Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 23rd best of cancon show is now up!

Dec 23rd best Canadian full lengths show

cowboy mouth- joe strummer
jesus les filles- gentil
cliffjumper- peasant king
teledrome- new motion
Baptists- bloodmines
greys- girl in landscape
sonic avenues- in your head
pup- dark days
steve adamyk- band no gonne ever
seaway- keep your stick on the ice
rust belt lights- parkside
fucked up- led by hand
wayfarer- translating
junior battles- assholes on rollerblades
planet smashers- snowbird
the victim party- tabi irani tragically fascist or fascistically tragic
fossil- jeppo invasives- the way you swing
solids- cold hands
dead ranch- waterpark shark
fullcount- no way out
white lung- snake jaw
rebel spell- last run

    Tuesday, December 23, 2014

    Best Show Ever Christmas show is up! Download the mp3~

    Download the mp3 of the show here:


    And here is the setlist:
    sundials- christmas day
    sorority noise- nick kwas christmas party
    poison idea- santa claus is back in town
    angry snowmans- sugar plum
    christian businessmen- krampus
    faithreat- santa is a slut
    happy fangs- all I want for christmas is halloween
    angry snowmans- bright lights
    angry snowmans- code yule
    angry snowmans- december 23rd
    angry snowmans- festive
    angry snowmans- I turned into a nutcracker
    angry snowmans- naughty little monster
    angry snowmans- toblerone addict
    angry snowmans- we're only gonna buy (for our own christmas list
    bloodshot bill- stuffin her stockin
    hard left- skinheads home for christmas
    lostfu- nativity play
    cut teeth- christmas on easter island
    international karate plus- black christmas
    joyce manor- christmas card
    masked intruder- under the mistletoe
    masked intruder- silent night
    nofx- xmas has been x'ed
    punchline- icicles
    the connection- west coast
    mansfields -broke on christmas again
    xmasx- dredel song
    xmasx- jinglebelle rock
    slates-everyday is a holiday
    doughboys- no holiday (from living)
    stay home- stay home for the holidays
    teenage x- holiday road
    white lung- hunting holiday

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    December 9th episode is up!

    Here's the Mp3

    And here is the setlist:

    7 seconds- my aim is you
    slow science- the ballad of joe 'mama' besser
    slow science- so it goes
    helen earth band- anchor
    helen earth band- pieces
    little big league- deer head
    little big league- property line
    little big league- on air
    rome romeo- lonely one on one
    rome romeo- short inventory
    legendary wings- I think I'm dumb
    legendary wings- spacehead
    legendary wings- sun
    coneheads- out of control
    coneheads- hack, hack, hack!
    coneheads- waste 'o' space (night fever)
    fuck the facts- endless emptiness
    fuck the facts- disabused
    fuck the facts- l'impasse
    oxygen destroyer- preoccupied
    oxygen destroyer- november brain
    couch slut- little girl things
    couch slut- carped farmer

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Dec 2nd episode is now up!

    Download the mp3 here

    The setlist:
    hot flowers- I want you
    bombshell rocks- poison radio
    bombshell rocks- this time around
    tinkerbelles- when puppies cry
    tinkerbelles- I gotta go
    western addiction- I'm no the man that I thought
    carousel kings- chameleon
    swingin utters- napalm south
    swingin utters- spanish
    swingin utters- unaffected
    cut teeth- sea of id
    cut teeth- gunshots or fireworks
    bots- ubiquitous
    bots- silhouettes
    dwarves- kings of the world
    dwarves- get up and get high
    Omaha- call it a crime
    Omaha- horseshoes, hand grenades
    Omaha- sharpshoot my hart
    feral trash- seventeen
    feral trash- ghost in you
    xerxes- collision blonde
    xerxes- nosedive
    violent Vatican- smell the paint
    violent Vatican- mona lisa's nipples
    violent Vatican- are you down to get down
    violent Vatican- don't trust the virgin
    violent Vatican- hit
    hoods- that's what's up

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    Nov 25th is now up!


    and the setlist
    hurula- det ar ok om du glommer mig
    class of 86- dude's chillin, death creepin
    class of 86- veni vidi vino
    such gold- frying in the mix
    such gold- engulfed in flames
    the apreciation post- got me good
    the apreciation post- the not knowing
    jazz june- over underground
    jazz june- stuck on repeat
    jazz june- two floors down
    chumped- anywhere but here
    chumped- novella ella ella eh
    chumped- the pains of being…
    xerxes- collision blonde
    xerxes- criminal animal
    baby eagle and the proud mothers- good times/bad times
    baby eagle and the proud mothers- strange bodies
    48 thrills- shake and break
    48 thrills- oh there you are
    black baron- the twsting fate of future years
    black baron- divine chains
    ancient heads- for my brothers
    ancient heads- fight back
    hired goons- crushed
    hired goons- way of life
    hired goons- life in a hole
    childe- life is fear

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    Nov 11th and 18th episodes are now up!

    Kinda screwed up last week and forgot my music so now I'm playing catch-up.  Here's the last two shows with setlists
    Nov 11th mp3 download
    The setlist
    billy idol- postcards from the past
    mikey erg- you've never heard my aim is true
    black cat attack- Sunday sacrafice
    mercy street- die young
    pear- grimespree
    the smith street band- somethings I can hold in my hand
    the smith street band- the arrogance of the drunk pedestrain
    the smith street band- surrey dive
    double cheese- elvis for a night
    double cheese- anyone but my baby
    lagwagon- made of broken parts
    lagwagon- obsolete absolute
    sundials- eugene
    sundials-- stun spore
    our darkest days- victimized
    our darkest days- homesick and bookmarks
    flint- lorraine outside of work
    flint- urethra franklin
    Baptists- bloodmines
    Baptists- for profit
    Baptists- string up
    unearth- lifetime in ruins
    unearth- trail to fire

    Nov 18th mp3 download

    The setlist:
    envy- a warm room
    sigur ros- inni mer syngur vitleysingur
    os101- unframed
    tension- the kids still have a lot to say
    fucked up- crooked head
    dope body- hired gun
    c.aarme- worst part
    single mothers- crooks
    stanford prison experiment- disbelief
    since by man- lactating teens
    cadillac blindside- tonights starting lineup
    bedford drive- never saw it coming
    gratitude- sadie
    onelinedrawing- we had a deal
    the great redneck hope- three easy steps to digging up and reanimating your ass, only to rock it into the ground once again
    the great redneck hope- you're fired, you're fired, you're fired. Goddamn it, I'm spike lee
    the great redneck hope- I'm pretty sure I got my cat pregnant
    hag face- worst nightmare
    hag face- barb tarbox
    hag face- dirtbag dreamboat
    hag face- brat
    blue meanies- lose your mind
    polysics- buggie technica
    donnas- don't get me busted
    the vandals- failure is the best revenge
    blueline medic- sleepyhead
    cursed- dead air at the pulpit

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014

    October 28th Halloween show is now up!

