Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So i lost the setlist for the Apr 17th edition but you can still listed to it at these places:
(Also there was an album feature from the new Dopamines record)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 10th edition now up!

Here are some links to listen

and the setlist
city cop -bluebird
energy- I'm gonna kill you
sabretooth- beer bust at the moontower
crusades -rapture
bad banana- pretty like a girl
tenement -violent outlet
one hidden frame- calm fists get cold burns
coming clean -chlorine bomb
winter passing- excuses kid
winter passing- feel like yesterday
snow ghost -soar throat
cancer bats- road sick
cancer bats- old blood
cancer bats- rally the wicked
baby control- live animals
a dying regime- monitor burn
a loss for words- thomas vs luongo
broadcaster -weather
Teenanger- funeral march
Teenanger- lawyer up
ash ketchum- squirtle squad
walls- dignity village
tenebrae- no voice
burst of silence- burning
burst of silence- control
talk-sick- clowning
vulgar you!- crystal fuck
s.t.r.e.e.t.s. -too fast to powerslide
comeback kid- the concept says
pelican- lathebiosas

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

april 3rd edition now up!

The places you can listen:


and the setlist:
die toten hosen- tage wie diese
die toten hosen- was macht berlin
real mckenzies -burnout
royaume des mortes -Sunday sunny Sunday
challenges- 2.26 and counting
natural law- diminishing returns
the gary- forty freedoms
contrived -surrounded by genius
souvenirs- growing out of your favorite shirts
energy- I play for keeps
flechette- hypnic
flechette- rations
flechette- wardens current
blue cros-s mass hysteria
doom town- walking through walls
holy shits- wolf man shreds
flex- los angeles
the famines- plca
the famines- free love is a sales technique
birds in a row- ace of fools
miss my chance- grave robbers
damages- losing
damages- body tells brain
erode -the deep end
black ice- devils seed
jack burton vs david lopan -starring jamie lynn spears in madonnas papa don't preach
municipal waste- authority complex
tired/sick- sounds like a hot ticket
acacia- chaste
Mind Spiders- upside down

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

march 27th edition now up!

Here's some links to listen:

and the setlist:
mind spiders -fall in line
evaporators -I hate being late
hextalls -dirty kelly gruber
quiet steps- thin ice
man overboard- I saw behemoth and it ruled
tappi tikarrass- skrid
grimskunk- loaded gun
ten thirty nine- the beat
black breath- mother abyss
black breath- feast of the damned
black breath- the flame
hey smith- the first love song
direct effect- lazy boy
ceremony- hotel
teenage kicks- you shall not want
romeo retarded- high road
the frantic- blackout brigade
titus andronicus- upon viewing oregon's landscape with the flood of detritus
gundown- need our pride back
faithreat -zombie mosh
dockside hookers- forever young
keyes- cities of fog with nothing to love
s.h.i.t.- feeding time
stick to your guns -built upon the sand
stick to your guns -against them all
weirdonia- I like rumble fish
weirdonia- masked boy
weirdonia- dutchman