Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 24th episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever May 24

The setlist:

 dag nasty    -cold heart
dag nasty    -wanting nothing
death grips    -spikes
modern baseball    -every day
california    -hate the pilot
brokedowns    -runnin' the front
direct hit!-    avery your eyes
lost love    -take care, get better, see you never
lost love    -our pets' heads are falling off
lost love    -run forever, run
pup    -pine point
pup    -doubts
wraths    -it's not over
wraths    -are you serious
destroy this place    -sharkbite
destroy this place    -kids at the funeral
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    como yo te amo
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    tractor amarillo
school damage    -you'll shoot your eye out!
school damage    -detroit rock shitty
tiny moving parts    -minnow
tiny moving parts    -headache
enamel    -nothing
enamel    -don't care
reps    -no demons
reps    -face to face
napalm raid    -disfigured
napalm raid    -drowning
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
napalm raid    -soon the end

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 17th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever May 17

The setlist:

 broken gold    -turning blue
public animal    -breaking the low
napalmpom    -watch it burn
useless id    -we don't want the airwaves
useless id    -tension
maddigans-    running on empty
maddigans    -some people just don't get it
maddigans    -something in the water
white lung    -kiss me when I bleed
white lung    -vegas
lightmares-    everything avenue
lightmares    -notamotto
bike tuff    -colorado
bike tuff    -cesspool on the potomac
rarity-    inhale
rarity    -passenger
cal and the calories    -jackhamma
cal and the calories    -addicted 2 spuds
repos    -clubbed with boards
repos    -try harder
rendez-vous    -distance
rendez-vous    -ignorance and cruelty
sunshine ward    -order
sunshine ward    -selfish hate
rixe    -hexagone
rixe    -a country-courant

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 3rd episode is now up!

 Best Show Ever may 3rd

The setlist
tiger army    -firefall
sunset shipwrecks    -leave me in the grove
metz and swami john reis    -let it rust
barefoot sailors    -marijuana and the stars
death march-    disgust
homesick abortions    -I am my own
discharge    -infected
discharge    -population control
discharge    -new world order
state line syndicate    -borrowed time
state line syndicate    -loves me so
belvedere    --hairline
belvedere    -carpe per diem
belvedere    -revenge of the fifth
big knife little knife    -anarchist calisthenics
big knife little knife    -a certain degree
walls of jericho    -cutbird
walls of jericho    -relentless
haybaby-    stupid
haybaby-    joke rope
prom nite    -bad art
prom nite    -I see red
pity sex    -burden you
pity sex    -orange and red
dowsing-    wasted on hate
dowsing-    red legs kicking

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Apr 26th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download it here:
Best Show Ever apr 26

The Setlist:
prince and the revolution    -baby I'm a star
refused    -lets go crazy
mariachi el bronx-    I would die for u
lightnin' round    -when yous wuz mine
prince and the revolution    -paisley park
greys    -sorcerer
greys    -erosion
greys    -if it's all the same to you
brains    -out in the dark
brains    -it's alive
metz    -caught up
pup-    if this tour doesn't kill you, I will
no warning    -friends in high places
coathangers    -dumb baby
coathangers    -burn me
coathangers    -had enough
destroy this place    -kids at the funeral
destroy this place    -sharkbite
suicide machines    -hedgecore
most dangerous animal    -time
call in the cavalry-    I know what
swellers-    not safe to drink