    The Mp3:

    The setlist:
    rapedoor- last song
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lycanthrope
    the jolts- miskatonic high
    omegas- peasant dance
    omegas- psycho circles
    omegas- slam skank
    golers- basil
    golers- born to huff
    glue golers- golers
    brutal youth- boul. Saint-laurent
    brutal youth- hunting wabbits
    brutal youth- albatross
    evil dead the musical- all the men in my life keep getting killed by kandarian demons
    fantomas- spider baby
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lost in another dimension
    fantomas- cape fear
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- bride of frankenstien
    fantomas- night of the hunter
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- kids of the apocalypse
    fantomas- one step beyond
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- after the storm
    fantomas- rosemary's baby
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space camp crystal lake
    fantomas- the devil rides out
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- the devil rides out
    fantomas- the golem
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- g.h.o.u.l.
    fantomas- the omen
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- horror picture maniac
    fantomas- twin peaks:fire walk with me
    bloodsucking zombies from outer space- buried in barrels
    mike patton/dillinger escape plan- come to daddy
      Joe is typing...

      Tuesday, November 4, 2014

      Pledge Drive!

      I'll have last week's episode up in a couple of days but for tonight I'll be busy doing my pledge drive episode.  Go to www.cjam.ca to get all the details on the station and where you can donate online.  Please consider it because without this support that makes up 20 percent of our annual budget, CJAM cannot happen.  We have shirts, cds, and lots of other things as incentives to pledge.  Or call us at 519-971-3630 from windsor or from anywhere else in the world toll free at 1-855-DIG-CJAM (1-855-344-2526).
      If you appreciate what I or the rest of my fellow djs do here at the station then please help us out.

      Tuesday, October 28, 2014

      Oct 21st show is now up!

      Download the mp3 here
      or find it here

      The setlist
      franz Nicolay- the rainbow connection
      matt Doherty- clear the air
      expectations- anchor
      teen tits wild wives- b wing
      foam- brand new
      vcr- one trick dog
      eschaton- went to sleep for nine days
      tim version-- a dream about dean's dream
      tim version- the future of humanity is dogs
      tim version- men of compromise
      the beverleys- dreams
      the beverleys- bad company
      rebel spell-- grass rat
      rebel spell- last run
      rebel spell- the tsilhqot'in war
      night birds- agent zero
      night birds- hope for the best
      the taxpayers- cold hearted town (pt 2)
      the taxpayers- something in the water
      caves- dull
      caves- oh antonio
      transit- -Saturday Sunday
      transit- too little, too late
      prince- young americans
      prince- one whole life

        Tuesday, October 21, 2014

        Oct 14th edition is now up!

        Find the show here
        or download the mp3 here

        The setlist:
        nouns- ski mask
        dead milkmen- welcome to undertown
        dead milkmen- dark clouds over middlemarch
        code waste- ichi san
        code waste- remedial
        ordinary lives- the schumer box
        ordinary lives- trails of dust
        acacia strain- cauterizer
        acacia strain- graveyard shift
        acacia strain- holy walls of the vatican
        ruth's hat- cowboy james
        ruth's hat- same highway
        the glebes- theme
        chachi on acid- kiss my ass
        gatgas- out of time
        disleksick- nuke the bruce
        excelsior- wildlife death match
        don't touch the dances- my conscience
        bath salts- makes me press rewind
        johnny terrien and the bad lieutenants- back to the beach
        stray bullets- parallels
        stray bullets- campesino blood
        breakout- all's quiet
        breakout- retaliate
        other half- stagy
        other half- osker
        other half- dimmer, still
        asylum- vicious cycle
        asylum- shitshow
        nailhead-s noami
        mariachi el Bronx- wildfires

        Tuesday, October 14, 2014

        Oct 7th is now up!

        Download the mp3 here:

        The setlist:
        the tim version- for the birds
        sink Alaska- among the wretched
        sunshine state- concrete world
        sunshine state- we discussed it, we disgusted
        heisenbeards- bus trip
        heisenbeards- party on wayne, party on garth
        new found glory- ready and willing
        new found glory- degenerate
        new found glory- stubborn
        wayfarer- irreversible
        wayfarer- artificer
        wayfarer- translating
        moose blood- I hope you're missing me
        moose blood- bukowski
        static means- confusion
        static means- forced embrace
        hey mister!- the clockwatcher
        hey mister!- pigeon squealer
        hey mister!- exit stage west
        settling- five years
        settling- zoloft
        settling- pillar of salt
        wherebirdsmeettodie- acrylic
        dearest- it's about time
        Detroit- pills
        Detroit- mules
        Robocop- feminism uber alles
        put it aside- put it aside
        put it aside- sold out

          Sept 30 is now up!

          Find it here
          or download the mp3 here

          The setlist
          beach slang- american girls and french kisses
          mariachi el Bronx- new beat
          sweet empire- the abattoir
          sweet empire- prometheus
          rvivr- 20 below
          rvivr- the sound
          sick of it all- 2061
          sick of it all- dnc
          sick of it all- facing the abyss
          cruel hand- pissing spitting
          cruel hand- heat
          gnarwolves- day man
          gnarwolves- hate me
          uneeda- flat drunk
          uneeda- skulls
          column of heaven- a modern day sodom
          column of heaven- pharmakos
          proxy- nurnberg
          proxy- shackled to a corpse
          belvedere- brandywine
          belvedere- paradise
          hold ups- kory boutin's mom-odicerous business
          hold ups- golden palace girl
          wasted potential- two pumps and a quiver
          wasted potential- pabst smear
          chalmers- biting lip
          chalmers- maps lost
          cowboy mouth- joe strummer
          nouns- closer
          nouns- ski mask

          Tuesday, September 30, 2014

          Sept 23rd edition is now up!

