Thursday, December 31, 2009

december 29th show

listen to it here
and here is the setlist:
arliss nancy- rust
the cute lepers- some hits hurt harder
debaser- we have a lot in common you and I
reaction- the kids arrived
torture the artist -vanessa
dillinger mob- say it ain't so
hex dispensers -the mutiny
fuzz 58- sarcasm
golden girls- teenage rape fantasy
rubber girlfriend -queen of the neighborhood
strike anywhere -spectacular
ak47- prison house of nations
utopia now- science
moaning lisas- lurking in the dark
punch- right of way
black market fruit flies- lifer
spits -life in a van
daddy's hand- I hate z pank
evening rig- how does she do it
sector 7- honest liar
whaleface -get that sign out of my face
malchiks- get over me
onion flavored rings- funny
disassociate from man- savages
C. Aarme- blodet
jr battles -decades
flipper- be good child
blundermen- chaos
pregnant- god is nein
bound to fall- cause for thought
legendary san diego chargers -things are pretty fucked
lager lads -aggro nights
dig it up- oh no
26 letter prison- 5:39
constantines- credit river
chuck norris- pick up your skate
door luck -Saturday night live
after all- don't give up
x-large- his life
gone too far- should I
seized- the drowning
never too late- mistrust
the vanishers -4 am

Sunday, December 27, 2009

december 22 christmas show!

listen to the show here:
and here is the setlist:
kevin devine- slitting up christmas
pansy division- homo christmas
throwdown- jingle bell rock
murphy's law- santas got a brand new bag
peter and the test tube babies -I'm getting pissed for christmas
jimmy eat world- christmas card
hot rod circuit- happy xmas
the ravers -punk rock christmas
the automatics- step into christmas
sloppy seconds- hooray for santy clause
impact- punk christmas
culturecide- depressed christmas
dickies- silent night
wards- santa's cadillac
clap- christmas in a body bag
the locust- pulling the christmas pig by the ears
abrosranie bogum- shit xmas mince pie metal poser obliteration
humpers- run run rudolph
dashboard confessional- the only gift that I need
the vandals -gun for christmas
born against- xmas eve
deftones- christmas
bomb the music industry- pizza claus is coming to town
the vindictives- nuttin for christmas
showcase showdown- merry christmas, I fucked your snowman
mojo nixon- christmas christmas
the damned- there ain't no santy claus
D I- mr grinch
jetty boys -reflectors
voodoo glow skulls -feliz navidad
easy-e merry- muthafuckin x-mas

long delayed december 15th edition of the best show ever

listen to the show here
here is the setlist:
the riot before- take that, the government
tim- useless life
the helm- unum sanctum
cruel hand- damaged goods
new enemy- tim horton hears a who
dbs- aspirations
ux vileheads- ok mutations
the epidemics- bloodstains
detournement- revolution
timeshares- chinese coffy torture
hour of the wolf- cowards and critics
olehole- monuments of motion
crownhate -ruin better still if they don't know
something corporate- ruthless
carpenter- you can't keep a good man down
weakerthans- anchorless
mark lind and the unloved- the world is fucked
fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
yesterdays ring -punx not dead
cooper- right now
swing ding amigos- sweet gene
tattle tales- please sign here
alcoholics unanimous- santa claus dwi
swellers- immunity
real mckenzies- loch lamond
one man army -victoria
red collar radio- on
fucked up- do they know it's christmas
dragbody-kill the dogs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dec 8th show. a tribute to the gorilla biscuits

here is the show
and here is the setlist:
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower- reichstag rock
skankin pickle- start today
die young- degradation
the fight- first failure
products of waste- big mouth
what happens next -stand still
defiance ohio- the things we say
new found glory- no reason why
wallride- new direction
LxExAxRxNx- good intentions
raised fist- new direction
youth of today- better than you
set your goals- forgotten
buzzcocks- sitting round the home
pointing finger- high hopes
gorilla biscuits- as one
civ- sausages?
good clean fun- on the streets
death is not glamorous- for keeps
fluf- sticky buns
dayglo abortions- proud to be a canadian
the daily times- suburbia is burning
the roman line- talbot and inkerman
the fits- sailing to hell
mariachi el bronx- slave labor
the james t kirks- stingray #1
crash kills- it's always there
against time- I ask myself
billy and the lost boys- reprise refrain
atm- fight
big trouble in little china- end of the world sex party
murder city devils- lemuria rising
prizzy prizzy please- too many t-shirts
new lease- that's it that's all
burning love -demo track 3
ac4- the same fight
francophones- fzeron

