Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 3rd episode is now up!

 Best Show Ever may 3rd

The setlist
tiger army    -firefall
sunset shipwrecks    -leave me in the grove
metz and swami john reis    -let it rust
barefoot sailors    -marijuana and the stars
death march-    disgust
homesick abortions    -I am my own
discharge    -infected
discharge    -population control
discharge    -new world order
state line syndicate    -borrowed time
state line syndicate    -loves me so
belvedere    --hairline
belvedere    -carpe per diem
belvedere    -revenge of the fifth
big knife little knife    -anarchist calisthenics
big knife little knife    -a certain degree
walls of jericho    -cutbird
walls of jericho    -relentless
haybaby-    stupid
haybaby-    joke rope
prom nite    -bad art
prom nite    -I see red
pity sex    -burden you
pity sex    -orange and red
dowsing-    wasted on hate
dowsing-    red legs kicking

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