Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aug 30th edition now up

the download
the setlist
alkaline trio- movin right along
samiam- 80 west
baby control -if you see me, pretend you don't
this is a standoff -the enlightened one
this is a standoff- vanadian
griever -forgetter
joe lally- last of the civilized
circle takes the square- enter by the narrow gates
circle takes the square- spirit narative
circle takes the square- way of everbranching
chop tops- nothing for something
stereo state- no failure
yellowbelts- war on science
jolts -czar bomb
jolts- miskatonic high
loose cannons- richard montgomery
amateur party- the place that you live
hellmouth- tragedy of a city
panda jerk- neural parasites
panda jerk- azz dragons
the thrashers- paddled out
the thrashers- deathbox jungle

if the link above doesn't work try this http://tunein.com/radio/The-Best-Show-Ever-p336011/

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