda jerk- neural parasites
panda jerk- azz dragons
the thrashers- paddled out
the thrashers- deathbox jungle

if the link above doesn't work try this http://tunein.com/radio/The-Best-Show-Ever-p336011/