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 1st edition of the best show ever

download it here
here is the setlist:
the jealous sound- anxious arms
rome romeo- the heater
waxwing -g
the 'tone- queen of the shoplifters
emergency- what you gonna do?
mustard plug- the freshman
corporation- toxic world
retreads- misery
hives- uptempo venomous poison
red lights flash- divinity needs poverty
kover- w/o
12xu- terre d' innocus
narcoleptic youth- pull the trigger
wayfarer- black cadillac
the business- smash the discos
be my doppleganger- get in line
layaway plan- magnet
ergs- I'll trash you when you think of me
the measure (sa)- don't fuck this up
tiny hawks- four days after ariel was shot
complete- so long
hippos- thinking
house boat- my guts have shit for brains
A.I.D.-the consequence of your greed
deville- Idle but deadly
spread the disease- responding to the current lack of heat
letters organize- a book for dummies
flatliners- filthy habits
despair- kill
shai hulud- lost cause
skarhead- where are you
crane- half united

Friday, November 27, 2009

november the 24th show. current total = 300 different bands

download the show here
here is the setlist
hot cross -blame truth
tranzmitorz- bigger houses, broken homes
braid- zero frisco
2 man advantage- chug it
kops for christ- why be something you're not
board youth- skate hard
american cheeseburger- 10:20's sweet moves
die brucke- giving up on us
asshole parade- soldiers IV
7 seconds- regress no way
flesh columns- pay the lord
batfoot! -batfoot!
AFI- cruise control
inertia kills- no limbs
captives- the escapee
chillerton- fingers crossed
infect- mcdeath
failures union- hidden song
humanifesto- pusher
fireside- circulate
fiya- born to do
doomtown- slaves
future virgins- otherside
frogball- note to self
take em all- beer
gan- 99 red baloons
jellyroll rockheads- high pressure
moral panic- stolen land
gatorface- flakjacket
gay coybows in bondage- broken stick
M blanket- fonz
kill conrad- the best policy
loser life- idiot
phallocracy- aqualung leg
matter of fact- positive aggression
naysayer- affliction
oceans- left and gone
no friends- set in your ways
pour habit- bad luck drunk
one eleven- false alarm
canadian rifle- no guts
paul baribeau and ginger alford- does this bus stop at 82nd
ulcer- ramones
prizzy prizzy please- crackheads and drillbits
psyched to die- conditioned to failblack
jacks -8:15
reaching hand- your mistake
reaganomics- I can't count
champion- one sixteen
rehasher- superfan
religious as fuck- blindes
soy- arbiters manifest
sakes alive!!- staff meeting
static radio NJ- all the same
pipebomb- pressure
soul control- on survival
ritual- the dead in disguise
varsity wierdos- codependency
dopamines- ryan has anxiety
hex dispensers- doomsday romantic
chitz -break the cycle
tarpit -jurassic charge
peacocks- zurich is a cocaine town
potential johns- I'd like to see
mexican power authority- orbit
pitboss 2000 -sea witch
tiefighter- you're the new metalcore
la dispute- only everything you know
the end- throwing stones

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

november 17th show

download the show here
and here is the setlist:
weatherbox -atom smash
marginal man- friend
the summer pledge- what's yr facorite collar?
agent -current
git some -buckle up!
riptides -shell shock
the effection- maria
subcity- drag me down
stretch armstrong- busted
subhumans- piss on you
sixer- hero
bleeding though- love lost in a hale of gunfire
classics of love- don't stand down
defeater- the bite and sting
wisdom in chains- chasing the dragon
nofx- fermented and failing
equation of state- my suggestion is that you fuck off
born dead icons- great western mistakes
saint alvia cartel- time to go
extortion- get fucked
heartsounds- pi ata
deadly sins -ashes
lewd acts -I don't need you
as fall comes- silence
songs from a room- player player
despised icon- black lungs
13 inches of blood- call of the hammer
farewell continental- western boys and girls

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nov 10th episode. download here
and here is the band list:
american steel- old croy road
memorial- the great lakes
esoteric- disappearing
no trigger- north american
sick sick birds- do the texas
combat wounded veteran- I've got a sling shot
deadline -apathy
gang green- narrow mind
I object- give me 3 chords and 30 seconds
blood brothers- guitarmy
bodies in the gears of the apparatus- white track whore
retching red- battery acid
the freeze- idiots at happy hour
fuck the facts- horizon
dean dirg- !!!!
bruce banner- we are bruce banner
jerry's kids- straight jacket
pig destroyer- 3 second apocalypse
das oath -bush licked
good riddance- trophy
kill your idols- stop comparing us to negative approach
bigwig- freegan
circle jerks- deny everything
head wound city- thank you
consumed -delraiser
asshole parade- mail in result
97a- blueprint
fyp- dum cos I said so
sleepasaurs- maybe one should?
countdown to oblivion- star wars
wrangler brutes -garbage can
star pupil- context
get rad- I'm peeing red
screeching weasel- we skate
darkbuster- grandma was a nazi
cleveland bound death sentence- east river
backup plan- I broke your heart
dan padilla- shit's tight
I farm -chairman me
frenzal rhomb- predickle me this
queers- too many twinkies
spazz- prayer for the complete
all- she brock my dick
C.AARME -o'neil oh no
ensign- d.b.c.
left for dead -didn't I
affirmative action jackson- the shape of trash to come
no fun at all- get a grip
recension -psudo teen angst is a funny joke
haymaker -take it back
lanemeyer -alarm
unbelievers- medium at best
blatz- homemade speed
thieves- murcury rising
pachino ca- destroyer
surplus sons- city nights
this is hell- never get sick
dead in hollywood -sing it away
a wilhelm scream -skid rock
a death in the family- familiar strangers
some girls- deathface