          Download the mp3 here

          The setlist
          blotter- gunboy rover
          boys club- rip rip
          boys club- snake serpent
          boys club -don reaper
          neighborhood archers- foundation shake up event
          neighborhood archers -has beens
          the timmys- ash and bone
          the timmys- dude, girl
          iron Reagan- class holes
          iron Reagan- just say go
          iron Reagan- miserable failure
          iron Reagan- obsolete man
          billy the kid- riverbank
          boardroom heroes- never ready
          boardroom heroes- safe words
          modern saints- if you need a reminder
          modern saints -the rest will follow
          crude drawings of dicks- roach killer
          crude drawings of dick-s fuck oklahoma and everyone who lives there
          love American- sohl
          love american -waves
          hag face -barb tarbox
          hag face- dirtbag dreamboat/brat
          ritual mess- the last shout
          ritual mess- screw the strand
          whirr- dry
          whirr- lines

          Sept 16th edition is now up!

          Looks like I forgot to do this last week.
          find the show here:
          or download the mp3 here

          The setlist:
          supportive parents- kami cosby
          supportive parents- dickmelter
          the Friday prophets- found and lost
          the Friday prophets- amsterdam
          rain city rockers- on my own
          rain city rockers- monster
          the victim party- an evening with colin
          the victim party- matt woo (and you can too)
          the victim party- tabi irani tragically faschist or faschistically tragic
          chris cresswell- daggers
          chris cresswell- meet me in the shade
          jesse lebourdain- he's coming to us dead
          jesse lebourdain- drunkards hell
          the tuts- worry warrior
          the tuts- dump your boyfriend
          buzzcocks- chasing rainbows in modern times
          buzzcocks- the the back
          heisenbeards- there will be blood
          heisenbeards- say my name
          hostage calm- someone else
          hostage calm- past ideas of the future
          weston-clumsy shy
          sick of it all- built to last
          sick of it all- farm team
          hagface- worst nightmare
          pig destroyer- volume

          Tuesday, September 16, 2014

          sept 10th episode is now up!

          Download the Mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          the setlist
          glassjaw- 2 tabs of mescaline
          modern baseball- going to bed now
          art of burning water-talking to will elvin about al kizys
          isolation tank -skin prison
          small brown bike -wrong hometown
          small brown bike -under pressure
          seaway- keep your stick on the ice
          seaway -no direction
            seaway- deferral
          cayetana- dirty laundry
          cayetana -mountain kids
          cayetana- south philly talk
          death from above 1979- nothing left
          death from above 1979- gemini
          bob mould- hey mr grey
          the hotelier- in framing
          citizen- speaking with a ghost
          title fight- loud and clear
          pup- never try
          pup -back against the wall
          pup- reservoir
          solids- traces
          solids- blame confusion
          solids- terminal

          Tuesday, September 9, 2014

          Sept 2nd show is now up!

          Stream it here
          or download the mp3 here
          or find it here

          The setlist:
          quit your dayjob- look! A dollar
          quit your dayjob- cities suck
          precursor- fall apart
          precursor- these years
          frontier(s)- oru march
          frontier(s)- bare hands
          aviator- pipe dreams
          aviator- forms
          single mothers- marbles
          single mothers- feel shame
          single mothers- ketamine
          gob- call for tradition
          gob- terpsichore
          greenhorn- this has to mean something
          greenhorn- always be the same
          kill lincoln- dad fight
          kill lincoln- handgrenade
          shanks- feel the holes
          shanks- get cut tonight
          shanks- step by step
          shitty friends- I don't care
          shitty friends- thin walls
          shitty friends- bloodstains
          man hands- ballabriggs
          man hands- no name
          exits- the escapist
          exits- autophobia
          whirr- mumble
          whirr- heavy

          Wednesday, September 3, 2014

          40th anniversary of punk episode is now up!

          In my opinion, the best bands of the last 40 years in three parts.
          Just right click and save as.
          Part 1
          40th anniversary of punk pt 1
          Part 2
          40th anniversary of punk pt 2
          Part 3
          40th anniversary of punk part 3

          And the setlist:

          polar bear club- religion on the radio 
          cocksparrer- england belongs to me 
          clash- clampdown 
          wire- 1 2 x u 
          sham 69- borstal breakout 
          stiff little fingers- roots, radicals, rockers and reggae 
          the exploited- hitler's in the charts again 
          the business- smash the discos 
          the damned- rabid (over you) 
          flux of pink indians- progress 
          rudimentary peni- poppycock 
          the adicts- straight jacket
          fear- beef baloney 
          black flag- fix me 
          discharge- drunk with power 
          the misfits- where eagles dare 
          descendents- silly girl 
          minor threat- bottled violence 
          negative approach- sick of talk 
          bad religion- flat earth society 
          dead kennendys- forest fire 
          gang green- kill a commie 
          7 seconds- clenched fists, black eyes 
          suicidal tendencies- facist pig 
          husker du- somewhere 
          fugazi- great cop 
          poison idea- death wish kids 
          rites of spring- by design 
          bad brains- just another damn song 
          the dead milkmen- punk rock girl 
          operation ivy- artificial life 
          naked raygun- I lie 
          jawbreaker- do you still hate me 
          the dwarves- the ballad of vadge moore 
          pennywise- who's to blame 
          sick of it all- give respect 
          hatebreed- burial for the living 
          civ- united kids 
          88 fingers louie- drunk and ugly 
          dillinger four- total fucking gone song 
          avail- south bound 95 
          h2o- thicker than water 
          murder city devils- lemuria rising 
          refused- coup d'etat 
          less than jake- lockdown 
          guttermouth- gold the 
          vandals- I have a date the 
          weakerthans- greatest hits collection 
          against me- problems 
          the living end- uncle harry 
          dropkick murphys- caps and bottles 
          ds13- fight 
          bouncing souls- quick check girl
          atom and his package- punk rock academy 
          face to face- don't turn away 
          nofx- clams have feelings too 
          lunachicks- throwing it away 
          hot water music- blackjaw 
          mineral- gloria 
          jimmy eat world- no sensitivity 
          saves the day- the last lie I told
          hey mercedes- our weekend starts on Wednesday 
          the get up kids- ten minutes 
          new found glory- something I call personality
          the exit- when I'm free 
          c.aarme- o'neill oh no 
          ceremony- the doldrums 
          kid dynamite- shiner 
          the gamits- the well 
          the explosion- grace 
          set your goals- the fallen 
          chain of strength- true till death 
          gorilla biscuits- hold your ground 
          warzone- the sound of revolution 
          crass- big a little a 
          bomb the music industry- gang of four meets the stooges (but boring) 
          osker- piece by piece 
          rumspringer- parastolic reaction 
          the lawrence arms- chaper 13, the hero appears 
          defeater- waves crash, clouds roll 
          hop along- young and happy! 
          the suicide machines- zero 
          reagan youth- usa 
          murphy's law- bag of snacks 
          a wilhelm scream- congradulations 
          converge- drop out
          fucked up- crusades

          Tuesday, September 2, 2014

          Aug 26th is now up!

