Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 12th episode is now up!

Download the show here 
may 12 best show ever

And the setlist:

underground railroad to candyland- yer no the only one
 noise by numbers- high on drama
 noise by numbers- rudderless
 silent horror- (we are) monster squad 
silent horror- digging up the marrow 
hotelier- an ode to the nite ratz club
 hotelier- vacancy
 sunspots- two 
sunspots -dead season 
sunspots- much ado about nothing
masked intruder- I plead the 5th 
masked intruder -how do I get to you
harbour- grade school summer
 harbour- so long 
mystic inane- eggs onna plate
 mystic inane- polite society
winter break- nothing important happened today pt.ii 
winter break- you think that's air you're breathing now
summer vacation- tiffany sucks
 summer vacation- domo 
goms- strapped down
 goms -herd mentality
 severe- take it back 
severe- retribution 
severe- distorted views 
vatican -shiver
vatican -sanctuary
agnostic front- the american dream died 
agnostic front -social justice 
meredith graves -took the ghost to the movies

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