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i've been sick. here's nov 3rd's show

download it here:
sass dragons- explode alamode
chune- clauos
sleepwall- tennessee sun
lemuria- expert herder
prize country- regular nights
take off the halter-gas chamber
marvelous darlings -I want my brand
young govenor- virginia creeper
gift eaters -it lifts, it sways
downway -railed
contrabandit- s.l.a
permanent bastards- we stole these songs
kajta- aphasia
insergent -tin cans and strings
get bent -to a buddy at war
her breath on glass -dying is an art
comadre -viva hate part 2
cheap girls- lab technicians
hope conspiracy- greed taught war driven
austrian death machine -it's simple, if it jiggles it fat
grey ghost -slay or stay
noise by numbers -a single bullet
comeback kid -lorelei
it's all gone to hell -jack broken heart
a perfect murder -dead and gone
algernon cadwallader -second rate
used kids- doomed to be alone
stephan and the problematix -ssdd
the get up kids -don't hate me
the frenetics -bullpen
this time next year -the rise and fall
gypsy -relative distant

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

october 27th Halloween show!

Download the show here
and here is the setlist:
standstill- words
the lawrence arms- the slowest drink at the saddest day
zombina and the skeletones- dracula blood
the flatliners- and the world files for change
atom and his package- my mind is playing tricks on me
necromantix- backstage pass to hell
mi amore- chachacha d'amore
steller corpses- cemetery man
acrid- manifestation of the disease
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lycanthrope
fear- fresh flesh
balzac- in your face
demon speed- michael landon's ghost
randy- the exorcist
horrorpops- ghouls
vampirates- wolves wolves
ink and dagger- vampire fastcode
laughing dogs- zombies
latterman- zombies are pissed
flaming tsunamis- zombies vs robots
the kill list- nick nolte vs gary busey
pitch black- the wrath
golers- original goler
tiger army- nocturnal
burnt by the sun- dracula with sunglasses
creepshow- dearly departed
send more paramedics- zombie vs shark
zombie apocalypse- god I hope this data is lying
cold as life-terror zone

Thursday, October 22, 2009

october 20th all can con edition

here's the link to listen
and here's the setlist:
whiskey trench-(I saw) your face
from grass to cheese- I really wanna be a gynecologist
barrier- what to make
no fuse inside- follow my own direction
!attention!- look what you did you little jerk
burn the past- too far gone
alien cab- your equal
hope- short but sweet
delerium- hidden song
try again- j/veux pas sortir par la fen
rad affair- tune them out
fast offensive- hong kong kung fu
swarm- last rites
low fat- fuck off too
guilt trip- teenage girls can be so cruel
ruth's hat- 25
third world planet- trendy
jonas- eradicate
forty cent fix- abigail
wast- answers
farewell to freeway- the dude
orphan choir- gravel tongues
video dead- see you in hell
threat signal- escape from reality
hard to say- baby shit herself
carryouts- carried out again
district 7- seconds down
sedatives- dead to the discourse
gravemaker- duck to dawn
handheld- dull picks and broken sticks
tianamen squares- emo kids
last communion- end it
final baton- future of flesh
black cobra- glacies en spiritu
glass dog- glass dog forever(and ever)
against time- I ask myself
spazms- I don't love you
the short fused- perfect day
uranus- under pressure
gearbox- prologue
terminal state- punxploitation
hostage life- rat lines
arise and ruin- forever damned
screwl stew- realize
shot by jack- shot by jack
the kids- step off
bayonettes- tension
farewell- the beginning of the end
brutal knights- why the beard
sissy havoc- 98 cents
fallthrough- life in red
little millionaires- go suck an egg
rum runner- hollywood girls
head hits concrete- no longer among us
bayonets!!!- biling
waste of race- total control
roc reatards- on caffiene

Monday, October 19, 2009

oct 13th edition of the best show ever

sorry it took so long to post
Here is the link to download it
And here is the setlist:
Nakatomi Plaza- ghost intruigue
Slowride-the year of the snake
racetraitor-broken dust
rufio-a simple line
hit the switch-last light
fallen idols-war on the blvd
broadway calls-wake up call
modern life is war-by the sea
casket salesmen-dr jesus
keating-love she said
strung out-jack knife
darkest hour-bitter
nothing in common-not what it seems
alkaline trio-take lots with alcohol
vendetta red-shoot up with god
seam-little chang big city
ed gein-breed
crow dragon tea-more beer come on my guitar
banner pilot-farewell to iron bastards
duck hunt-the name game
norma jean-vipers snakes and actors
prayer for cleansing-salvation

Friday, October 9, 2009

1000 Bands in 6 Months

Starting october 13th and running until april 13 or sooner. I'll be posting my set lists and showlinks here.