          I'll have the 4 hour punk show up soon!  Just forgot is all.  Here is Aug 26th in the meantime.

          Download the MP3 here:
          or find it here
          or stream it here
          Setlist :

          baby ghosts- heaven is a place in space 
          kicker- kick off 
          facing forward- arguments 
          hindsight- pitiful 
          another joe- palm mute 
          booger- you like this 
          nerd alert- faceplant 
          copyrights- basement 
          copyrights- fireworks 
          copyrights- telescope 
          address- 205 
          address- lessened efforts 
          worriers- passion 
          worriers- why we try 
          young uncles- so rad 
          young uncles- idiot
           the weaks- dunce pageant the 
          weaks- to thine own self be true 
          stab me kill me- good as gone 
          stab me kill me- diablo 
          everybody row- coming out clean 
          everybody row- the sea inside
           the dirty nil- cinnamon 
          the dirty nil- guided by vices 
          punch- personal space 
          punch- waiting game 
          punch- what's in a name 
          detroit- deliberation 
          detroit- noxious thoughts 
          detroit- reality denied 
          mi amore- chachacha d'amore 
          figure four- we were invincible 
          malice at the palace- watch you fall
          by a thread- fashion

          Tuesday, August 26, 2014

          aug 19th episode now up!

          find the episode here
          or stream it here
          or download the mp3 here

           the setlist:
          new end original- lukewarm 
          vandals- joe 
          surplus sons- city nights
          liam lynch- united states of whatever 
          sissy havoc- finger painting
          luckie strike- new dress 
          armalite- ymca 
          dbgs- hardcore nothing
          contradict- ending the denial
          hope- john's gone straight edge 
          dean malenkos- nowegian punk song 
          jud jud- wah wah song 
          death by stereo- emo holocause 
          pitboss 2000- circle moshing rules the 
          hellacopters- soulseller
           randy- it makes no difference
           our mercury- spirits up 
          no secrets between sailers- you were meant for lights 
          all autonomy- 5 song 
          sicker than others- it's you
           idle minds- close enough 
          suck la merde- montreal centre-ville 
          pistol grip- hallucination hallway 
          the fleshy- mr seagull 
          falcon- look ma! No fans!-or-do you want fries with these songs 
          cookie mongoloid- the cookie 
          ballast- numb again 
          brakes- pick up the phone 
          shockwave - kickback 
          left for dead- kept in line 
          day of mourning- in a word 
          burnt by the sun- you will move
           throwdown- baby got back

          Tuesday, August 19, 2014

          Aug 17th edition is now up!

          Download the mp3 here
          or stream it here
          or find it here

          The setlist
          direct hit!- say whatever 
          the walking targets- perfectionist 
          grey gordon- to impart a little wisdom 
          ducking punches- big brown pills from lynn 
          cayetana- hot dad calendar 
          brawlers- instagram famous 
          hard girls- the quark 
          hard girls- die slow 
          hard girls- deep gulch 
          bracket- the opportunist 
          bracket- caving in 
          jeseslesfilles- mort de fatigue 
          jeseslesfilles- fille a fille 
          jeseslesfilles- bicyclette 
          post teens- too broke for drugs 
          high seas- cutting ties 
          high seas- february 
          heart attack kids- have heart 
          gaslight anthem- helter skeleton 
          gaslight anthem- ain't that a shame 
          la luna- ferme la lune 
          la luna- never talk, only shame 
          la luna- you can take the love out of the lover 
          no devotion- stay 
          no devotion- eyeshadow 
          pallbearer- foundations

          Tuesday, August 12, 2014

          Aug 5th show is now up!

          Download the mp3 here
          or stream it here
          or find it here

           the setlist
          mock orange- we work 
          parkside- stainded sheets 
          housing- sundress 
          you blew it!- my name is jonas 
          you blew it!- surf wax america 
          dwarves- anything you want 
          dwarves- armageddon party 
          dwarves- kings of the world 
          dwarves- irresistible 
          dwarves- fun to try 
          meatmen- anna moose 
          meatmen- death rig 9000 
          hurula- om jag tanker alls 
          hurula- stockholm brinner 
          uzumake- turbomatriz 
          uzumake- x 
          castaway- everyone deserves to be here more than me 
          castaway- ginger ale 
          fossil- jeppo 
          fossil- two pockets 
          mill pond- sleuth 
          mill pond- ghost 
          dikembe- donuts in a six speed 
          dikembe- pelican fly 
          priceduifkes- annies on formaldehyde 
          priceduifkes- she spells disaster 
          coma regalia- we've all got our ghosts man 
          coma regalia- eh, I guess I'm aright 
          book of caverns- force fed

          Tuesday, August 5, 2014

          sept 29th show is now up~!

          download the mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          The setlist:
          lobby boxer- a perfect future 
          full blast- stu ross, good dude; great dude 
          full blast- fred's got slacks 
          full blast- drink it, I'm jesus 
          full blast- lee majors, now there's a man in his prime 
          joyce manor- falling in love again 
          joyce manor- the jerk 
          joyce manor- in the army now 
          copyrights- don't want in 
          copyrights- no knocks 
          thin privilege- hex charmer 
          thin privilege- red cloak 
          english dogs- planet of the living dead 
          english dogs- turn away from the light 
          glue- backwards society 
          glue- opportunist 
          riot porn- city transformed 
          riot porn- the war is over 
          riot porn- p'tit chet 
          pick your side- paved grave 
          to the point- embarressed by you all 
          to the point- scion 
          to the point- I gotta match 
          violent sons- heavy burden 
          violent sons- all structures are unstable 
          stiu nu stiu- ultra silvam 
          stiu nu stiu- groups 
          tumbleweed dealer- slow walk through a ghost town 
          tumbleweed dealer- southern reaper

          Tuesday, July 29, 2014

          July 22nd show is now up!

