Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well, last week the computer monitor went kablewey so last weeks setlist is lost to the anals of time.  But you can still listen to it here:

Also, I started a new show last week that airs on Wednesday morning from 10:30-12am (the lead-in to democracy now) where I play all 90's alt rock bands and other such related things.
It's called I WAS YOUNG IN THE 90'S.  Check it out.  I'm not going to post the setlists as I'd rather it be a big box of unlabelled candy. Check it out here:
or find it somewhere here:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 3rd show is now available for download!  my july 10th show is a rerun so I won't bother posting the setlist but you can also find it in our program archives below.

the setlist:
sick sick birds -one town over
tranzmitors- I see the writing on the walls
curbside- breaking in
curbside- for those left behind
olehole- logo bones
contrabandit -wait on
state lines- 5's on the elephant
crucial dudes- get pitted
debtors union- a damn shame
make do and mend- stay in the sun
teenage bottlerocket- radical
fleshlights- military drive
tubelord- my first castle
be my doppelganger -why
burning love- broken glass
burning love- the body
burning love- tremors
longshot- m.o.d.o.k.
kid gorgeous- mermaid with a switchblade
madball -you reap what you sow
white lung -take the mirror
white lung -bunny
pomegranites- sisters
heavy cream- john johnny
joy wants eternity- the fog is rising

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Best Show Ever Swedish edition is now up!  My 666th episode!  check it out here:

And here's the setlist:
the sounds the best of me
c.aarme golden retriever
adhesive a job for real men
masshysteri valkommen till verklighteten
henry fiat's open sore I rock
sahara hotnights visit to vienna
text requiem for ernst hugo (1928-1998)
final exit punk enough
invasionen dekonstruktion 100%
refused voodoo people
fireside monsoon
ebba gron 800 grader
massmedia mardrom
the ark take a shine to me
hakan hellstrom ramlar
tallest man on earth leading me now
teddybears yours to keep
cardigans drip drop teardrop
millencolin penguins and polarbears
randy I don't need love
ds13 fusible front
raised fist volcano is me
atlas losing grip different hearts, different minds
hellacopters hey
hives my time is coming
moneybrother jag skriver inte pa nat
monster don't answer the phone
moneybrother feel like hurting somebody