Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 19th episode is now up!

Download it here
 May 19th best show ever

 The setlist
night fever- hate
anti-flag- sky is falling
 anti-flag- close my eyes
somerset thrower- china white
somerset thrower- heavy
oreskaband- carry on
not on tour- rumors
 not on tour -sick of this mess
not on tour- failing
world war IX- if one of these bottles should happen to fall
world war IX- king of the king of beers
needs- song one-the dread
needs -we don't know why we are protesting is why we are protesting
shreddy krueger- hazel the apparaition
 shreddy krueger- inamorata
 silverstein- a midwestern state of emergency
silverstein- je me souviens
silverstein- milestone
sinners and saints- when we were young
sinners and saints- up through the sky
ramallah -comedy
ramallah- here we are
 bullshit hardcore band -work part 2

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 12th episode is now up!

Download the show here 
may 12 best show ever

And the setlist:

underground railroad to candyland- yer no the only one
 noise by numbers- high on drama
 noise by numbers- rudderless
 silent horror- (we are) monster squad 
silent horror- digging up the marrow 
hotelier- an ode to the nite ratz club
 hotelier- vacancy
 sunspots- two 
sunspots -dead season 
sunspots- much ado about nothing
masked intruder- I plead the 5th 
masked intruder -how do I get to you
harbour- grade school summer
 harbour- so long 
mystic inane- eggs onna plate
 mystic inane- polite society
winter break- nothing important happened today pt.ii 
winter break- you think that's air you're breathing now
summer vacation- tiffany sucks
 summer vacation- domo 
goms- strapped down
 goms -herd mentality
 severe- take it back 
severe- retribution 
severe- distorted views 
vatican -shiver
vatican -sanctuary
agnostic front- the american dream died 
agnostic front -social justice 
meredith graves -took the ghost to the movies

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 5th best show ever is now up!

The Mp3
 May 5 best show ever

The setlist
titus andronicus -dimed out 
refused -electra
 lawnmower -answering machine 
ergs -I'm in trouble 
the replacements -radio hook word hit
 the replacements -everything's coming up roses 
ceremony -bleeder 
ceremony -the separation
 ceremony -the party
 terminal licks -not today
 terminal licks -it's over 
stop dancing- responible 
foam -silver spoon 
foam -ok, get up and go to work 
foam -sludge 
heart attack kids -platonic love bomb
 heart attack kids- eh ok 
heart attack kids -belly of the beast 
noi!se -solidarity 
koffin kats -detroit 
voodoo glow skulls -the brothels 
shoplifters -ghost band 
great cynics -lost and found 
great cynics -wet feet 
mutoid man -sweet ivy 
goms -goms squad 
goms -last warning 
public suicide -intro ii-draining 
public suicide -cut me out 
fucked up -california cold

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 28th Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the mp3 here
 April 28th best show ever

The setlist:
anti flag -fabled world
strange attractor- barely doin crime
 first base -you're just my type
battlewulf -I don't wanna touch your dick
battlewulf -captcha
tubuloids -reefer radness
tubuloids -tosh and neil's excellent adventure
hop along -buddy in the parade
hop along -texas funeral
hop along -well dressed
ducking punches- towers
ducking punches -out fot he count
braid -kids get grids
braid -because I am
success -mr know it all
success -flowers
 animal crimes -criminal realm
 animal crimes -deranged mental state
 animal crimes -lords of the land
 red city radio- two out of three ain't rad
red city radio -pretend kings
contra code- boring damn you
contra code -flagship
turnstile -bring it back
 turnstile -can't deny it
comeback kid -the concept stays
comeback kid -wake the dead