          Download the mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          the setlist:
          handguns- waiting for your ghost 
          handguns- heart vs head 
          rescuer- muscle memory 
          rescuer- matrimony 
          get dead- no high road 
          get dead- cousin marvin 
          steve adamyk band- forced fed 
          steve adamyk band- you're the antidote 
          steve adamyk band- not gonna (ever) 
          cowards- lets talk about our feelings 
          cowards- ends inside 
          cutters- excitable liefeld 
          cutters- x-cutioner's song 
          cerce- life etiquette 
          cerce- slowdance 
          total control- expensive dog 
          total control- hunter 
          resist control- kleptocracy 
          resist control -american citizen 
          resist control -lost weekend 
          artificial dissemination- blow up 
          artificial dissemination- implant 
          beige eagle boys- nothings ever good enough 
          beige eagle boys- dirty laundry 
          united nations- between two mirrors 
          united nations- serious business 
          united nations- f#a#$

          Tuesday, July 22, 2014

          July 8th episode is now up!

          I was off sick the on the 15th so it was just a repeat of this show
          Stream the show here
          or download the mp3 here
          or find it here

          The setlist
          against me!- 500 years
          modern love- hammer it apart
          pennywise- what you deserve
          pennywise- am oi!
          fullcount- no way out
          fullcount- meaningless
          braid- bang
          braid- pre evergreen
          braid-- this is not a revolution
          drones of north america- exit through the end
          drones of north america- nursing the curse
          sorority noise- mediocre at best
          sorority noise- blonde hair, black lungs
          post teens- mexican painkillers
          big eyes- asking you to stay
          sheer terror- the revenge of mr jiggs
          sheer terror- sandbox tonka
          young and in the way- loved and unwanted
          young and in the way- weep in my dust
          get the shot- hostile
          get the shot- prometheus
          godstopper- andy boy
          godstopper- young queen

          Tuesday, July 8, 2014

          July 1st edition is now up!

          Stream the show here:
          Download the mp3 here
          or find it here

          The setlist:
          every time I die- decaying with the boys
          every time I die- old light
          greys- lull
          greys-girl in landscape
          pregancy scares-master race
          pregancy scares-the bait
          madball- hardcore lives
          madball- my armor
          madball- born strong
          down and outs- yesterday's heroes
          down and outs- dancing to a different song
          less than jake- do the math
          less than jake- connect the dots
          union stockyards- the great silence
          union stockyards- Sunday matinee
          finished- rope burns
          finished- hand of glory great
          sabatini- nursing home great
          sabatini- pitchfork pete
          war emblem- paths
          war emblem- spoils of war
          expire- second face
          expire- forgetting
          dark circles- sun setter
          dark circles- downcast
          sockweb- bulies are mean
          sockweb- spoon
          feel nothing- can't tell no one
          renouncer- sour times
          crisis arm- alison

          Tuesday, July 1, 2014

          June 24th episode is now up! All Canadian Edition!

          Stream the show here:
          or find the show here
          or download the mp3 here

          The setlist
          youth brigade- sink with kalifornia
          greys- flip yr lid
          pregnancy scares- graveyard
          fucked up- det
          hashed out- maniac
          fifth hour hero- a map within
          fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
          girl arm- bad tax advice
          bummer -steal the nights
          teledrome -blood dips
          crusades the expulsion
          detroit -stand in
          the dirty- nil panzer
          pup- never try
          radicus- 2 legit 2 quit
          swarm of spheres- crust punk with a weekly allowance
          unbelievers- longshot
          flatliners- liver alone
          mad cowboys- mumbling
          the establishment- medicine
          a perfect murder -I've lost
          brutal youth- hunting wabbits
          brutal youth- nl time
          my man- graft vs host
          striver -avenging storm
          seconds flat- new days
          the jolts- veronica

          Tuesday, June 24, 2014

          June 17th edition is now up~!

          stream it here
          download the mp3 here
          or find it here

           the setlist
          mastodon- feast your eyes 
          beach slang- kids 
          beach slang- get lost 
          olive drab- caterpillar 
          olive drab- falling (for you) 
          direct effect- yo no quiero 
          direct effect- permanent vacation 
          white lung- just for you 
          white lung- lucky one 
          white lung- wrong star 
          down by law- new autonomy 
          down by law- new horizon 
          elder abuse- beige pants were a bad idea 
          elder abuse- rex manning day 
          hashed out- spent shell 
          hashed out- your holiness 
          invasives- infinite subtraction 
          invasives- once bitten 
          jon mckiel- new tracy 
          the manges- don't bet on me 
          the manges- love is a disease 
          dope body- beat 
          dope body- out of my mind 
          wreck and reference- stranger, fill this hole in me 
          wreck and reference- bankrupt 
          trap them- former lining wide the walls 
          trap them- salted crypts

          Tuesday, June 17, 2014

          June 10th episode is now up!

          find the show here 
          or download the mp3 here
          or stream it here

          The setlist:
          three on speed- sing forever
          rollercoaster kills- don't ask, don't tell
          rollercoaster kills- adams massacre song
          first ghost- shaking
          first ghost- real eyes
          hindsight- pitiful
          hindsight- unwind
          candy hearts- michigan
          candy hearts- the dreams not dead
          candy hearts- top of out lungs
          the tired and true- old crow
          the tired and true- love bites
          junior battles- three whole years
          junior battles- bunk
          junior battles- assholes on rollerblades
          dark blue- subterranean man
          dark blue- skinhead wedding in canberra
          phenomenauts- infinity +1
          phenomenauts- rocket soul
          botfly- insicuriousity
          botfly- nobody lives forever
          disgusti- no great mischief
          disgusti- disgusti
          great reversals- leviathan smiles
          great reversals- reason in madness
          tigers jaw- I envy your apathy

          Tuesday, June 3, 2014

          may 20th show is finally up~!

          Sorry that took so long. had to do a repeat episode last week as my brother was in town and i wanted to hang out with him.

