Thursday, October 22, 2009

october 20th all can con edition

here's the link to listen
and here's the setlist:
whiskey trench-(I saw) your face
from grass to cheese- I really wanna be a gynecologist
barrier- what to make
no fuse inside- follow my own direction
!attention!- look what you did you little jerk
burn the past- too far gone
alien cab- your equal
hope- short but sweet
delerium- hidden song
try again- j/veux pas sortir par la fen
rad affair- tune them out
fast offensive- hong kong kung fu
swarm- last rites
low fat- fuck off too
guilt trip- teenage girls can be so cruel
ruth's hat- 25
third world planet- trendy
jonas- eradicate
forty cent fix- abigail
wast- answers
farewell to freeway- the dude
orphan choir- gravel tongues
video dead- see you in hell
threat signal- escape from reality
hard to say- baby shit herself
carryouts- carried out again
district 7- seconds down
sedatives- dead to the discourse
gravemaker- duck to dawn
handheld- dull picks and broken sticks
tianamen squares- emo kids
last communion- end it
final baton- future of flesh
black cobra- glacies en spiritu
glass dog- glass dog forever(and ever)
against time- I ask myself
spazms- I don't love you
the short fused- perfect day
uranus- under pressure
gearbox- prologue
terminal state- punxploitation
hostage life- rat lines
arise and ruin- forever damned
screwl stew- realize
shot by jack- shot by jack
the kids- step off
bayonettes- tension
farewell- the beginning of the end
brutal knights- why the beard
sissy havoc- 98 cents
fallthrough- life in red
little millionaires- go suck an egg
rum runner- hollywood girls
head hits concrete- no longer among us
bayonets!!!- biling
waste of race- total control
roc reatards- on caffiene

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