Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 23rd best of cancon show is now up!

Dec 23rd best Canadian full lengths show

cowboy mouth- joe strummer
jesus les filles- gentil
cliffjumper- peasant king
teledrome- new motion
Baptists- bloodmines
greys- girl in landscape
sonic avenues- in your head
pup- dark days
steve adamyk- band no gonne ever
seaway- keep your stick on the ice
rust belt lights- parkside
fucked up- led by hand
wayfarer- translating
junior battles- assholes on rollerblades
planet smashers- snowbird
the victim party- tabi irani tragically fascist or fascistically tragic
fossil- jeppo invasives- the way you swing
solids- cold hands
dead ranch- waterpark shark
fullcount- no way out
white lung- snake jaw
rebel spell- last run

    Tuesday, December 23, 2014

    Best Show Ever Christmas show is up! Download the mp3~

    Download the mp3 of the show here:


    And here is the setlist:
    sundials- christmas day
    sorority noise- nick kwas christmas party
    poison idea- santa claus is back in town
    angry snowmans- sugar plum
    christian businessmen- krampus
    faithreat- santa is a slut
    happy fangs- all I want for christmas is halloween
    angry snowmans- bright lights
    angry snowmans- code yule
    angry snowmans- december 23rd
    angry snowmans- festive
    angry snowmans- I turned into a nutcracker
    angry snowmans- naughty little monster
    angry snowmans- toblerone addict
    angry snowmans- we're only gonna buy (for our own christmas list
    bloodshot bill- stuffin her stockin
    hard left- skinheads home for christmas
    lostfu- nativity play
    cut teeth- christmas on easter island
    international karate plus- black christmas
    joyce manor- christmas card
    masked intruder- under the mistletoe
    masked intruder- silent night
    nofx- xmas has been x'ed
    punchline- icicles
    the connection- west coast
    mansfields -broke on christmas again
    xmasx- dredel song
    xmasx- jinglebelle rock
    slates-everyday is a holiday
    doughboys- no holiday (from living)
    stay home- stay home for the holidays
    teenage x- holiday road
    white lung- hunting holiday

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    December 9th episode is up!

    Here's the Mp3

    And here is the setlist:

    7 seconds- my aim is you
    slow science- the ballad of joe 'mama' besser
    slow science- so it goes
    helen earth band- anchor
    helen earth band- pieces
    little big league- deer head
    little big league- property line
    little big league- on air
    rome romeo- lonely one on one
    rome romeo- short inventory
    legendary wings- I think I'm dumb
    legendary wings- spacehead
    legendary wings- sun
    coneheads- out of control
    coneheads- hack, hack, hack!
    coneheads- waste 'o' space (night fever)
    fuck the facts- endless emptiness
    fuck the facts- disabused
    fuck the facts- l'impasse
    oxygen destroyer- preoccupied
    oxygen destroyer- november brain
    couch slut- little girl things
    couch slut- carped farmer

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Dec 2nd episode is now up!

    Download the mp3 here

    The setlist:
    hot flowers- I want you
    bombshell rocks- poison radio
    bombshell rocks- this time around
    tinkerbelles- when puppies cry
    tinkerbelles- I gotta go
    western addiction- I'm no the man that I thought
    carousel kings- chameleon
    swingin utters- napalm south
    swingin utters- spanish
    swingin utters- unaffected
    cut teeth- sea of id
    cut teeth- gunshots or fireworks
    bots- ubiquitous
    bots- silhouettes
    dwarves- kings of the world
    dwarves- get up and get high
    Omaha- call it a crime
    Omaha- horseshoes, hand grenades
    Omaha- sharpshoot my hart
    feral trash- seventeen
    feral trash- ghost in you
    xerxes- collision blonde
    xerxes- nosedive
    violent Vatican- smell the paint
    violent Vatican- mona lisa's nipples
    violent Vatican- are you down to get down
    violent Vatican- don't trust the virgin
    violent Vatican- hit
    hoods- that's what's up

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    Nov 25th is now up!


    and the setlist
    hurula- det ar ok om du glommer mig
    class of 86- dude's chillin, death creepin
    class of 86- veni vidi vino
    such gold- frying in the mix
    such gold- engulfed in flames
    the apreciation post- got me good
    the apreciation post- the not knowing
    jazz june- over underground
    jazz june- stuck on repeat
    jazz june- two floors down
    chumped- anywhere but here
    chumped- novella ella ella eh
    chumped- the pains of being…
    xerxes- collision blonde
    xerxes- criminal animal
    baby eagle and the proud mothers- good times/bad times
    baby eagle and the proud mothers- strange bodies
    48 thrills- shake and break
    48 thrills- oh there you are
    black baron- the twsting fate of future years
    black baron- divine chains
    ancient heads- for my brothers
    ancient heads- fight back
    hired goons- crushed
    hired goons- way of life
    hired goons- life in a hole
    childe- life is fear