          Download the mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          The setlist
          fucked up- sun glass 
          the reveling- invitations to alleyways 
          the reveling- left at forkright 
          defy defeat- treading concrete 
          defy defeat- living it out 
          andrew jackson jihad- getting naked playing with gu 
          andrew jackson jihad- kokopelli face tattoo 
          cheap girls- amazing grace 
          cheap girls- knock me over 
          cheap girls- man in question 
          in beliefs- sunburn 
          punchline 13- what will you do 
          candy hearts- I miss you 
          great apes- the whole world lost its head 
          masked intruder- we got the beat 
          the hot toddies- skidmarks on my heart 
          old firm casuals- never say die 
          cloud rat -childcraft 
          cloud rat -durning doe 
          code 40-11- la grande depression 
          code 40-11- imbu d'impunite 
          rope- spare me 
          rope- meant to be sheeps 
          little dragon- paris

          Tuesday, May 20, 2014

          May 13th episode is now up!

          I met Joey Lauren Adams, one of my favourite actresses at the Motor City Comic Con the other day.  Just bragging.
          stream the show here
          download the mp3 here
          or find it here

          The setlist
          settlefish- breeze 
          white lung- snake jaw 
          torches to triggers- dracula's handy 
          torches to triggers- expect revolution 
          hate it too- blistering lights 
          hate it too- highway twenty 
          bane- all the way through 
          bane- calling hours 
          bane- final backward glance 
          jon creeden- tired 
          prosimii- this life hates you 
          girl arm- bad tax advice 
          the connection- first time 
          the connection- don't talk to my baby 
          get involved!- apathy 
          get involved!- let your guard down 
          mad caddies- back to the bed 
          mad caddies- little town 
          the hotelier- in framing 
          the hotelier- your deep rest 
          scouts- evelyn 
          scouts- simmer 
          the faint -dress code 
          the faint -your stranger

          Tuesday, May 13, 2014

          May 6th edition is now up!

          Download the mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          Here's the setlist
          catharsis- duende 
          red animal war- when fat pigs fly 
          fucked up- led by hand 
          attack in black- hologen ambush 
          metz- automat 
          on- more than a sound 
          propagandhi- devils creek 
          abominable iron sloth- mongoroid 
          the progress- straight shot from st louis 
          park- clue me in 
          a death in the family- structures the 
          vandals- heigh-ho the 
          bouncing souls- this guest 
          dwarves- we only came to get high 
          gamits- the well 
          stormshadow party for self defence- the union song 
          ceremony- the pathos 
          the explosion- broken bones 
          glasses- untitled 
          unwelcome guests- just the one 
          blake- straight ahead to ferrara 
          shared arms- weary 
          shared arms- both hands 
          s.t.r.e.e.t.s.- hocus stokus the
           killingtons- all my best friends are vampires

          Tuesday, May 6, 2014

          April 29th edition is now up!

           Stream it here
           or download the mp3 here
          or find it here

          The setlist
          screaming females- ancient civilization 
          veruca salt- the museum of broken relationships 
          veruca salt- it's holy 
          daydreaming- ruined 
          daydreaming- black dust bones 
          robots! Everywhere!- zombie smoothie 
          robots! Everywhere!- g's in dresses 
          tiny empires- air conditioning, full blast 
          tiny empires- what's the plan, phil? 
          tiny empires- wide open spaces 
          cloud nothings- psychic trauma 
          cloud nothings- pattern walks 
          grave new world- rat city 
          nous etions- leviathan 
          nous etions- blue et violet 
          iselia- footfalls

          Tuesday, April 29, 2014

          April 22nd show is now up!

          Find it here
          or download the mp3 here
          or use tune-in radio here

          The setlist :
          plebian grandstand- endless craving 
          la sera- running wild 
          the both- the prisoner 
          the both- volunteers of america 
          girl arm- her hands 
          girl arm- trading cities 
          weatherbox- dark all night for us 
          weatherbox- ghost malls 
          weatherbox- radio hive 
          osoosooso- moving on 
          osoosooso- para 'effin dise, baby! 
          heart attack kids- bitter sweet 
          heart attack kids- have heart 
          screamin sam- another world 
          screamin sam- live for today 
          crow bait- why don't you 
          crow bait- last house on the left 
          business models- the aptitude 
          business models- learn a thing 
          clarity- break out 
          clarity- unstoppable 
          iron reagan- I spit on your face-grave 
          iron reagan- spoiled identity 
          demolition- big jon's mosh 
          demolition- nowhere to hide 
          demolition- united we stand 
          deftones- smile

          Tuesday, April 22, 2014

          Apr 15th edition is now up!

          Download the mp3 here
          or find it here
          or stream it here

          The setlist
          shitty weekend- lord and only saviour 
          fucked up- paper the house 
          flatliners- fireball 
          flatliners- wynford bridge 
          banner pilot- fireproof 
          banner pilot- matchstick 
          planet smashers- snowbird 
          planet smashers- tear it up 
          planet smashers- you guys are assholes, let's party 
          7 seconds- I have faith in you 
          great cynics- dirt in my book bag 
          muncie girls- everyday 
          elder brother- pennsylvania 
          elder brother- really free 
          unbelievers- in the crowd 
          unbelievers- puppy lovin 
          hormoans- murdering the queen 
          hormoans- crowbar 
          cigarette crossfire- mans best friend 
          cigarette crossfire- start again 
          nai harvest- rush 
          nai harvest- pastel 
          merit- calendula 
          merit- cling 
          creepoid- staircase 
          creepoid- stranger

          Tuesday, April 15, 2014

          Apr 8th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

          Stream it here
          or download the mp3 here (right click and save-as)
          or find it and other shows here

          The setlist
          banner pilot- springless 
          fireworks- flies on tape
          fireworks- run brother run 
          off!- red white and black 
          off!- meet your god 
          forus- radio lives 
          forus- beardy crook 
          menzingers- transient love 
          menzingers- bad things 
          menzingers- sentimental physics 
          chuck ragan -revved 
          chuck ragan- gave my heart out 
          great collapse- civic disassociation 
          great collapse- quarantine 
          I am the avalanche- young kerouacs 
          I am the avalanche- two runaways 
          teledrome- boyfriend 
          teledrome- new motion 
          teledrome- golden dawn 
          thee nodes- stage dive 
          thee nodes- marcs song 
          thee nodes- mirror 
          thee nodes- floating through the sky 
          thee nodes- my mask 
          fucked up- I wanna be a yank 
          plague vendor- my tongue is so treacherous 
          plague vendor- black sap scriptures 
          the overseer- fragile wings 
          the overseer- depraved

          Tuesday, April 8, 2014

          April 1st edition is now up!

          download the mp3 here
          or stream it here
           or find it here

          The setlist
          hold steady- spinners 
          coathangers- follow me 
          coathangers- zombie 
          pheromoans- robotic son 
          pheromoans- midnite watchdog 
          minority 905- flunkies and junkies 
          minority 905- avenue under the stars 
          unwelcome guests- everything new 
          unwelcome guests- kick the beams 
          unwelcome guests- slippery strings 
          la dispute- scenes from highways 
          la dispute- the child we lost 
          rust belt lights- how to live without 
          rust belt lights- stay young or die trying 
          rust belt lights- pack up and let go 
          bombshell rocks- scars and tattoos 
          bombshell rocks- looking for a hero 
          morning glory- I am machine gun 
          morning glory- punx not dead, I am 
          rosewater- bayleaf 
          rosewater- masturcreition 
          disrape- disaster strikes 
          disrape- abra cadaver 
          disrape- mercy of a swift death 
          xaphan- cold surge

          Tuesday, April 1, 2014

          Mar 25th edition is now up!

          Right click and save the show as an mp3 here
          or find it with older shows here
          or use the tune in streaming site here

          The setlist:
          the men- dark waltz 
          the men- pearly gates 
          thee nodes- commodify me- f.o.l. 
          dirty nil- nicotine 
          dirty nil- new flesh 
          dirty nil- pale blue 
          sonic avenues- waiting for a change 
          sonic avenues- in your head 
          sonic avenues- new vogues 
          tenement- wouldn't let you go 
          screaming females- ancient civilization 
          dollyrots- stupidly in love 
          dollyrots- homecoming 
          war on women- effemimania 
          war on women- I like science 
          perfect pussy- bells perfect 
          pussy- advance upon the real 
          lipstick homicide- rocker chick 
          lipstick homicide- vampire club part II 
          glos- break my heart 
          posture and the grizzly- gods drugs 
          disdonut- fritter obliteration 
          disdonut- nuclear dutchie 
          disdonut- death's doorstep double chocolate 
          the jook- watch your step 
          the jook- everything I do

          Tuesday, March 25, 2014

          March 18th edition is now up!

          Stream it here
          or download it here
          or find it with other shows here

          The setlist
          lawrence arms- bonfire park 
          bayside- big cheese 
          bayside- bear with me 
          failures union- lost a fight 
          failures union- finer print 
          worship this!- red herring 
          worship this!- monophobe 
          shell corporation- appetite for distraction 
          shell corporation- hear them wail 
          shell corporation- the message 
          '68- three is a crowd 
          '68- third time is a charm 
          sex church- dead end 
          sex church- let down 
          white lung- drown with the monster 
          vcr- think twice 
          vcr- scream 
          die nerven- albtraum 
          die nerven- und ja 
          ringworm- dawn of decay 
          ringworm- I recommend amputation 
          snakecharmer- severed foot 
          snakecharmer- honest broker 
          snakecharmer- split link 
          snakecharmer- scdc 
          I am heresy- blasphemy incanate 
          I am heresy- throw wide the gates

          Tuesday, March 18, 2014

          March 11th episode is now up!

          Stream it here
          download the mp3 here
          or find it here with older shows

          estates- teenage 
          modern baseball- apartment 
          modern baseball- going to bed now 
          stiff little fingers- one man island 
          stiff little fingers- good luck with that 
          lost years- what it feels like to be alone 
          lost years- hell for the company 
          failures union- between 
          extra feeler- little buddy 
          crow bait- dead set on destruction 
          your pest band- ground zero 
          beach slang- kids earworms- part of the process 
          liver- juliet in banff 
          brews willis- great energy 
          crooked jacks- sucked you in 
          hsy- milk chug 
          dig it up- bleed american 
          bleed american- something else 
          bleed american- skid 
          bleed american- I'd like to take this opportunity 
          shank- song for my rights 
          shank- tonight the streets are ours 
          callow- dead end kids 
          jungbluth- keeping peace 
          earth crisis- de-desensitize 
          earth crisis- devoted to death

          Tuesday, March 11, 2014

          Feb 25th episode is now up!

          Due to a work emergency, March 4th's episode had to be a rerun.  Sorry bout that.  I did have a show ready to go though so that's what you'll be hearing on this weeks show (mar 11th).
          Stream the show here
          or download the mp3 here
          or find it and older episodes here

          The setlist
          comeback kid- die knowing 
          blacksmith- stars 
          blacksmith- distance 
          law$uits- uniform 
          law$uits- twerp 
          losing traces- farewell 
          losing traces- no place for dreams 
          carmonas- why not? 
          carmonas- put your mouth in o 
          carmonas- gema mola 
          odd dates- wu wei 
          odd dates- this basement is most definitely haunted 
          peace be still- dunston checks in 
          peace be still- classes a to c of wonderment 
          gulfer- hulk logan 
          comeback kid- lower the line 
          comeback kid- somewhere in this miserable 
          comeback kid- sink in 
          zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
          zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
          energy- we are 138 
          energy- hollywood babylon 
          toronto homicide squad- cold eggs 
          toronto homicide squad- cripples'n'kids 
          toronto homicide squad- it takes a lot to kill a man 
          new lows- abhorrent endings 
          new lows- shelter shard 
          will haven- harvesting our burdens

          Tuesday, February 25, 2014

          Feb 18th edition is now up!

