Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mar 20th episode is now up!

Here are some links to download it:

and the setlist:
sharks- arcane effigies
tenement- your life or mine
culo- I don't wanna go to psychward b
skullians- afterparty
skullians- black eyes
the measure sa- the 5 chimes
real mckenzies- burnout
real mckenzies- fools road
12xu- la convention du clone
tim.- katharine
joyce manor- comfortable clothes
joyce manor- video killed the radio star
unsane- ghost
unsane- no chance
unsane- ha ha ha
implants- life passes
latin for truth- boxcar
classics of love- would be kings
pennywise- all or nothing
sewer rats- gimme gimme drugs
sewer rats- drunk on your blood
walls- stare at the walls
cannoneer- a blackening mind
the coltranes- fear of frozen food
rage brigade- slipping away
cleave- the circle
midnight souls -counterfeiters union
exalt- partisan eyes
salvation- the tethered man
tempest- solace 1

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 13th episode is now up!

Here's a few links that you can listen to it at:

And here's the setlist:
flatliners -liver alone
spraynard- you can't ger there from here
spraynard -trembling
brendan kelly and the wandering birds- a man with the passion of tennessee williams
cardinal -underneath my skin
no motiv- bled
washinton square park- garden state
cellos- hit song
the hextalls- I don't want to go down to the basement either
the hextalls- I just want to sleep in the treehouse
the hextalls- pebbles the happiest chihuahua
averkiou- present tense
the wonder years- anchor
polar bear club- skipping stone
flogging molly- to youth
reaganomics- chireland
cleave- in our time
cleave- skeletons in the closet
ape kill ape- let down
old fears- hand full of teeth
rise and fall- burning at both ends
burning love- miserable sound
burning love- mess
brazen hell- servitude
brazen hell- torment
xerxes- tide/this place is a prison
municipal waste- the fatal feast
le kraken- l'or des fous

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 6th edition now up!

Here are the links to listen

and the setlist:
aussitot mort- la bourse on lavie
tilts- whatever happened
greylines- the wait
laugh it off- a real life story of a mid twenties depression
mikey erg- key of c, fix it, fix it, stop
every time I die- a wild shameless plain
every time I die- I suck (blood)
every time I die- touch yourself
nick flanagan (standup)- parents, grammar, analogies
rollerstarter- ice cream girl
rollerstarter -vadar
mxpx- par away
mxpx- screw loose
stack and large- strike the chord
stack and large- coming home
stragglers- a sad song(not at all)
stragglers -the things I know
relations- never change
curbside- saving face
traveling- idealist temperment
warm needles- one part robot, 3 parts asshole
with glowing hearts- ramirez! Do everything
momentum- omen
calvairre- gratitude
steady hands- lone wolf
redeemer- fury and chains
enforcers- grievance

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

feb 28th edition now up!

try these to listen to it

and the setlist:
no trigger- new brains
no trigger- windmill and watertower
french exit- favorite actress
crucial dudes- dry spell
four eyes- back to life
lucifer wong- playphone
nefidovs- fuck john hughes
treehouse- average life expectancy should be 16 years
cheap girls- communication blues
cheap girls- right way
cheap girls- if you can't swim
humanifesto- a home if nuts
silverstien- ballad of wilhelm
silverstien- la marseillaise
nitro mahalia- knock knock on the water
aussitot mort- la ride du lion
great apes- simple cathartics
lumber lung- vomit in your mouth a little
hope- when will you fall
old wounds- white rabbit
streetlight fire- larry bird
mute- fastlane
unsane- wreck
fuck the facts- lifeless
instill -human eyes
the fallacy- la fin du monde