Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nov 22 episode now up!

the download http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20111122-2100-t1321995600.mp3

the setlist
armalite-double negativety-ing
armalite- boots/sneakers
kover- frozen
12xu- ceux qui comptent
12xu- transparent
12xu- un nuit sans sommeil
seahaven -understanding
mixtapes- noon (protest song)
class assassins- still got a lot to give
gay for johnny depp- nine inch males
bunchofuckingoofs -business scum
bunchofuckingoofs- total breakdown
electro quarterstaff -stroganoff
ringworm- leviathon
pick your weapon- look at what we can do with science
go home freshmen -to each his own words
the shell corporation- quantative sleazing
crisis of conformity- fist fight
crisis of conformity- kick it down and kick it around
brazen hell- servitude
brazen hell- disinherit
h2o- attitude
h2o- cats and dogs
h2o -don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets
hold hands -vinden vander
nils -up turns to downs
noem- no toothpaste blues
bandera- tortured fills barred and grilled
metz- ripped on the fence

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

best show ever nov 15th edition

the download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20111115-2100-t1321390800.mp3

diamond dancer- long distance relationships
jetty boys- let it go
unlearn -blade
unlearn -landscapes of deprivation
worriers- made to mend
glory of this -the fear that gave me wings
attention -when life hands you lemmings
attention- your is the new you're
good luck -the others
good luck -a song to comfort the sick
good luck- it gets harder
carry ourselves- by few means
oathbreaker- thoth
s.o.s.- inflatable infatuation
cannoneer- mark my words
anti-venom -proof of pain
banner pilot -calling station
senders- science
code orange kids -walls
dancing with paris -jumper
dancing with paris- plurals
threat signal- resistance
comity- part 1
atari teenage riot- is this hypereal

If the above link doesn't work try
http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/ and look for the show or

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

H.P. Lovecraft show for Halloween is now up!

the download

the setlist:
gwar the horror of yig
high on fire cometh down hessian
the jolts miskatonic high
darkest of the hillside thickets the innsmouth look
rudimentery peni horrors in the museum
rudimentery peni the evil clergyman
zann last night a book saved my life
teen cthulhu violent world
reanimator lowlife
sacrifice necronomicon
rage beyond the wall of sleep
zeke horror at redhook
evil dead original off broadway cast necronomicon
arctic flowers rats in the walls
frenzal rhomb rats in the walls
scurvy bastards polaris
dayglo abortions the spawn of yog sothoth
frankenstein lovecraft
white flag cthulhu calling
fucked up lurking fear
last in line herbert west-reanimator
deceased reanimator
acacia strain cthulhu
vaselines lovecraft

if the above link doesn't work try these: