Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Aug 30th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Aug 30

The setlist
fashionism    -subculture suicide
fashionism    -stop, drop, rock 'n' roll
fashionism    -nun of that
boys on the wall    -new felt hat
boys on the wall    -clever
the carringtons    -just a second
the no marks    -not working
ajj    -cody's theme
ajj    -goodbye, oh goodbye
ajj    -terrifyer
safe to say    -crows
safe to say    -your favourite dream
safe to say    -dove
safe to say    -tangerine
owen    -settled down
american football-    I've been lost for so long
raging nathans    -bartending the funeral
raging nathans    -pissed away
soap    -to it n' at it
soap    -psycho shack
soap    -prick boy
soap    -fly babys
ringworm    -snake church
ringworm    -iron fist
expire    -medicine
expire    -ghost
capsize    -xx (sew my eyes)
capsize    -split my soul
wet bandits    -maestro jesus '91
wet bandits    -another time (you say)

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