Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Show Ever Sept 13th episode is now up

Download it here :
Best Show Ever Sept 13

The setlist:

nick cave and the bad seeds    -jesus alone
less than jake    -the loudest songs
!attention!    -writing letters
sweet and lowdown    -carolina
toyguitar    -move like a ghost
toyguita-r    turn it around
against me!    --all this (and more)
against me!    -provision l-3
against me!    -haunting, haunted, haunts
pansy division    -he's trouble
pansy division    -my heart aches for you
dan vapid    -red fire engine
dan vapid    -I have a thing about trains
colleen green    -between the lines
colleen green    -disco
sudden suspension    -guelph ontario
terminal licks    -not today
terminal licks    -you won't see me go
terminal licks    -DIGGIN A GRAVE
auras    -emerge
auras    -sciolist
auras    -chimerical
die young    -automations
die young    -mortal/eternal
crux of aux    -pergatory cop
crux of aux    -body of shale
crux of aux    -tears for mona

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept 6th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Sept 6

The Setlist:
balance and composure    -afterparty
snfu    -plastic surgery kept her beautiful
snfu    -tinfish
snfu    -human rust
snfu    -a hole in your soul
snfu    -spaceghost, the twins and blip
snfu    -quest for fun
antillectual    -I wrote this song
antillectual    -the players the game
antillectual    -obsessive cosmetic disorder
new swears    -cool aid
new swears    -candy lane
new swears    -day dreaming
single mothers    -everybody cool
single mothers    -idiomatic
gouge away    -calloused
gouge away    -dirt nap
arms aloft    -nothing to lose but our chains
arms aloft    -slosly is playing at my house
big brother    -slipping away
big brother- w/ positive junk    corexit
merit    -ecto-coolin'
merit    -on a wire
wolf whistle    -the great boiling pot
wolf whistle    -me
the potentials    -cibo matto (are playing at the bronze tonight)
the potentials    -extra flamey
diablogato    -in your sights
duck and cover-    stand corrected
final call    -rejected
final call-    off he goes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Aug 30th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Aug 30

The setlist
fashionism    -subculture suicide
fashionism    -stop, drop, rock 'n' roll
fashionism    -nun of that
boys on the wall    -new felt hat
boys on the wall    -clever
the carringtons    -just a second
the no marks    -not working
ajj    -cody's theme
ajj    -goodbye, oh goodbye
ajj    -terrifyer
safe to say    -crows
safe to say    -your favourite dream
safe to say    -dove
safe to say    -tangerine
owen    -settled down
american football-    I've been lost for so long
raging nathans    -bartending the funeral
raging nathans    -pissed away
soap    -to it n' at it
soap    -psycho shack
soap    -prick boy
soap    -fly babys
ringworm    -snake church
ringworm    -iron fist
expire    -medicine
expire    -ghost
capsize    -xx (sew my eyes)
capsize    -split my soul
wet bandits    -maestro jesus '91
wet bandits    -another time (you say)