Tuesday, April 10, 2012

april 3rd edition now up!

The places you can listen:


and the setlist:
die toten hosen- tage wie diese
die toten hosen- was macht berlin
real mckenzies -burnout
royaume des mortes -Sunday sunny Sunday
challenges- 2.26 and counting
natural law- diminishing returns
the gary- forty freedoms
contrived -surrounded by genius
souvenirs- growing out of your favorite shirts
energy- I play for keeps
flechette- hypnic
flechette- rations
flechette- wardens current
blue cros-s mass hysteria
doom town- walking through walls
holy shits- wolf man shreds
flex- los angeles
the famines- plca
the famines- free love is a sales technique
birds in a row- ace of fools
miss my chance- grave robbers
damages- losing
damages- body tells brain
erode -the deep end
black ice- devils seed
jack burton vs david lopan -starring jamie lynn spears in madonnas papa don't preach
municipal waste- authority complex
tired/sick- sounds like a hot ticket
acacia- chaste
Mind Spiders- upside down

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