Wednesday, September 29, 2010


here's the download
and the setlist:
single mothers -nice dresses
single mothers -heaven for the weekend
lower than atlantis -far Q
burger kings- she's my girl
forgetters- the night accellerates
weatherbox- broken glow sticks
sour boy bitter girl- refugee fighters
funeral dress -rebel radio
bad religion- only rain
bad religion- someone to believe
bad religion -cyanide
no secrets between sailors- this is japan
peaches- rock n roll
pacer- everythings fine
slingshot- chai pig latte
slingshot- she said that
the get up kids- central standard time
toys that kill- pliers
the snips- black leather vest
the snips- finckle is einhorn
dayglo abortions- homophobic sexist cokeheads
dayglo abortions- nikki dial
holy mountain -genocide
holy mountain- george jackson
holy mountain- stalker
contraints -consumed
rust belt lights -forty five
dollyrots -on nom nom

Sunday, September 26, 2010

best show ever sept 21st now up!

here's the link to download it
and here's the setlist:
envy- rain clouds running in a hole
year zero -my head
explode and make up- reel around the rumor mill
just panic- new year
nerd alert- brace face
the roman line- intro
the roman line- down after the wreck
creepshow- get what's coming
creepshow- last chance
younger years- the death of steve rogers
outlets -knock me down
dropkick murphys- john law
dropkick murphys- in the streets of boston
dropkick murphys -road of the ritcheous
street dogs -in stereo
flatfoot 56- stampede
money in the banana stand- wave(goodbye to the tough guy)
money in the banana stand -pma
money in the banana stand -what you know
spermbirds -matter of fact
such gold -the brass tax
hot water music- end of a gun
undark and the radium girls- I fucking hate the smiths
divider -the stranger/strange land
black birds- blood shot eyes
black birds -have nots
ays- sister of the abyss
s.t.r.e.e.t.s. -freebirds to revert

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new show's up! august 7th and 14th
august 7th
the setlist:
lowtalker- intro
lowtalker -turncoat
the dead milkmen- labor day
dead mechanical- pictures in the hall
tightrope- gramophones
dan padilla- booker t would agree
fang- eat a vegan
chitz- bingo
chitz- dumb girl
lager lads- made in canada
lager lads- moy street blues
street dogs- punk rock and roll
marching orders- weight of the world
fiya- bad blood
your skull my closet- get loud
envy- a breath clad in happiness
daddy's hands- shiver into brown space
daddy's hands- in my pirate suit
nofx- fanmail
plack pacific- living with ghosts
lightnin round- rock with me
shai hulud- anesthesia
punch- stay afloat
punch- let me forget
punch- fixation
dangers -no vonneguts, no glory
dangers- I'll clap when I'm impressed
mountain man- live
grade- optical portions
whiskey trench -devil at your door
whiskey trench-(I saw) your face
burnt by the sun- rust future primatives

and august 14th
and the setlist:
blacklist royals -love in the backseat
dollyrots -california beach boy
achigan- fort dans l'faux
brokedowns- this cult is a bummer
broadcast- zero band du jour
crazy jim buhdulah and the sweat- stonecutters song
negative approach- cargo cult
negative approach- friends of no one
fo fun old
exxotone- sideways
unnatural silence -system
unnatural silence- agape brainwash
my precious -things I get you
beyond pink- walk
gamits- falling apart
gamits- the still and the lost
gamits- the well
be my doppelganger- turning 17
caleb lionheart -make believe
vandals- my neck, my back
chewing on tinfoil- the white washed blues
eisley- ambulance
criteria -the coincidence
shared arms- 101 uses for a dead rat
shared arms- rat your friends
old school politics -mel gibson
old school politics -got it
ceremony -moving principle
hellmouth -tragedy of a city
black kites- miracles
solar bear -endless choir