Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oct 11th episode now up!

the download link

and the setlist:

static radio nj- favorite name
juicehead- lorraine
Into It. Over It. -conneticut steps
balance and composure- seahorses
ten second epic- giving up
old wives- backed in a corner
old wives -high school high
dude jams- fucked up
mad men- odia
I am the avalanche- casey's song
I am the avalanche- gratitude
I am the avalanche- I'll be back around
hex dispensers -personality x-ray
cobra skulls- all drive
cobra skulls- hiding
trapped under ice- dead inside
this is hell- mi nombre
vacant state- dying world
vacant state- fill the void
sagan youth- killer whale suicide mission
mahria -blind
mahria -self sacrifice
choke up -say something
aviator- the definition of a dead end
lenny and the piss poor boys- cambridgeport saloon
we were promised jetpacks -medicine
whirr- leave
polar bear club- pawner

if the above link does not work try these:

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