Tuesday, November 1, 2011

H.P. Lovecraft show for Halloween is now up!

the download

the setlist:
gwar the horror of yig
high on fire cometh down hessian
the jolts miskatonic high
darkest of the hillside thickets the innsmouth look
rudimentery peni horrors in the museum
rudimentery peni the evil clergyman
zann last night a book saved my life
teen cthulhu violent world
reanimator lowlife
sacrifice necronomicon
rage beyond the wall of sleep
zeke horror at redhook
evil dead original off broadway cast necronomicon
arctic flowers rats in the walls
frenzal rhomb rats in the walls
scurvy bastards polaris
dayglo abortions the spawn of yog sothoth
frankenstein lovecraft
white flag cthulhu calling
fucked up lurking fear
last in line herbert west-reanimator
deceased reanimator
acacia strain cthulhu
vaselines lovecraft

if the above link doesn't work try these:

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