Sunday, September 26, 2010

best show ever sept 21st now up!

here's the link to download it
and here's the setlist:
envy- rain clouds running in a hole
year zero -my head
explode and make up- reel around the rumor mill
just panic- new year
nerd alert- brace face
the roman line- intro
the roman line- down after the wreck
creepshow- get what's coming
creepshow- last chance
younger years- the death of steve rogers
outlets -knock me down
dropkick murphys- john law
dropkick murphys- in the streets of boston
dropkick murphys -road of the ritcheous
street dogs -in stereo
flatfoot 56- stampede
money in the banana stand- wave(goodbye to the tough guy)
money in the banana stand -pma
money in the banana stand -what you know
spermbirds -matter of fact
such gold -the brass tax
hot water music- end of a gun
undark and the radium girls- I fucking hate the smiths
divider -the stranger/strange land
black birds- blood shot eyes
black birds -have nots
ays- sister of the abyss
s.t.r.e.e.t.s. -freebirds to revert

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