          Download the Mp3 here
          or find it here
          Or stream it here

          The setlist
          dan vapid and the cheats- devo on speed 
          devo- girl you want 
          the estranged- fatalist flaw 
          the estranged- mark of sin 
          big ups- atheist self-helm 
          big ups- fresh meat 
          kittyhawk- the green 
          cherry cola champions- static 
          shonen bat- dani, earnest 
          shonen bat- anger 
          shonen bat- hum 
          feefawfum- az 
          feefawfum- black bichon 
          the sediment club- orphans tongue the 
          sediment club- voodoo puppet 
          broadcast zero- nowhere to go 
          broadcast zero- personal overload 
          who cares?- no core 
          who cares?- le grand deploiement 
          who cares?- nuclear bride 
          who cares?- new hope 
          backtrack- rot in your race 
          backtrack- lost in life 
          dangers- the mourning routine 
          dangers- five o'clock shadows at the end of the western world 
          gimp teeth- are you a cotholic 
          gimp teeth- colonopin bottle 
          chloroform- dainty crust 
          chloroform- clouded head 
          courtesy drop- a toast to the valiant phil coulson 
          courtesy drop- science is a liar sometimes

          Friday, February 21, 2014

          The best movies of 2013!

          So it's getting close to Oscar time and I'm feeling confident that I've seen MOST of the better films released in 2013.  Here are my top 25 in no particular order:
          (Click on the titles for trailers)

          Nebraska- If there wasn't such tough competition this year, I'm sure both Bruce Dern and June Squib would win Oscars for it.

          The Battery- The best zombie film in years.  Almost all of it takes place in the outdoors yet it always feels so claustrophobic.

          Philomena- Deserves the Oscar for adapted screenplay.  Full disclosure; I am a huge Steve Coogan fan.

          Broken Circle Breakdown- The saddest movie I have ever seen.  Should win for best Foreign film.

          Gravity- I wasn`t interested until I found out who the director was.  Then I was all in.  I`ll go on a limb here and say it`s the best movie of the year from a technical and direction standpoint.

          Computer Chess- One of the most bizzare films I have ever seen.  You`d swear it was a documentary from the 80`s.  The best part is where the programmers start to experience the glitches from their programming in their own lives.

          Stoker- Go Buy everything Chan-Wook Park has ever done.  He has an attention to detail that is superhuman.

          Upstream Color- Incredible performances and cinematography with very little dialogue.

          The Act of Killing- A difficult to watch documentary about Indonesian mass murderers reenacting their killings.

          Mood Indigo- The latest from Michele Gondry starring Audrey Tautou. Such playful scenery.

          The Great Beauty- Italian film reminiscent of Felinni`s 8 1/2.  Think of it as a guided tour of the most beautiful aspects of Rome.

          Dallas Buyers Club-  I can`t stand Jered Leto but have to admit that he`s incredible in this film. McConaughey is a shoe-in for best actor.

          Star Trek: Into Darkness-  Star Trek has never been more enjoyable than when it`s directed by JJ Abrams.

          Alan Partridge:  Alpha Papa- Huge Steve Coogan fan over here!  The movie continuation of the very popular British character.  I could not stop laughing.

          Frances Ha-  Greta Gerwig is one of the brightest and most relatable actresses working today. 

          The East- Another film starring one of the most promising actresses out there: Brit Marling.

          Blackfish- A documentary about Orcas in captivity.  It may single handedly destroy marine parks.

          Kings of Summer- Nick Offerman should be in every movie.

          The Dirties- If you ever wondered how school shooters were made.

          Escape From Tomorrow- Shot in Disneyland without Disney`s permission.  Worth watching for it`s notoriety alone.

          The Way Way Back- The directoral debut of Nate Faxon and Jim Rash after winning screenplay Oscars for The Decendents.  The cast is stacked.

          The Spectacular Now- Great drama with a really young cast.

          The Conjuring-  Really effective ghost story about the real life Warren couple.

          Pacific Rim-  I love giant monsters.  I love giant robots.

          The Worlds End-  Pegg, Wright, and Frost`s 3rd in the Cornetto Trilogy.  So much more than what anyone else is doing.

          Tuesday, February 18, 2014

          Feb 11th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

          Stream it here
          download the mp3 here
          or find it here

           The setlist:
          the dirty nil -wrestle yu to husker du
          chumped -union square 
          chumped- let him lie 
          low fat getting high- better, better, worse 
          low fat getting high- the claw 
          seahaven phantom family 
          cliffjumper way to jerry springer for me
          cliffjumper- salting the earth 
          cliffjumper -wolf valley 
          cliffjumper last communion
          criminal code- dilemmas coldest night 
          criminal code -mocking shadows
          dying river -under the moonlight 
          lost love- these moments are golden 
          christer pettersson -empatihaveri 
          christer pettersson- leeches 
          karcher -ships 
          karcher- breslau
          clockcleaner- midnight beach
          dead ranch- ice desert 
          dead ranch- waterpark shark 
          calvaiire- equarrissage
          usa out of vietnam- archangel

          Tuesday, February 11, 2014

          Feb 4th edition is now up!

          Stream it here
          Download the Mp3 here
           or find it here:

           The setlist
          la dispute- stay happy there 
          tv freaks- knife 
          tv freaks- game 
          tv freaks- think 
          title fight- blush 
          title fight- receiving line 
          motion city soundtrack- left and leaving 
          like like the the the death- here comes irregular 
          like like the the the death- cry tag 
          like like the the the death- huck 
          departures- a song for the sunset 
          moose blood- stay here 
          the frenetics- jet black heart 
          the frenetics- east way out 
          new town animals- excuse me suzy! 
          new town animals- radio nation 
          bummer- a flame and a breeze 
          bummer- steal the nights 
          alaskan- sacrifice 
          alaskan- guiltless 
          we never learned to live- afloat

          Tuesday, February 4, 2014

          2 new shows!

          Find the shows from Jan 21st and Jan 28th here
          or stream them here

          Download Jan 21st here

           The setlist
          french exit- home I guess 
          french exit- whoa no 
          pup- yukon 
          pup- lionheart 
          radioactivity- alright 
          radioactivity- sickness 
          rydell- longshot 
          rydell- the lost boys 
          against me!- dead friend 
          against me!- transgender dysphoria blues 
          against me!- unconditional love 
          you blew it!- house and address 
          you blew it!- metch and tinder 
          lawnmower- team spirit 
          lawnmower- adams 
          slippertails- garden state of mind 
          slippertails- hip new jerk 
          cyrus gold- bones 
          cyrus gold- your party 
          spectres -between two lines 
          spectres- slender man 
          lovechild- strangers 
          lovechild- perfectionist 
          rayleigh- rust 
          rayleigh- backwaters

          Unfortunately, I don't have a setlist for Jan 28th's show but you can download it here